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Ms. Folia is a minor character in Final Fantasy VII Remake. She is a teacher at the Leaf House orphanage in the Sector 5 slums by day, and a honeygirl dancer at the Honeybee Inn by night.


Ms. Folia had childhood dreams of becoming a professional dancer.[2] She took an interest in teaching and was mentored by Biggs, who taught her everything he knew.[3]

In "Budding Bodyguard", Ms. Folia could be found at the Leaf House orphanage and commissioned Cloud and Aerith to round up the patrolling children as they were late for their lesson, commencing "Kids on Patrol". Once the children were accounted for and the Hedgehog Pie King was eliminated, she thanked the two. She led the students inside for their lesson and assigned a special task due that day. Aerith asked if Folia knew all the students' secrets, who commented on how active they were and her reasons for teaching, praising Biggs's mentoring.[3]

Ms. Folia as a honeygirl.

After the lesson concluded, Ms. Folia exclaimed she lost track of the time, excused herself to "fulfill a dream", and thanked Cloud and Aerith once more. When the two traveled to Wall Market later that night in "The Town That Never Sleeps", they encountered Ms. Folia as a honeygirl on break behind the Honeybee Inn. She was surprised to see them but acted offended, believing they were digging into her "personal affairs". Ms. Folia spoke of her childhood dreams of becoming a dancer, performing nightly, and asked Cloud and Aerith not to tell her students.[2]

After the Sector 7 plate collapsed, during "In Search of Hope", a stressed Ms. Folia asked for Cloud, Tifa, and Barret to find the missing patrolling children again, commencing "Missing Children". Barret comforted her, told her not to worry, and received thanks. The party found the kids and they returned to Ms. Folia at the Leaf House.[4]



Ms. Folia.

Ms. Folia is a 20-year-old woman with a slender physique, dark skin with a light complexion, curly black hair, and brown eyes behind a pair of yellow glasses. As a teacher, she wears a floral-patterned green button shirt over a white undershirt, a white skirt with a Stamp logo, a brown braided belt, brown capris, and gray sneakers. As a honeygirl, she wears the standard flashy black and yellow bee suit.


Ms. Folia is a caring, supportive, loving, and structured woman. She cares deeply for her students, treating them as family, teaching them values despite the hardship of the slums, and believing that if she can do that for them the world will be a better place. In turn, the students respect her, but also tend to run off which sometimes upsets and worries her. She thinks highly of Biggs, who mentored her and imparted her everything about teaching.[3][4]

Ms. Folia loves dancing and dreamed of becoming a professional dancer as a child. Her passion led to her becoming a honeygirl at the Honeybee Inn, where she performs nightly, saying she's "living the dream". She claims to practice every second in hopes of becoming the best as she always wanted to dance.[3][2]


Ms. Folia appears in the Sector 5 slums as a quest giver in Chapter 8, "Budding Bodyguard" and Chapter 14, "In Search of Hope". She offers the odd jobs "Kids on Patrol" (in Chapter 8) and "Missing Children (in Chapter 14), both involving Cloud's party search for her missing patrolling students.