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Mr. Coates is a minor character in Final Fantasy VII who works under Dyne in the Corel Prison. In Final Fantasy VII Rebirth he's been renamed to Solemn Gus (ロンリー・ゲス Ronrī Gesu, "Lonely Geth").

His office is inside a small, crudely converted trailer. At first, Mr. Coates refuses to help Cloud and his party escape via Chocobo Racing, saying that they must talk to the "boss", Dyne, first.

When Cloud and Barret return after Dyne has been killed, Barret shows Mr. Coates the pendant Dyne gave him as proof. After Barret "persuades" Mr. Coates by use of force, he agrees to let the party enter the Chocobo Race. After the party leaves, Mr. Coates does not return again in the storyline.


Coates has tan skin, platinum blond hair and gray eyes. He wears a light green suit with no shirt underneath, black shoes, and a golden pendant. In his reappearance as Solemn Gus in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, his suit has elements of a biker's outfit and is more teal in color, he wears multiple silver bracelets and rings, a dog tag alongside the golden pendant, a nose ring, and sunglasses on his head. He has his hair styled in an undercut, and a full set of golden teeth.

Behind the scenes[]

Mr. Coates was replaced with Solemn Gus ("Lonely Geth" in Japanese) in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth because the developers considered cutting the chocobo race portion of Corel Prison, which would cut Coates as well. Unrelated to that, Kazushige Nojima thought up the name "Lonely Geth" (in Japanese, "Geth" is homonym with "gesu", meaning "scumbag") and wanted to use it for a character, settling for a character met while gathering information in Corel Prison. When they ordered the design for Gus/Geth, the designer, who tended to use elements from the original Final Fantasy VII, gave him a green suit like Coates's. The design was approved and further influenced the character's writing. Ultimately, the chocobo race was left in, and Gus still took on the role Coates had in the original game. Motomu Toriyama had always wanted to use P-funk music in a game, and was elated to do so thanks to the inclusion of Gus.[1]



Coates is a surname of English and Scottish origin.