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A movie sphere.

In the world of Spira in Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy X-2, movie spheres are collections of images, sounds and thoughts of people recorded for later viewing. During their pilgrimage, Braska, Jecht and Auron left several spheres scattered across Spira for their loved ones to eventually find.

In the Luca Sphere Theater, movie and music spheres can be purchased and then viewed or listened to.

Finding all Jecht's Spheres in Final Fantasy X HD Remaster earns the trophy/achievement Messenger from the Past.


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Pyreflies can crystallize into spheres by reacting to people's feelings and memories and binding them with images and audio. Spheres make use of these properties of pyreflies to make recordings. The raw material for spheres is water that contains a high concentration of pyreflies, gathered from specific locations, such as the Macalania springs.

In modern Spira, a sphere camera is a common item to use when recording a sphere, however some spheres have a built-in mechanism for filming, notably when Yuna records her final message to her friends at the Mi'ihen Highroad.

During the Eternal Calm, movie spheres became an important part of the lives of many Spirans. Sphere hunting becomes a popular pastime and groups like the Youth League and New Yevon seek spheres documenting Spira's history. Freelance groups, such as the Gullwings and the Leblanc Syndicate, locate spheres for pleasure or profit.

List of spheres[]

Final Fantasy X[]

During the party's journey, the player will be able to find several movie spheres scattered across Spira. Ten of these spheres (the eight Jecht's Spheres, Auron's Sphere, and Braska's Sphere) will unlock new Overdrives for Auron upon being collected. Obtaining the first Jecht's Sphere after the fight against Spherimorph unlocks all the others, including in places that the player has already visited. The remaining two spheres (Jyscal's Sphere and Yuna's Sphere) are automatically collected at specific points in the game and only serve to advance the plot.

  • Jecht's Sphere 1: The first sphere is received at Macalania Woods after defeating Spherimorph, unlocking all other movie spheres. The first part shows the group leaving Bevelle, Jecht is carefree and wants a parade, and has purchased the sphere to show to Tidus after the pilgrimage. There is another scene afterwards where Jecht is posing with the Macalania Travel Agency's sign. The last part is set at the pool in Macalania Forest where Jecht left it, and shows Jecht attempting to record a message to Tidus, showing how he has matured and accepted that he is not going back to Zanarkand.
  • Jecht's Sphere 2: Found in the Macalania Woods, in South area. Braska visits Jecht in prison and invites him to join the Pilgrimage as a Guardian.
  • Jecht's Sphere 3: Found to the right of the temple at Besaid Village. Braska asks Auron to bring Yuna to Besaid after the Pilgrimage.
  • Jecht's Sphere 4: Found on the S.S. Liki on the route between Kilika and Besaid Village in the Captain's room. Braska, Jecht and Auron discuss Zanarkand.
  • Jecht's Sphere 5: Found in the hallway outside the Aurochs' locker room at Luca. Jecht, Braska and Auron talk about a blitzball match, as Jecht wonders about Tidus.
  • Jecht's Sphere 6: Found on the Mi'ihen Highroad, in Oldroad, South. Jecht is eager to fight the Chocobo Eater (mirroring Tidus earlier in the game), which appears offscreen, and the group prepares to battle it. The outcome of the battle is unknown, though Jecht says that battling the Chocobo Eater is the right thing to do; Auron said that Jecht saying those words never ended well for him or Braska.
  • Jecht's Sphere 7: Found at the Moonflow, South Wharf. Auron berates Jecht after he attacked the Shoopuf. Jecht vows to quit drinking.
  • Jecht's Sphere 8: Found at the Thunder Plains, near the right tower in the center of the South area. Auron films Braska and Jecht on the Plains. Jecht is struck by lightning.
  • Auron's Sphere: Found at the Mushroom Rock Road, on the cliff edge near the main lift. Auron says farewell to Kinoc shortly before leaving with Braska.
  • Braska's Sphere: Found on Mt. Gagazet on a side road on Mountain Trail. Braska's final message to Yuna.
  • Jyscal's Sphere: Found as part of the storyline, when leaving the Farplane. A documentation of Seymour's evil deeds.
  • Yuna's Sphere: Recorded at Mi'ihen Highroad and viewed at Mt. Gagazet. Yuna's heartfelt goodbyes to each of her friends, revealing that even so early on in the game she had already fallen in love with Tidus.

Final Fantasy X-2[]

  • New Beginnings Sphere: Default item in inventory, found by Kimahri at Mt. Gagazet. A sphere showing someone resembling Tidus jailed in Bevelle.
  • Gagazet Sphere: Found at the Gagazet Ruins. Shows fragmented images of people heading toward a concert.
  • Sphere Fragment: Found at Zanarkand. Disconnected images showing Zanarkand before destruction.
  • Awesome Sphere: Found at Kilika. Shows Vegnagun in its chamber.
  • Leblanc's Sphere: Received on the Celsius. Record of Leblanc's theft of the Sphere Fragment.
  • Reassembled Sphere: Received after getting the second Sphere fragment in Guadosalam. Shows a sleeping Vegnagun.
  • Logos's Sphere: Found at Guadosalam. Recorded by Logos in the Bevelle Underground, he prefers to film the girls rather than the action.
  • Ormi's Sphere: Found at Guadosalam. Recorded by Ormi in the Bevelle Underground, showing Nooj and the empty chamber that used to house Vegnagun.
  • Gaol Sphere: Found in the Bevelle Underground and received at Guadosalam. A second record of ???? being held in prison.
  • Nooj's Sphere: Received from Lucil at Mushroom Rock Road. Titled "Deathseeker", Nooj pours his heart out to Lucil.
  • Gippal's Sphere: Received from Rin if he is found culprit in the Highroad Mystery subquest. Record of Gippal's meeting with Auron in the Bikanel Desert.
  • Baralai's Sphere: Found at Guadosalam in the locked house. Record of Baralai seeking help from Seymour.
  • Paine's Sphere: Received from Gippal in the Farplane. Shows the four friends aboard the S.S. Winno shortly before their final mission in the Den of Woe.
  • War Buddy Sphere: Received from Beclem on Besaid. Record of a message from Chappu to Wakka.
  • Besaid Sphere: Received in the Besaid Cave. Views of various locations in Besaid.
  • Crimson Sphere 1: Bevelle Underground, following the meeting between Nooj, Baralai, and Gippal (Chapter 3). Showing a Crimson Squad training mission in the Bikanel Desert. Gippal, Baralai and Nooj meet for the first time.
  • Crimson Sphere 2: Farplane Abyss, from Nooj and Gippal following battle with Ixion (Chapter 3). Training mission in the Cactuar Nation. Nooj nearly dies but is saved by Paine. He reveals to them that he wants to die.
  • Crimson Sphere 3: Farplane Abyss, from Nooj and Gippal following battle with Ixion (Chapter 3). Aboard the S.S. Winno, the four discuss Operation Mi'ihen.
  • Crimson Sphere 4: Guadosalam, in the hidden area of Leblanc's Chateau (Chapter 5). Briefing on the final mission in the Den of Woe and glimpses of the horror that takes place inside.
  • Crimson Sphere 5: Celsius, from Leblanc following Yuna's concert (Chapter 4). Inside the Den of Woe, Nooj is possessed by Shuyin and turns on his friends.
  • Crimson Sphere 6: Via Infinito - Cloister 0 (Chapter 5). The group reports on their experience in the Den and their near-assassination occurs.
  • Crimson Sphere 7: Den of Woe, from Nooj (Chapter 2). Short scene of Paine trying to find her friends in the dark.
  • Crimson Sphere 8: Via Infinito - Cloister 20 (Chapter 5). The four split up at Mi'ihen but Nooj shoots them.
  • Crimson Sphere 9: Den of Woe, the sphere that Ormi and Logos drop (Chapter 1). Ormi and Logos document the aftermath of the death and destruction inside the Den of Woe.
  • Crimson Sphere 10: Guadosalam, hidden in Ormi's room in Chateau (Chapter 2). Continuing the report, they discover the four survivors.
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