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Move-Find as seen in action in Final Fantasy Tactics.

Finds hidden Save/Draw Points.

Final Fantasy VIII description

Move-Find (隠しポイント発見, Kakushi Pointo Hakken?), also known as Move-Find Item (アイテム発見移動, Aitemu Hakken Idō?) or Treasure Hunter, is an ability in the Final Fantasy series. It allows the player to uncover hidden aspects such as items or magic.


Final Fantasy VIII[]

Move-Find is a party ability learned through the Guardian Force Siren for 40 AP. Junctioning Siren and equipping this ability to a character uncovers hidden draw points and save points in the field. Draw points on the world map are always invisible and can't be discovered by equipping Move-Find.

Hidden draw points[]

Location Hidden Draw Points
Timber Timber Maniacs Building - Blizzaga (never refills)
Galbadia Garden Centre of the lobby - Haste
Auditorium - Double
Outside entrance during Battle of the Gardens - Aura
Tomb of the Unknown King Western Chamber - Cura
Deling City Sewers Bio
Winhill Laguna's Room - Curaga (never refills), Slope - Reflect (never refills)
D-District Prison 11th floor - Thundaga
Missile Base Silo room - Full-life
Balamb Garden Cafeteria during Garden Riot - Demi
MD Level - Full-life
NORG's Pod after he's been defeated - Bio
Fishermans Horizon Where Master Fisherman used to sit - Full-life (never refills)
Mayor Dobe's house - Ultima (never refills)
Abandoned Train Station - Haste
Centra Ruins Before taking the stairs - Drain
Next to the dome after the lift - Pain
Trabia Garden Cemetery - Zombie(never refills)
Stage - Aura (never refills)
Great Salt Lake On top of a dinosaur fossil - Meteor (never refills)
Esthar City Dr. Odine's lab in Laguna dream sequence - Flare and Double
Lunar Base Ellone's room - Meteor
Lift before entering Escape Pod - Meltdown
Ragnarok Hangar upstairs - Life
Room with the save point - Full-life (never refills)
Room with a red Propagator - Cura (never refills)
Deep Sea Research Center Third screen of the bottom part - Triple
Fifth screen of the bottom part - Ultima
Lunatic Pandora Before fighting Adel - Break
Old Edea's Orphanage in the future Beach - Triple
Ultimecia Castle Outside entrance - Flare
Wine Cellar - Aura
Art Gallery Downstairs - Ultima
Art Gallery Upstairs - Meltdown
Balcony - Meteor
Armory - Ultima
Prison Cell - Full-life
Treasure Room - Holy
Room top of the Elevator - Curaga
Clock Tower where Tiamat is - Triple

Hidden save points[]

Location Hidden Save point
Timber Bridge to Eastern Train platform.
Dollet Upstairs of the pub.
Galbadia Garden Second Floor outside Auditorium.
Tomb of the Unknown King Easternmost room where the party fights Sacred.
Westernmost room with the water wheel.
D-District Prison First Floor left door.
Floor 14.
Shumi Village Outside elder's house.
White SeeD Ship Back of ship.
Esthar City Dr. Odine's lab in Laguna dream sequence.
Y-Junction (East) after Lunar Cry.
Deep Sea Research Center Bottom Floor.
Lunatic Pandora The way north from Elevator #1.
Before Adel's room.
Ultimecia Castle Bottom of the Clocktower.

Final Fantasy Tactics[]

Treasure Hunter (also called Move-Find Item) is a movement ability learned by the Chemist job for 100 JP. With this ability, booby trapped squares will instead yield an item. Much like reaction abilities, Bravery dictates its effectiveness.

However, it is more effective with more cowardly characters, as Bravery score (in percentage) dictates the chances of getting what is usually the weaker item by percentage.