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Dear Mother, it is long since I have seen you. How have you been? Each dawn reminds me of home, and each sunset gives me hope. There has been much hardship, but every time I reach a summit, splendid sights stretch out beneath me. That is what keeps me moving forward. Please take care. I will write again.

Narration, Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles

Mount Vellenge (ヴェレンジェ山, Verenje Yama?) is the final dungeon in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles.

Appearance Edit

Ffcc mapicon mountvellenge

Mount Vellenge is located in The Abyss. The meteor that brought miasma into the world rests at the top.

The first half of the dungeon is the crater of the meteor, a dusty, rocky environment. The second half, the mountain's peak, is much more cavernous. There is ash everywhere. This is the the only dungeon with no Myrrh Tree at the end.

At the end of the dungeon, the Tipa Caravan faces off with the Meteor Parasite. When defeated, the party is taken to the Nest of Memories for the final battle.

Enemies Edit

Since Mount Vellenge is the final dungeon, it has only one cycle.

Cycle One
Support Monsters

Musical themes Edit

The background music for Mount Vellenge is a fast-paced tune called "Across the Divide".

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