Mount Kilanda.

A volcano belched its flames. Across the southern sea. So its ashes then became a blot on history. Some may learn what moves their heart within that fiery blaze. Journeys that they long to start. Beyond the shadow's gaze

Narration, Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles

Mount Kilanda (キランダ火山, Kiranda Kazan?, lit. Kilanda Volcano) is a volcano in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles and the most prominent feature of the Kilanda Islands southwest of the Tipa Peninsula.

For a small price (smaller if the player retrieves Kilanda Sulfur from the mountain), Tristan the Lilty ferryman will take the player from a friendly port to Mount Kilanda. The volcanic dungeon is long and full of Lava Ahriman, Ogres, and other fiery monsters. Atop the mountain resides an Iron Giant that attacks any caravanners who come to collect Myrrh.

The moogle nest is found by heading north from the docking area until there is a sign that reads "Should you wish to ascend higher, toss the urn into the fire." After doing so and heading east on the new bridge the player will come across some monsters at a dead-end. In this area in the north-western will be a cave opening to the moogle nest.

Musical themes[edit | edit source]

"Something Burns Inside The Heart"

The theme of Mount Kilanda is called "Something Burns Inside the Heart".

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