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Unicorn Mounts

White Mages riding on Unicorns.

Mounts are a form of transportation in Final Fantasy XIV, wherein player characters ride atop the backs of, or are otherwise carried or transported by, various creatures, objects, or vehicles. Mounts allow for faster movement through the world and are an integral system for gameplay and rewards.

Mounts can be accessed from the mount guide window, where up to 30 can be set as favorites. All acquired mounts have a description detailing their origin and an additional quote, as well as the cosmetic classification of their movement type as either "terrestrial" or "airborne" and, if applicable, an impression of their tracks. Mounts become available for use once the player completes the My Little Chocobo quest and obtains their company chocobo.

Where to obtain[]

Mounts can be acquired by using each mount's respective mount item, often a whistle, horn, or identification key of some kind. Mount items can be obtained in a variety of manners, often as a reward for achievements, completing a high-end Duty, or simply exchanged with vendors for special items or currencies.



Once a mount item is used, the respective mount can be called at any time while the player character is in an area where mounts are allowed through the use mount guide window, or through shortcuts added to a hotbar. Once mounted, a mount can be dismissed by players either unsheathing their weapon, using a mount again, or, in the case of guided, rental, or quest mounts, by using the Dismount action in the pet hotbar.

Players can rent limited time rental chocobos from stables in one of the three main city-states, allowing them to traverse through the world on a mount even before obtaining a personal mount. Players can also hire guided mounts at porters and stables. These mounts require no input from the player, and automatically ferry them from one location to another.

Mount ground speed increases as players progress through the story and acquire riding maps of particular areas through various means, such as purchasing them from certain NPCs for special currency or completing certain quests. Each overworld map has a different mount speed that can be upgraded separately.

Mounts cannot be ridden within city areas or most Duties under normal conditions, only being able to be ridden in certain hub areas such as Idyllshire, the overworld, most Exploratory Missions, and residential districts. Additionally, mounts can be ridden in dungeons when entering them in explorer mode. Certain areas can inflict the Hoofing It Hoofing It enfeeblement, which forcibly dismounts player characters and removes their ability call their mounts.

While riding a mount, enemies may still attack the player character if they are aggressive and within their level range, and as such caution must be taken when traversing through enemy laden areas.


During Frontline and Rival Wings duties, players can ride mounts across the battlefield to allow them to reach objectives and fights faster, however being attacked while on a mount will prove detrimental: in Frontline matches, it will inflict the Hoofing It Hoofing It enfeeblement, forcing the player character to unmount and remain on foot for the duration of the effect; while in Rival Wings matches it will inflict inflict the Limp Limp enfeeblement, causing the player character's movement speed to be drastically reduced, even after dismounting. Moreover, players cannot dismount when inflicted by Bind Bind, Stun Stun or Sleep Sleep statuses. These status can be cleansed by using Purify Purify when the player is not mounted.

Multi-seater mounts[]

Certain mounts are able to carry two or more player characters at a time. These multi-seaters require all players wishing to mount alongside the owner to be in the same party, then use the context menu option "ride pillion" on the mounted player to ride the mount alongside their party member. Multi-seater mounts function like normal mounts for the owner, with players riding pillion having no control over the mount's movements.

Multi-seater mounts are few, and their acquisition requirements are often prohibitive, such as the participating in the limited time Final Fantasy XV crossover event, completing the high-end duty Eden's Gate: Sepulture (Savage) Eden's Gate: Sepulture (Savage), or purchasing them from the Mogstation.

Mount actions[]

Mounts can have mount actions, placed automatically in pet hotbars, which function as cosmetic animations when triggered by the player during regular play. When used in certain duties and quests, mount actions can have further gameplay functions, such as dealing damage to enemies or interacting with the environment.


Flying mounts were introduced in Heavensward (patch 3.0), allowing traversal through the air once flight is unlocked in a given area, often by attuning to all aether currents in a map. Flight can only be accomplished within the overworld and certain Gathering Forays and is always faster than even the fastest ground riding speed. Flying mounts are distinguished by a wing icon in their mount guide description, compared to grounded mounts' chocobo symbol. As no non-flying mounts remain in the game, all of them having been converted to flying via game updates, this distinction is merely vestigial.

Unlike other overworld areas, flight in areas introduced in A Realm Reborn (patch 2.0) simply becomes available in once the quest The Ultimate Weapon The Ultimate Weapon is completed.

Flying mounts can be ridden while swimming, introduced in Stormblood (patch 4.0), allowing mounts to act the same as flying while underwater. Swimming does not require attuning to aether currents and can be done at any point after the player attains the ability to swim.

Musical themes[]

When ridden, mounts play a musical theme, overriding the zone theme by default, though this can be adjusted in the options. Each mount can have its own unique theme, though many mounts share the same base riding themes. Mounts originally introduced in A Realm Reborn and it's patches play "The Rider's Boon", flying mounts and those introduced from Heavensward on play "Borderless", while mounts introduced from Endwalker (patch 6.0) on play "Roads Less Traveled".

Behind the scenes[]

Mounts were not available initially in the original version of Final Fantasy XIV, being added in patch 1.19 with the introduction of chocobos, and later expanded with the addition of the goobbue mount in 1.23.

Early on in the game's life, the amount of time it took to dismount varied from mount to mount, but this timer was standardized after fan complaints. From the initial implementation of mounts, through the relaunch of A Realm Reborn, until patch 4.2 (Rise of a New Sun), players would receive the Heavy Heavy enfeeblement when hit from behind while mounted, lowering the character's speed.

Upon flying mounts' initial release, among the non-flying mounts, only the company chocobo mount could earn the ability to fly through the I Believe I Can Fly I Believe I Can Fly quest.

Following the release of Heavensward, grounded mounts were periodically adjusted via content patches to allow them to fly, until, with the eventual the release of Shadowbringers (Patch 5.0), all mounts were given the ability to fly. Flight in A Realm Reborn areas was implemented in patch 5.3 (Reflections in Crystal), and the company chocobo mount was given the ability to fly by default, and the quest to unlock it being removed.

Previously, rental mounts would abandon a player character if attacked by enemies.

Before a rework late during Endwalker patches , being attacked in Frontline matches while mounted would cause the same type of enfeeblements as Rival Wings.

List of mounts[]

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Image Name How to obtain Description Mount actions Theme Seats Movement
FFXIV Mount Adamantoise Adamantoise Adamantoise Whistle Adamantoise Whistle
Purchase from Gold Saucer Attendant in the Gold Saucer for 200,000 Manderville Gold Saucer Points.
Native to the Near Eastern island of Thavnair, adamantoises were long thought to be impossible to domesticate. However, through the efforts of both Ul'dahn zoologists and thaumaturges, a handful have been successfully trained not only to accept riders, but also wield ancient magicks which allow the colossal scalekin to fly.

M-Me? Perfectly fine! S-Solid as an adamantoise! - Cocobezi

N/A The Rider's Boon 1 Terrestrial
Aerodynamics system Aerodynamics System Identification Key Aerodynamics System Identification Key
Claim after completing the In a Blaze of Glory V achievement.
Unearthed in the eastern lowlands of Coerthas, engineers surmise that this particular Allagan drone would likely have been used in aerial defense, although its weaponry functions are now beyond repair. Even so, it is still quite convenient as a transportation device.

This node turned out to be rather more useful than I expected! - Cid

Low Voltage Borderless 1 Airborne
Aeturna aeturna horn
Claim after completing the Vintage Vogue achievement.
During an expedition to Ilsabard in his younger years, Emperor Xande is said to have come upon this fearsome beast. As its name, meaning “eternal,” would suggest, it possesses remarkable vitality, and in addition to serving as an armored warbeast, it was also a subject in the Allagans' research into immortality.

Eternal life can be yours, ladies and gentlemen! - Silver-tongued Broker

N/A Roads Less Traveled 1 Terrestrial
FFXIV Ahriman Mount Ahriman Voidal Resonator Voidal Resonator
Purchase from Jonathas in New Gridania for 6 achievement certificates.
Though little is known of the void and the creatures which call the extra-dimensional realm home, scholars have discovered that there is a strict hierarchy amongst voidsent consisting of twelve distinct tiers. Ahrimans are believed to fall into the fifth, making them formidable foes... when not enthralled by curses.

Ye'd 'ave t' be blinder'n an ahriman wi' an eyepatch t' miss the camp. - Baderon Tenfingers

N/A The Rider's Boon 1 Airborne
Air Force Air Force Identification Key Air Force Identification Key
Reward from Sigmascape V4 Sigmascape V4.0 (Savage).
From the amount of ordinance equipped, one can gather that this oddly shaped airship was employed in battle. However, being from the Sigmascape, who employed it and when are anyone's guess. The shark maw painted on its bow suggests an underwater civilization.

Transforming the wonder of air travel into a means for delivering death is blasphemy of the highest order! - Tataramu

N/A Dancing Mad - Movement IV 1 Airborne
FFXIV Aithon Mount Aithon Aithon Whistle Aithon Whistle
Possible reward from The Bowl of Embers (Extreme) The Bowl of Embers (Extreme).
Its breath is said to be as hot as the seventh hell. Legend states that the Lord of the Inferno, Ifrit, forged this magicked steed from a nightmare offered by the Amalj'aa in sacrifice.

Nay is but a hoofbeat away from neigh! - Uma Bugyo

N/A Primal Judgment 1 Terrestrial
Al-iklil Al-iklil Identification Key Al-iklil Identification Key
Claim after completing the A Complete History achievement.
A gift from Fran to the Bozjan Resistance, this craft hovers by the power of skystones, crystals that allow entire masses of land to levitate. Its name is said to be derived from an ancient Ivalician word meaning “crown.”

I'm only here to see how the story unfolds. Any self-respecting leading man would do the same. - Debonair Sky Pirate

N/A Blood on the Wind 2 Airborne
Albino karakul Albino Karakul Horn Albino Karakul Horn
Purchase from Enie in The Firmament with 8,400 Skybuilders' scrips.
Though karakuls ordinarily have black fleece, this creature raised in the paddocks of House Haillenarte was born snowy white. This rarest of qualities spared it a fate at the dining table, and it grew to such a size as to be able to bear people upon its fluffy back.

A wise knight keeps her own source of wool. - Yaelle

N/A Borderless 1 Terrestrial
Alkonost alkonost horn
Trade from Nesvaaz in Radz-at-Han for 3 Resplendent Feathers.
Captured in the Bozjan wilderness, this creature was passed around as a curiosity before eventually being released again. From the start, it seemed unperturbed in the presence of men, leading some to believe it was trained by an imperial beastmaster.

How goes the training for your avian mount? - Luquelot

N/A Roads Less Traveled 1 Terrestrial
Alte Roite Alte Roite Prism Alte Roite Prism
Reward from Deltascape V4 Deltascape V4.0 (Savage)
While none can be certain the exact intentions of a self-aware interdimensional construct, logic suggests this winged aberration is a reimagination of Alte Roite─a legendary wizard who is said could take the shape of a dragon at will.

That knowledge is my ticket straight to glory. I can't go telling any old person about it. - Bonifoix

N/A Final, Not Final 1 Airborne
Amaro Amaro Horn Amaro Horn
Claim after completing the A Life of Adventure IV achievement.
Of all the mounts seen in Norvrandt, naught is more ubiquitous than the amaro. Originally created by the mages of ancient Ronka, who selectively bred the flightless cama, present-day beasts carry the seed of their ancestors, which may manifest in the form of superior intellect.

That ever-so-endearing “gwee!” It's enough to melt a man's heart, I tell you. - Lamlyn

N/A On Our Fates Alight 1 Terrestrial
FFXIV Mount AmberDraught Amber draught chocobo Amber Draught Chocobo Whistle Amber Draught Chocobo Whistle
Purchase from a Calamity Salvager for 8 Gold Chocobo Feather Gold Chocobo Feathers.
To Ishgardians, red represents true love and loyalty. To this wild chocobo from the Dravanian forelands, it meant capture at the hands of hunters who easily found a red chocobo sticking out like a sore thumb in the midst of all his yellow brethren.

What about my forty acres and a chocobo? - Imme

N/A Eorzea de Chocobo 1 Terrestrial
Anden III Anden III horn
Reward from A Labor of Leaf.
In gratitude for your kindness, the pixie Eo Tyr gifted you this peculiar ambulatory plant, which they created from the leaves of the original Anden after pruning him. While it resembles its namesake, it lacks the power of speech, and there is no telling what thoughts lie behind its permanently horrified expression.

Kind-hearted as we pixies are, we decided to turn him into a lovely leafman! - Sheep-obsessed Pixie

N/A Roads Less Traveled 1 Terrestrial
Antelope doe Antelope Doe Horn Antelope Doe Horn
Purchase from Enie in The Firmament for 8,400 Skybuilders' scrips
Denizens of grasslands, antelopes once ranged as far as Coerthas before the Calamity buried the region in snow. Though coveted for their meat and milk, the creatures have eluded full domestication owing to their ornery temperament.

Another day on the hunt, and naught but antelope meat to show for it. - Isarmoix

N/A Borderless 1 Terrestrial
Antelope stag Antelope Stag Horn Antelope Stag Horn
Trade from Enie in The Firmament for 30 Fête Token Fête Tokens or possible reward from Fête Present Fête Present.
Swift and sure-footed, antelopes have been favored as mounts by the tribes of Abalathia's Spine since ancient times. In recent years, ancient magicks have also made it possible for the creatures to fly so long as the rider has sufficient reserves of aether.

A herd o' young antelope stags has gone berserk. - Maximiloix

N/A Borderless 1 Terrestrial
Apocryphal Bahamut apocryphal Bahamut horn
Reward from Wings of Hope.
This draconic entity is brought forth by blowing into the horn you received from the wandering minstrel while holding in your heart Bahamut's song recorded by the Heimdall. Thus imbued with hopes and dreams, it desires nothing more than to soar the boundless skies and recognizes your free-spirited self as its master.

Let me examine it, that I might ascertain its authenticity. - Oboro

N/A Prelude - Tales 1 Airborne
Aquamarine Carbuncle Aquamarine Carbuncle Whistle Aquamarine Carbuncle Whistle
Purchase from the online store.
Those adventurers who have longed to hop on their Carbuncles' backs can give thanks to the arcanist Ulan, whose research into Diamond Carbuncle provided the necessary cues to create an arcane entity of ridable proportions. As its form is maintained by a large aquamarine, it can be summoned even by those unversed in the ways of arcanima.

What have we here? An admirer of the arcane? A connoisseur of Carbuncles? - Ulan

N/A The Merry Wanderer Waltz 1 Terrestrial

FFXIV Mount KamAus Auspicious Kamuy Possible reward from The Jade Stoa (Extreme) Said to be swaddled in the very winds of heaven, this majestic creature was once a brutal killer of man. A chance meeting with auspice lord Byakko, however, saw the bloodlust in its heart fade.
FFXIV Behemoth Mount Behemoth Purchase from Jonathas in New Gridania with 6 Achievement Certificates. Immediately following the Calamity, an adventurer returning to Gridania from the Falcon's Nest in the Coerthas happened upon a den of baby behemoths who had lost their mother to Bahamut's flames. Despite objections from friends and family alike, she kept the beasts, eventually training them to serve as mounts.

Do not presume to provoke the behemoth to battle. You will die. - Meurise

FFXIV Black Chocobo 2 Black Chocobo Complete main scenario quest "Divine Intervention". A purebred Ishgardian black chocobo, trained from birth by House Fortemps knight, Ser Haurchefant, and presented to you in a gesture of true friendship. The bird is slightly more muscular than you expected and exhibits the strange habit of squatting when left to itself.
FFXIV Mount KamBliss.png Blissful Kamuy Possible reward from Emanation (Extreme) Believe it or not, this monstrous canine did not always glow, only achieving its heavenly effulgence upon receiving the blessing of Lakshmi after being offered to the Lady of Bliss by her loyal Ananta dreamers.
FFXIV Bomb Palanquin Mount Bomb Palanquin Purchase from 789th order kobolds at Trusted (level 4) reputation. Upon learning that his creations were forever lacking the power to combust, 789th Order Acolyte Ba Go did what any master of explosives would—attach the bombs to the corners of an iron bench and create a floating coach.

Hack and slash and tossy-boom. Bang and boom and slashy-doom.♪ - Goblin Diddy

FFXIV Boreas Mount Boreas Possible reward from Akh Afah Amphitheatre (Extreme). Legend states that the Lady of Frost, Shiva, birthed this magicked steed from a unicorn offered by her followers in sacrifice.

"Nay is but a hoofbeat away from neigh!" - Uma

FFXIV Mount BheartL Broken Heart (left) Either a player-chosen quest reward or purchased using event currency during the 2018 Valentione's Day event. Burdened with a warehouse of unsold broken heart chairs, House Valentione came up with the diabolic plan to repurpose the cushions with cloudsbreath and peddle them to the unknowing masses as flying mounts. Lady Lisette dreams of one day riding the hearts on her honeymoon.
FFXIV Mount BheartR Broken Heart (right) Either a player-chosen quest reward or purchased using event currency during the 2018 Valentione's Day event. Burdened with a warehouse of unsold broken heart chairs, House Valentione came up with the diabolic plan to repurpose the cushions with cloudsbreath and peddle them to the unknowing masses as flying mounts.
FFXIV Cavalry Drake Mount Cavalry Drake Purchase from Brotherhood of Ash at Trusted (level 4) reputation. Training a cavalry drake is a long and arduous process that begins the moment the scalekin hatches. Never allowed to see its mother, the creature is raised solely in the presence of a drake whisperer while being weaned on the incendiary glands of aged battle drakes to ensure it is both submissive and deadly.

You are as a lost kitten that has wandered into the drake's lair. - Zagozz Teh

FFXIV Cavalry Elbst Mount Cavalry Elbst Purchase from Novv's Clutch at Trusted (level 4) reputation. To ensure his elbst do not find themselves at a disadvantage to swift-running chocobos, Pahh of Novv's Clutch clips the webbing on their feet at a young age, rendering them more capable of achieving high speeds on land. This procedure, however, robs them of their natural-born ability to swim.

My elbst is your elbst. - Seabeast Tamer

Centurio Tiger Complete the "You Got Game" achievement. In a rare display of misguided compassion, a member of Clan Centurio returned from a Hunt with the whimpering cub of a slain S-rank mark. Unable to grant it the mercy it so deserved, the veteran took to caring for the beast until his deceit was discovered and his membership revoked. However, by then, not a single other member could bring themselves to harm the pet they had all come to love.
FFXIV Ceremony Chocobo Mount Ceremony Chocobo Complete the Ceremony of Eternal Bonding with either the Gold or Platinum Plan. Wearing ceremonial barding, these snow white chocobos born of Ishgard were bred for use in the Ceremony of Eternal Bonding.

After the proceedings have ended, mount this snow white chocobo with your partner and ride off into the sunset. - Unknown

FFXIV Mount CloudMallow Cloud Mallow Purchase from Moogles at Sworn (level 7) reputation. While cloud mallows grow naturally in the Churning Mists, some of the inhabitants of Moghome have spent generations cultivating their own seeds to allow for stronger stems and larger yields of mallow puffs, a sprinkling of which can stimulate even the most lethargic of moogles to work with unbridled joy.
FFXIV White Companion Chocobo Company Chocobo Join one of the 3 Grand Companies of Eorzea and do the Quest "My Little Chocobo", upgrades to flight capability upon completing the quest "I Believe I Can Fly." Born and bred in the city-state of Ishgard, the majority of company chocobos are geldings of the rouncey variety; however, massive destriers and miniature Belah'dian jennets are also raised to accommodate the builds of Rogadyn and Lalafell riders respectively.

Chocobos are stout-hearted creatures, but they have their limits. - Mimigun

Coeurl Mount Coeurl A Realm Reborn Collector's Edition Bonus. Native to the jungles of the Near East, coeurls were only recently introduced to Eorzea, brought over from faraway lands such as Thavnair by Ul'dahn nobles who thought to breed them as pets. Now, but a handful of skilled tamers living in recluse on the Pearl are said to be able to train them.

Hey, good lookin'! Catch my coeurl yet? - Swygrael

FFXIV Direwolf Mount Direwolf Purchase from Ehcatl at Allied (level 7) reputation. Mass cullings of the beasts during the Sixth Astral Era prompted naturalists to deem the species extinct. However, this claim was proved false when Ixali scouts discovered a lone pack roaming the sparsely inhabited mountains of Xelphatol.

I lost two good men to these wolves. - Corentiaux the Colder

Draught Chocobo Draught Chocobo Recruit a Friend campaign. This heretofore unseen breed of chocobo was said to have been discovered by chocobo hunters searching for the legendary Chocobo Forest. Its enormous size would make it a fine pack chocobo, but its foul temper prevents it from completing even the simplest of tasks without the injury of some poor rider.

The thing was thrice my size and had already maimed several keeps. - Battlewarden Ribald

FFXIV Mount Egg Eggshilaration System Complete the 2017 edition of Hatching-Tide seasonal event. After learning of the latest of the Dreamer's visions - a giant floating ovoid delivering eggs to all the good boys and girls of the realm - Nonotta and friends literally scrambled to find a means of bringing her dream to life. All it required was a little aid from the Sons of Saint Coinach...and the remnants of some ancient Allagan technology.
FFXIV Enbarr Mount Enbarr Possible reward from Whorleater (Extreme). It is said to have been born of the surging waves. Legend states that the Lord of the Whorl, Leviathan, birthed this magicked steed from a nightmare offered by the Sahagin in sacrifice.

Nay is but a hoofbeat away from neigh! - Uma Bugyo

FFXIV Mount Falcon Falcon Obtained by purchasing a total of 90 days of subscription time between July 1st 2017 and September 30th 2017. An independent project of Garlond Ironworks engineer Wedge, this single-rider airship allegedly recorded some of the fastest flight speeds ever...until a tragic accident following an attempt to see how high the ship could soar convinced its creator that perhaps a modicum of restraint was necessary.
FFXIV Fat Chocobo Mount Fat Chocobo A Realm Reborn Collector's Edition Bonus. Playfully described by some as "large and in charge," in truth, when summoned, this gluttonous gourmand will flap nary a feather unless a garland of gysahl greens is dangled before him—in which case not even the laws of nature can slow the fat chocobo down.

Huff...huff...heave...heave... - Fat Chocobo

FFXIV mount fatmog Fat Moogle Purchase from the Mog Station. This plus-sized patrician epitomizes the ancient moogle proverb regarding kupo nuts that says, "Once you kupop, you cannot stop." Basic laws of physics suggest that wings as small as the fat moogle's should not provide enough lift for true flight...

yet here we are.

Flame Warsteed Completion of the A Line in the Sand IV achievement. After witnessing dazzling demonstrations of how a warsteed might turn the tide of battle, the Grand Companies of Eorzea emptied their coffers at the feet of the Far Eastern uma bugyo, each seeking to put themselves at an advantage during Frontline campaigns.

Hoof to neigh, Eorzea knows not the horse for one reason: the horsebird. - Uma Bugyo

FFXIV Gilded Magitek Mount Gilded Magitek Armor Obtain achievement for 500 player commendations. It only took a few heated skirmishes with the allied city-states for Garlemald to realize that the magicks wielded by the realm's mages were too much for even the thickest of magitek armor plating. Alloyed gilding has since been discovered to dampen the effects of elemental charges and is now standard issue.

You ditched your magitek armor!? Fool of a Lalafell! - Biggs

Goobbue mount Goobbue Only obtainable in version 1.0. Traded for a song by the High Satrap of a distant land, the secret to taming these creatures once thought to be unbreakable was introduced to Eorzea by a mysterious wandering minstrel who journeyed through the realm in the final days before the Calamity.

Would that I had the girth of a goobbue! - Nanamo Ul Namo

Griffin Heavensward Collector's Edition bonus. Fantastical winged beasts native to the unscalable peaks of Abalathia's Spine, griffins actually have a long history of serving as mounts. Indeed, before the city-state's fall, the Ala Mhigan army maintained a regiment of griffin-back soldiers who would harry opposing forces.
FFXIV Gullfaxi Mount Gullfaxi Possible reward from The Navel (Extreme). Its powerful legs set off tremors that can be felt from malms away. Legend states that the Lord of Crags, Titan, wrought this magicked steed from a nightmare offered by the kobolds in sacrifice.

Nay is but a hoofbeat away from neigh! - Uma Bugyo

FFXIV Kirin Mount Kirin Complete the "A Legend for a Legend" Quest. Ask any man in Othard who rules the realm of beasts, and you will receive the same answer-Kirin. It is believed that the lion-like creature has walked the eastern lands for over a thousand years and will only answer the call of a hero it has deemed worthy.

Even folk in the Far East 'eard that tale, I reckon. - Trachraet

FFXIV Laurel Goobue Mount Laurel Goobue Purchase from Little Solace at Trusted (level 4) reputation. After having the moss and flowers growing upon his head pulled up and tossed aside like common weeds by a band of sylvan ne'er-do-wells, this quiet-mannered goobbue was taken in and cared for by the sylphs of Little Solace whose elders crafted for him a magnificent laurel with which to hide his scars.

Naught is as exhilarating as a romp through the forest on goobbueback. - Unknown

FFXIV Legacy Chocobo Legacy Chocobo Only available to Legacy Campaign characters. In the five years following your sudden disappearance at Carteneau Flats, your ever-faithful chocobo spent each waking moment galloping across the realm in search of his lost master. His myriad adventures are nothing less than fantastical and heartbreaking... but that is a story for another day.

Go find the chocobo you rode in on, and ride on out. - Sevrin

Legendary Kamuy Possible reward from The Ministrel's Ballad: Shrinyu's Domain Perpetually enveloped in a divine glow, it is said to have been born when an Ala Mhigan war hound chanced to bathe in Shinryu's light in the moment of the primal's birth.
FFXIV Logistics System Logistics System Win 200 Frontline campaigns. One of the automated system drones deployed by the Allagans to maintain and protect their strongholds. After being unearthed by the Sons of Saint Coinach, the mechanical sphere was modified by Nero tol Scaeva into a personal transport device.
FFXIV - Magitek Armor Magitek Armor Complete Main Scenario quest "The Ultimate Weapon". This suit of Garlean-developed reaper-class magitek battle armor has had its original control systems purged and replaced with a new, modified core build by Cid of the Garlond Ironworks.

At last, our very own suit of magitek armor! - Cid Garlond

FFXIV Mount DeathClaw Magitek Death Claw Purchase from Jonathas in New Gridania with 6 Achievement Certificates. Ancient Allagan weaponry known as an “iron claw” is believed to be the inspiration for this deadly example of imperial ingenuity. While most of the death claws deployed in battle are used for logistical purposes, this particular model has been customized by stationarii units for enemy capture.
FFXIV Manucutter Manacutter Complete main scenario quest "Into the Aery". Supervised (in spirit) by the ever-absent Cid, Biggs and Wedge (with a little bending over by Biggs) put their heads together to create this flight-ready miniature airship, powered by the realm's first corrupted crystal engine.
FFXIV Mount Managarm Managarm Purchase from a Calamity Salvager with 8 Gold Chocobo Feathers. Some say that Managarm is merely a myth. Others believe it to be an extinct beast. Both are wrong, as you well know. According to Abalathian legend, this fearsome hound roams the celestial sphere in pursuit of the moon, whose light it relishes - or so it may appear to those who witness it soaring the skies, spawning spectral flames.
FFXIV Markab Mount Markab Sometimes rewarded from The Striking Tree Extreme primal trial. It is said to have been born of a single thunderbolt. Legend states that the Lord of Levin, Ramuh, drew forth this magicked steed from a nightmare offered by the sylphs in sacrifice.

Nay is but a hoofbeat away from neigh! - Uma Bugyo

FFXIV WoL Midgardsormr Mount Midgardsormr Complete main scenario quest "Fetters of Lament". Only after proving your bravery in the face of countless perils has the Father of Dragons found you to be a worthy heir to the Light, and granted you a place upon his back.
Model O Reward from Alphascape V4.0 (Savage).
FFXIV Nightmare Mount Nightmare Sometimes rewarded from The Howling Eye (Extreme) primal trials. While it is no secret that it was the enigmatic Ascians who provided the beast tribes with nightmares, their reasons for doing so remain shrouded in mystery. Otherwise untamable, the single piercing tone of a magicked whistle is the only method known to soothe the savage beasts.

See the nightmare for reality, and ready thyself for the coming chaos! - Urianger

Ramuh Reward from Eden's Verse: Refulgence (Savage).
Reveling Kamuy Sometimes rewarded from The Pool of Tribute (Extreme) Upon receiving from his Kojin worshipers the offering of a sad, orphaned wolf pup, Susano proceeded to grant him the gift of flight, as well as an impressive coat of glowing fur, that he might be worthy of the revel.
XIV Sanuwa Sanuwa Purchase from Ok' Gundu Nakki at Sworn (level 7) reputation. Countless turns of the sun did Luna Vanu train this wild sanuwa to obey the orders of man, and for many moons did he wait for one he deemed worthy of taking up this noble cloudkin's reins. Wait, he did, until you arrived.
FFXIV Serpent Warsteed Serpent Warsteed Completion of the A Line in the Glade IV achievement. After witnessing dazzling demonstrations of how a warsteed might turn the tide of battle, the Grand Companies of Eorzea emptied their coffers at the feet of the Far Eastern uma bugyo, each seeking to put themselves at an advantage during Frontline campaigns.

Hoof to neigh, Eorzea knows not the horse for one reason: the horsebird. - Uma Bugyo

Skyslipper Reward from Eden's Gate: Sepulture (Savage).
FFXIV Sleipnir Mount Sleipnir Purchased from Optional Item Sales on Mog Station for $24 Blessed by the elder primal himself, Sleipnir will forever remain loyal to those who have proven themselves worthy. In addition to being fearless in battle, the dark steed is also able to manipulate his corporeal form to accommodate any rider, large or small.
FFXIV Mount StarBear Starlight Bear Complete the 2018 edition of Starlight Celebration seasonal event. Unlike his wild cousins, Kochab the bear can be relied upon to delight folk rather than tear them apart. Raised from a cub by Celebrant Baenfaeld, he has mastered the art of Starburst-lobbing, a skill that proved useful in hunting down thieving treants.
Storm Warsteed Completion of the A Line in the Storm IV achievement. After witnessing dazzling demonstrations of how a warsteed might turn the tide of battle, the Grand Companies of Eorzea emptied their coffers at the feet of the Far Eastern uma bugyo, each seeking to put themselves at an advantage during Frontline campaigns.

Hoof to neigh, Eorzea knows not the horse for one reason: the horsebird. - Uma Bugyo

FFXIV Syldra mount Syldra Available to players who purchased the Collector's Edition of Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood. Legends say there once lived a kindly sea dragon who befriended a pirate, and that their friendship knew no bounds. This is not that sea dragon; however with a little time and caring, who is to say that a similar relationship cannot be forged? *Sea dragons have no relation to actual dragons.
FFXIV Mount Twintania Twintania Purchase from a Calamity Salvager with 15 Gold Chocobo Feathers. Bound to eternal thralldom via an Allagan neurolink, this ancient wyvern from the southern continent of Meracydia will remain a loyal servant as long as you possess its identification key.
FFXIV Mount Tyrannosaur Tyrannosaur Chance to be obtained by opening a lockbox found within Eureka: Anemos. Alarmed scholars report that the "T-Rex" - as it is called by those short on ink - has gained the power of flight through continued exposure to the Isle of Val's turbulent aether. Despite its ferocious nature, some still approach it, insisting it can be tamed by an adventurer of great strength.
White Mage Unicorn Unicorn Complete the quest "Unicorn Power" (requires completing all Conjurer class quests). Not long ago, Eorzean unicorns numbered in the thousands, and could oft be seen roaming the Coerthas highlands in great majestic herds that would render the mountains white as snow. Poaching has caused the population to decline, and if it were not for your act of kindness, there would be one fewer.

Your precious horses, they're just unicorns with a big empty forehead. - Chief Chocowacker

FFXIV Warbear Mount Warbear Obtain achievement for participating in 200 high level duties as a Warrior. In generations past, warriors seeking fame and glory would journey out into the untamed wilds of Abalathia's Spine in search of the giant grizzled bears that roamed the mountains, and would wrestle the beasts into submission, riding their prizes back to civilization. That is, or die trying.

How do you like my pets? Not too playful for you, I hope? - Beast Trainer

FFXIV Warlion Mount Warlion Obtain achievement for participating in 200 high level duties as a Paladin. Early in the Sixth Astral Era, lions were brought over from the Near East and trained to serve as battle mounts for the Sultansworn of Ul'dah. Deemed unbreakable, those not sold to the Coliseum for venationes were released into the deserts of Thanalan where they eventually reverted back to a feral state.

I, too, see the friends I lost in the lions and spinners... - Gregory

FFXIV Mount Whisper Whisper-go Obtained by collecting every Yo-Kai minion in the Yo-Kai Watch crossover event Taken in by the vibrant sights of the Gold Saucer, the wandering executive sought out the plaza's architect to design him a vessel of transportation similar in flamboyance to its myriad attractions. The seats are so finely upholstered riders swear it is as if they are floating on air.
FFXIV Mount WhisperGoGo Whisper A-go-go Obtained by collecting every Yo-Kai weapon in the Yo-Kai Watch crossover event Moved by your unyielding dedication and patronage, the wandering executive once again commissioned the architects of the Gold Saucer, this time to upgrade the Whisper-go as a gift from himself and his friend, the wandering minstrel.
FFXIV Witch's Broom Witch's Broom Complete the 2015 edition of All Saints Wake seasonal event. Once an ordinary household cleaning tool, relegated to such menial tasks as sweeping and...sweeping, this broom's life changed upon being enchanted by the ogre pumpkinhead. Now the skies are its dusty floors.
FFXIV Xanthos Mount Xanthos Possible reward from The Howling Eye (Extreme). At full gallop, it is said to be the very wind itself. Legend states that the Lady of the Vortex, Garuda, created this magicked steed from a nightmare offered by the Ixal in sacrifice.

Nay is but a hoofbeat away from neigh! - Uma Bugyo

FFXIV Mount Yol Yol Complete the main scenario quest "In the Footsteps of Bardam the Brave" High atop the granite peaks of Othard's Fanged Crescent do the yol claim their demesne, descending to the Azim Steppe to prey upon the soft warriors who pretend not to fear the winged monsters of their ancestor's tales. Rare indeed is it that a yol might cede its back to the likes of man, though to those who have proved their mettle, the creatures have been known to make exception.
FFXIV Mount Zu Zu Purchase from a Resident Caretaker for 1 Iron Voyage Spoil. This massive bird hunts by grasping its prey within its saw-like beak, and finishes it off with a few violent shakes of its long neck before swallowing the now-dead quarry whole.
Red_Hare_(XIV) Red Hare