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Trophy: Biker Boy
Get praised by Jessie (complete with over 75% HP remaining). Bronze

Motor Chase is the first quest in Chapter 4, "Mad Dash", in Final Fantasy VII Remake. At the request of Jessie Rasberry, Cloud Strife meets her to help her with a personal quest to investigate what happened with the Mako Reactor 1 explosion. Along the way, the group fight the Shinra Electric Power Company on the Motonox Gust motorcycles.

Completing the quest with over 75% HP remaining unlocks the bronze trophy Biker Boy. A simple way to do this is to revisit the quest on Chapter Select in Easy Mode difficulty, where enemies' attacks are weaker and their HP is lower.


The quest begins as Cloud rides the Motonox Gust motorcycle. To control the motorcycle, Square attacks to Cloud's left, Circle attacks to Cloud's right, R2 accelerates, L2 brakes, R1 guards against attacks, and holding L1 toggles the Triangle attack to a ranged attack. This ability can only be used once charged up.

Several Shinra Mobile Unit Officers appear, which must be defeated with Cloud's attacks or strong attack. Later, more powerful enemies appear, which can throw grenades in front of them, damaging Cloud's bike and throwing him off balance. The bombs are telegraphed in advance, so simply brake and steer clear of them, then return to the attack.

Later, drones will appear, which use ranged attacks. These are best defeated with ranged attacks, though accelerating to intercept them also works. As they charge up their own attacks, guard against them. Once the drones are destroyed, a short scene commences as Roche, a SOLDIER, is introduced. The previous enemy types then follow this, against which the same strategies apply.

Eventually, Roche will appear. Roche will use several ranged attacks that spin around the area; dodge them, or guard against them. After doing this several times, Roche will come within distance of Cloud's melee attacks. Continue normal melee attacks, along with ranged attacks, and watch out for his electric burst when he raises his bike and crashes it down, causing a shockwave. Roche will also drive alongside the wall, and throw lightning bolts, which must be dodged, and then crash down for another electric burst. After this, his attacks repeat until his HP is extinguished, at which point a cutscene will commence.

Cloud and Jessie on the motorbike from FFVII Remake.png

The completion cutscene will change depending on how much health you have left at the end of the quest. The worst health will give you the worst response from Jessie. Health above 80% will give you the best response from Jessie, in which she'll kiss Cloud on the cheek as his reward. Somewhere between worst and 80% give you the “barely passing” response from Jessie.

At the end of the cutscene, "To Sector 7" commences.