Barbaneth's Grave, where mossfungus grows.

For the Event, see Events (Tactics)#Mossfungus.

Mossfungus (モスフングス, Mosufungusu?) is a type of poisonous mushroom from Final Fantasy Tactics.

Story[edit | edit source]

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Dycedarg Beoulve extracts its poison and uses it to kill his father Barbaneth. Barich Fendsor also uses Mossfungus poison, once against the Order of the Northern Sky and then against Ramza Beoulve as he tries to stop the Battle of Fort Besselat. It is also mentioned by a Chemist during a cutscene that when mossfungus grows on a grave, it is said to herald the end of that family's bloodline.

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Trap[edit | edit source]

In Melee of the PSP version, a trap called Mossfungus inflicts the Poison status on the unit that triggered the trap tile.

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