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Jack Moschet was starving, so he ordered his Tonberry Chefs to make dinner right away. But when Maggie awoke from her nap, she was furious to find the table bare. "How dare you forget my dinner?" she bellowed at her husband. Jack knew the trouble he was in, so he demanded the chefs make great haste. But as always, they took their own good time.

Narration, Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles
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Moschet Manor.

Moschet Manor, or Jack Moschet's (ジャック・モキートの館, Jakku Mokīto no Kan?, lit. Jack Moschet's Manor), is a large mansion from Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles southwest of Alfitaria. The owner of the manor is one Jack Moschet, a Gigas Lord, who lives with a Lamia wife, Maggie.

Other residents include gargoyles, coeurls, and an entire staff of Tonberry chefs. As Moschet adores Tonberry cuisine, he takes the well-being of his chefs rather seriously. When an adventurer slays all of his Tonberry chefs within his manor, he attacks out of rage. Before the fight, the caravanners should raid the mansion for treasures and gil.

The song that plays in this level is called "Magii is everything".


The manor is quite large, and its rooms hold various treasures. Perhaps the most notable of these wonders is the knowledge that the manor's libraries hold about the world and its influence by the mysterious Miasma. The rooms are large scale and made for the giant Gigas Jack and his large Lamia wife, Maggie. Compared to the player, the objects in each of the rooms are enormous. To get into each of the rooms of the manor, the player must step on the platform in front of the door when it has his or her tribe's corresponding emblem.

There are ten Tonberry Chefs in the manor, which appear in every room except for the southwest room, Maggie's bedroom. Maggie, Jack Moschet's wife, is in her room while the player is in the manor. When attacked, she does not retaliate, but instead tells the player to go away or asks where her dinner is, as she believes the player to be one of the Tonberry Chefs.

On the 3rd cycle, there are seven monsters that have a relatively high chance of dropping Mythril, five of which are in the Courtyard. The other two are in the dining hall.

Moogle's Nest[]

The Nest's entrance is located in the west wing's middle room under the left side of the table.

Hot Spots[]

There are two Hot Spots in the manor. The first Hot Spot is located in the first room to the bottom left, Maggie's Bedroom, near her bed, and its element is Water. The next Hot Spot's element is Fire and it is located in the northeastern-most room.


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