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Morys is a non-playable character from original Final Fantasy XIV. He was a mysterious character that appeared during the Conjurer questline.


Morys is a mysterious stranger who was found lying in the forest. He had no symbol or coat of arms, and claimed to have no memory of how he got there. Morys started his life again in Gridania and became a conjurer who can hear the elementals as well as anyone, and better than most.[1]

Morys patrols Twelveswood along with the adventurer, they find a fallen Ishgardian knight near Amberscale Rock surrounded by elementals. Once the knight is rescued and taken to Stillglade Fane, Morys treated his wounds and decided to guide the Ishgardian safely back to his people and Soileine asks the adventurer to go to Owl's Nest and look for Morys. There, the adventurer meets Ser Yuhelmeric who says that Morys was already gone and that the fallen knight claims to have seen a dragon in the forest. Using the gift of echo on the knight, the adventurer sees the Ishgardian knight running out of the cave and being attacked by a fireball coming from behind, but when looking for the source of the attack he only finds Amberscale Rock inside the cave. Upon returning to the forest, the adventurer meets Morys who vaguely says about returning. Soileine theorizes that Morys heard the elementals in the knight's metals and that Morys is somehow connected to Ishgard.[1]

Young Morys being claimed by the elementals.

Morys says the voice is calling him and asks the adventurer to accompany him to Ishgard. Halfway through Morys is pulled back by the elementals. The adventurer finds Morys lying in front of Amberscale Rock with elementals who say he belongs to the forest and that he should wait because the time has not yet come. Using the echo, the adventurer sees a young Morys being attacked by wolves in front of Amberscale Rock, where there are fallen elementals in flames. In the vision the young Morys is claimed by the elementals as a wildling.[2]




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During an instance in Conjurer quest "The Call of Nature" in version 1.0. The adventurer must escort Morys through Twelveswood from Camp Emerald Moss.


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