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A good-natured boy who lives on the island of Navos in the center of the world. He greatly admires Wrieg, a seasoned, free-spirited adventurer, and dreams of one day going on adventures of his own.

Character profile.

Morrow appears as a playable character in Final Fantasy Record Keeper who could be initially recruited during the Collector's Event Bonds Across Time as a First Time Reward for completing the event's Navos Forest (Easy) stage.


Level HP Attack Defense Magic Resistance Mind Accuracy Evasion Speed
1 204 12 8 7 8 8 20 26 115
Rank (Max: 5) 3 4 2 1 2 2 3 3 5

Record Sphere[]

Sphere S.Lv 1 S.Lv 2 S.Lv 3 S.Lv 4 S.Lv 5
Red Mage +1 ATK +1 DEF +1 RES +60 HP +2 RES
Ranger +1 RES +1 DEF +1 RES +60 HP +2 ATK
Warrior +1 ATK +70 HP +1 DEF +1 ATK +2 ATK
Time Mage (Requires Red Mage's mastery.) +3 ATK +3 ATK +170 HP +6 ATK +6 RES
Spellblade (Requires Red Mage and Ranger's mastery.) +3 ATK +120 HP +3 ATK +6 ATK Use 5★ Spellblade Abilities
Gladiator (Requires Ranger and Warrior's mastery.) +3 ATK +3% Support Ability Damage +200 HP +4 ATK +6% Support Ability Damage

Legend Sphere[]


Morrow can use Spellblade abilities up to rarity rank 4, Combat abilities up to rarity rank 4, Support abilities up to rarity rank 5, and Celerity abilities up to rarity rank 5.

Soul Breaks[]

Name Designation Relic Effects
Gauge Type Duration Power (Including potency of stat increase(s) and chance of effect(s) occurring)
Internal Harmony

Internal Harmony

Default N/A 2 NAT N/A 25%nbsp;s (ATK +35%)
Temporarily raise the user's Attack a moderate amount.


Record Materia[]

Record Materia Description Acquirement

Legend Materia[]

Record Materia Description Acquirement


Morrow can equip the following weapon types: daggers, swords, axes, spears, and bows.

He can equip the following armor types: shields, hats, helms, light armor, and bracers.

He can equip accessories.