Morrow Encounter

Morrow in combat.

Morrow is the main playable character in Final Fantasy Dimensions II. In the original free-to-play versions, Morrow, like the rest of the cast, could equip any weapon and signet, and lacked a Storm Ability. However, in the premium release, Morrow was remodeled into a versatile physical fighter in battle that can learn from a pool of physical and magic abilities and also gained a Storm Ability.


Morrow's equipment includes swords, axes, katanas, and bows. However, his late-game signets provide physical attack boosts when equipped with a sword. Morrow has balanced stats providing him with versatility, but his MP and speed are lower than his attack stats.

At the start of the game, Morrow comes equipped with an Iron Sword.


Morrow Ability List

Morrow's ability menu.

Due to him being aligned with the neutral element, he primarily learns attacks that are neutral in elemental damage, but he can also learn abilities that inflict fire, water, and wind elemental damage. In addition to this, he obtains the most non-elemental signets of the entire cast.

Due to his versatility, he obtains signets that allow him to use a substantial number of physical and magic elemental abilities to deal damage to one or multiple enemies, such as Blizzard Blow and Firaga Breath. He is also the only party member to learn Aero and Ruin-type spells, making him effective against flying enemies and enemies that nullify elemental damage.

Morrow also learns support skills that can weaken enemies or grant buffs to the party. At the start of the game his support arsenal is limited, but in the later stages of the game, Morrow learns support moves that can revive party members and grant buffs to the party, such as Daily Prayer and Quick Speed.

Lastly, Morrow can learn some of the strongest non-elemental physical attacks in the game, which inflict heavy damage to enemies, such as Flare Blow and Chrono Blade.

Ability listEdit

Ability Description Ability Description
Fire One Enemy: Fire magic attack. Fire Breath All Enemies: Fire magic attack.
Firaga Breath All Enemies: Fire magic attack. Thunder Breath All Enemies: Wind magic attack.
Effective against machines.
Thundaga Breath All Enemies: Wind magic attack.
Effective against machines.
El Nino All Enemies: Water magic attack.
Lowers attack, magic, speed for three turns.
Effective against machines.
Aero One Enemy: Wind magic attack.
Effective against flying enemies.
Inflicts continious wind damage for three turns.
Aerora All Enemies: Wind magic attack.
Effective against flying enemies.
Inflicts continious wind damage for three turns.
Aero Rush One Enemy: Eight wind magic attacks.
Effective against flying enemies.
Inflicts continious wind damage for three turns.
Earth Flare All Enemies: Earth magic attack.
Lowers speed for three turns.
Delays next action.
Ruin One Enemy: Neutral magic attack. Ruinra All Enemies: Neutral magic attack.
Ruinga One Enemy: Neutral magic attack. Rapid Ruin One Enemy: Magic attack
Self: Hastens next action.
Ruin Rush One Enemy: Eight magic attacks. Flare Breath All Enemies: Three magic attacks.
Effective against dragons.
Multi-Magic Random Enemy: Casts Bio, Flare, and Holy.
Effective against undead.
Inflicts continious damage for three turns.
All Allies: Restores HP.
Pico Flare Random Enemy: Seven magic attacks.
Fire Blast One Enemy: Physical fire attack. Firaga Blast One Enemy: Physical fire attack.
All Allies: Restores HP and boosts attack power.
Blizzard Blow One Enemy: Physical water attack. Blizzaga Blow One Enemy: Physical water attack.
All Allies: Restores MP and boosts magic power.
Strike One Enemy: Physical attack. Smash One Enemy: Physical attack.
Rapid Shot One Enemy: Physical attack.
Self: Hastens next action.
Flare Blow One Enemy: Six physical attacks.
Self: Hastens next action.
Effective against dragons.
Phantom Rush One Enemy: Eight physical attacks.
Effective against giants.
Lowers attack, magic, and speed for four turns.
Temporal Void Random Enemy: Eight physical neutral attacks.
Break Attack One Enemy: Physical attacl.
Lowers attack and magic power.
Evil Eye All Enemies: Physical attack.
Effect against giants and undead.
Delays next action and inflicts stun.
Silence Strike One Enemy: Physical attack.
Inflicts silence.
Reckoning One Enemy: Physical attack.
Effective against demons.
White Draw All Allies: Restores 1/3 of Max MP. Soul Reversal One Ally: Returns to battle with full HP and MP.
Boosts attack power.
Festal Cant One Ally: Restores HP.
Cures poison, darkness, and silence.
Invincibility Self: Negates damage.
Quickspeed One Ally: Boosts speed for four turns.
Hastens next action.
Stop One Enemy: Prevents actions.
Kill One Enemy: Inflicts death with a 100% chance if current HP is 5,000 or less. Wormhole One Enemy: Inflicts death.
Prevents actions for one turn.
Daily Prayer All Allies: Returns to battle.
Negates damage once.
Hastens next action.
Chrono Blade All Enemies: Physical neutral attack.
Tera Flare All Enemies: Four magic attacks. Gold Breath All Enemies: Light magic attack. Nullifies boosts to attack and magic.

Storm AbilityEdit

FFD2 Morrow Storm Ability

Morrow using his Storm Ability.

All right! Time for action!

Morrow using his Storm Ability

Like other party members, Morrow can only use his Storm Ability when he is not present in the active party. When he appears in battle to use his Storm Ability to aid the active party, he summons a pair of swords of light to perform an attack that deals physical non-elemental damage to all enemies. The amount of damage done by Morrow's Storm Ability is dependent on his overall stats.

In addition, Morrow uses his Storm Ability during the finale of the Eureka arc when fighting Starbow.


FFD2 Morrow Signets

Morrow's signet menu.

Morrow can obtain Eidolon signets of all elements. However, of the primary elements, he obtains Eidolons of the fire and wind-elements in his collection, with only a few of water, earth, dark, and light. Of all of the cast, Morrow obtains the most non-elemental summons and the most summons all together.

His default signets include a Strike-type Chocobo signet and a Ruin-type Cait Sith signet. During the opening prologue, Morrow has fully-ranked versions of Omega, Diabolos, Ahriman, and Persephone equipped to him.

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