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Nu mou who can take a captured monster's form.


Morpher is a job from Final Fantasy Tactics Advance. Only for the nu mou, Morphers take the forms of captured monsters in the Monster Bank. When morphed they can use the monster's abilities in battle. Their effectiveness depends on the stats of the monsters in the bank.


Morpher is an Attack-oriented job, although a bit more balanced between Attack and Magic Power. Morphers lose a lot of the stat growth they had as Beastmasters, but make up for it by having the highest Speed of all nu mou jobs. This high Speed allows Morphers to activate their morphs as quickly as possible, and once that happens the rest of their stats are irrelevant for rest of the battle as they use their monster's stats instead.

HP MP Atk Def Mag Pwr Mag Res Spd
6.8 C+ 2.8 D+ 7.1 C- 8.2 B- 7.6 C 8.1 B- 1.6 B


For a Morpher to learn anything, they need to procure souls dropped by captured monsters. Hunters can capture monsters, so it is crucial to have one to raise a Morpher. A captured monster's soul is added to the inventory and can be equipped to the Morpher.

The Monster Bank in Cyril.

Once a monster is in the Monster Bank, the player can start raising it by feeding it items. Soon enough they will only accept Curealls and that's when they start gaining stats. Except for Dragons, Lamias, and Malboros, each monster gains one point in every stat for every two Curealls fed to it. Dragons and Lamias gain one point for every Cureall fed, and Malboros do not accept Curealls. Malboros need to be fed Ethers and Elixirs.

During battle, after the Morpher has taken the form of a monster, he can use the skills it has. For Dragons, for example, if the player has a Thundrake and a Firewyrm, they can use both of those monsters' skills after morphing into a "Dragon". The attacks' strength when morphed are based on the monsters' stats, so a Lv. 5 Goblin in the beginning of the game will not deal as much damage at the end.

It is crucial to capture a Goblin as soon as possible because they go "extinct" fairly early. Capture-able Thundrakes also go "extinct" eventually.



Morpher command. Assume captured monster's form.

Skill Equipment Effect AP
Goblin Goblin Soul Morph into goblins and red caps. 200
Flan Flan Soul Morph into ice flans, jellies, and creams. 200
Bomb Bomb Soul Morph into bombs and grenades. 200
Dragon Dragon Soul Morph into thundrakes, firewyrms, and icedrakes. 200
Lamia Lamia Soul Morph into lamias and liliths. 200
Bug Bug Soul Morph into antlions and jawbreakers. 200
Panther Panther Soul Morph into red panthers and coeurls. 200
Malboro Malboro Soul Morph into malboros and big malboros. 200
Floateye Eye Soul Morph into floateyes and ahrimans. 200


Skill Equipment Effect AP
Damage > MP Judo Uniform Converts HP damage to MP. (Doesn't work if MP is 0). 300


Skill Equipment Effect AP
Morph Combo Mythril Soul Ranged combo ability for morphers. 100


Morpher is one of the most unique classes, but the effort and time required to train one is a massive roadblock. Capturing monsters requires a Hunter, feeding monsters with items will take a toll on the clan funds, especially if the player desires to max everything out. Goblins and Thundrakes go "extinct" eventually, so capturing one is of utmost importance.

Morphers' stats are largely unremarkable, except for their high speed. They can become terrors when trained fully. Captured monsters fed to maximum stats can augment the Morpher's abilities to hit even harder than many of the attack-oriented classes in the game. With the amount of monsters available to capture, Morphers can brag about the wide selection of abilities at their disposal. Dragon abilities deal massive damage, while the Floating Eyeball abilities provide excellent status effects. Flan give myriads of black magic, while Lamia skills give support to cripple enemies. With amazing coverage, monsters give Morphers abilities fit for any situation and their high speed allows them to morph fast.

Morphers need to spend turns morphing to use different abilities, which wastes time. Their power depends on the player spending time capturing and feeding animals, and capturing monsters is a time consuming process. Overall, Morphers require time, effort, funds, and effort; a Morpher trained with half effort is hardly a worthy clan member. However, maximized Morphers are amazing units capable of utilizing monster abilities powered to incredible levels.


  • Morphers are the only job class from Final Fantasy Tactics Advance to not reappear in the sequel.