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Morimar Basalt Fields is an area in Final Fantasy XI. This rocky mountain region is well known for its geothermal activity in Eastern Ulbuka. Morimar Basalt Fields is said to be home to the Naakual known as Achuka.

Location Edit

Located in the East Ulbuka Territory, Morimar Basalt Fields can first be reached by pioneers who traverse through the Moh Gates. Numerous hot springs dot the landscape and magma flow seeps through the cracks of the rocky ground. Frequent snow in the area lend to a breathtaking sight.

Access to various areas in Morimar Basalt Fields are blocked off by magma streams and cracks. Pioneers with the "demolishing" survival skill must break the Bedrock Crags along them in order to create platforms to cross the obstacles. A number of grimy boulders that spawn Ulbuka's multifarious menaces can be found in the area.

Three Ergon Loci can be found in this area. The first, Snowdrift Arbor is a lone tree caught in the snow at (K-6). The second, is a natural hot spring known as Spring of Prosperity, located at (E-6). This spring can only be reached with a watercraft. Finally, the third, Frostbloom is a plant found atop a giant rocky crag in the area. It can only be reached by those with the climbing skill.

Landmarks Edit

Achuka's Lair Edit

Pioneers must band together to defeat Achuka, the Firebrand Naakual, in Wildskeeper Reives to free the land of its terror.

Pioneers require a magma mitigation set in order to reach Achuka's lair.

Connected Areas Edit

A tunnel to the southeast leads to the Moh Gates.
A tunnel to the southwest leads to the Woh Gates.

Enemies Edit

Notorious Monsters Edit

  • Kurma*(spawned by items / Delve)
  • Perdurable Raptor*(spawned by items / Delve)
  • Shimmering Tarichuk*(spawned by items / Delve)
  • Tutewehiwehi*(spawned by items / Delve)
  • Volatile Matamata*(spawned by items / Delve)

Reive Enemies Edit

Music Edit

"Into Lands Primeval - Ulbuka" plays while exploring the Morimar Basalt Fields. For normal battles, the track "Steel Sings, Blades Dance" is used, whereas "Breaking Ground" is played during Colonization and Lair Reives. "Keepers of the Wild" plays when taking part in Wildskeeper Reives.

Gallery Edit

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