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Mordion Gaol is a location in Final Fantasy XIV. Separated from the in game story and Eorzea as well as virtually disconnected from the world used by players, the Gaol is where Game Masters (GMs) will place player characters for disciplinary or debugging reasons out of game. It shares it's purpose and name with Mordion Gaol from Final Fantasy XI.


The Gaol has no purpose in the story or overall lore of Final Fantasy XIV, with its use being limited to real world intervention by Square Enix staff, usually for in game infractions. Only GMs can summon and dismiss characters from the Gaol, with Players being unable to access the area normally.

Players who are reported or seen by GMs to violate the rules of the game, such as threatening or harassing other players or using profanity in character names will be teleported to a room of the Gaol where a GM will soon after appear and discuss the infraction and what actions will be taken. These teleports lack the typical animations for both player and GM, simply fading in and out If a suspension occurs, the player character will remain placed in the Gaol until a GM appears to release them. The room can also be used for non disciplinary measures, such as taking a bug report or for an event during the Seventh Umbral Era involving the Wandering Minstrel.

Communication is limited while in the Gaol- the players are limited to Say chat, to speak with the GM. Emotes, Linkshells, outgoing Party and FC chat, etc, are all disabled, and all elements of the HUD except for server and time info and the chat box are disabled.


The Room[]

The room appears as an updated version of the analogous area from Final Fantasy XI, as a stone textured square room with one archway closed off by a barred door, leading to stairs and a dead end. Despite appearances, the door is essentially a wall, preventing exit. The only way in or out is teleportation from the GM. The ambient light is low and cool colored, with torches on the wall. No music plays, aside from light ambient sounds of the torch and jail dungeon assets already in the game.

The Game Masters[]

Game masters share their appearance with those in Final Fantasy XI as well. They are glamoured in red accented armor similar to that worn by the Temple Knights of Ishgard, but distinctive enough to make them unmistakable as GMs, and unavailable to players. GMs are additionally given a black and purple aura of flames around their characters, similar to that of Ascian characters. Game Masters always have a GM prefix before a single name.


"Gaol" is a British term for a Jail.