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Morale is a concept in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a King which represents the happiness of the people in the kingdom. It is used for diverse purposes, but the primary one is to help develop the realm's prosperity.

Realm Morale[]

Morale gauge.

Morale becomes part of the game once a Bakery is built. It raises each time the citizens shop in a Bakery or Emporium, or whenever the citizens talk to the king or with each other. The level in the realm morale is reflected in the morale gauge, once the gauge is completely filled a morale sphere is gained along with a bonus in the form of tithes.

Morale Frenzy[]

Additional morale is gained for a period of time when adventurers complete dungeon behests. Also, when a Holiday is declared in the kingdom, during the whole day Morale Frenzy will be active. It is identified by a green glow on the morale gauge.

Developing the Realm[]

The Morale Spheres are used to develop the realm. The level of development that can be achieve is directly proportional to the number of Citizen Shops in the realm. Each new stage will trigger different effects on the realm.

Stage M. S. Maximum required Effects
Settlement None
Town 1 Trigger event to build Fountain Park. Increase the income level of the bonus.
City 2 Trigger event to build Spacious Houses. Increase the income level of the bonus.
Kingdom 3 Able declare Holidays. Increase the income level of the bonus.
Empire 4 May have Pavlov talk to people. Talk to Mogmune to gain citizens' behest. Increase the income level of the bonus.
Promised Land 5 May address people from the lookout. Increase the income level of the bonus.

Citizen's Morale[]

Happiness gauge completely filled.

The morale of the families in the kingdom can also be improved and is reflected in the happiness gauge in each of their houses. Raising the townspeople morale will make the light their houses in the dusk, allowing the king to stay outside after dusk. Also when the gauge is fulled and a member of the family is at home they will present an Adventurer Medal to be rewarded. Unlike the realm morale, this one decreases over time and must be raised constantly.

Raise Morale[]

The morale of the citizens can be increased by the following actions:

  • Building their houses near a Bakery or a Emporium.
  • Completing citizens' behests once they become available.
  • Talking to the family members under the influence of the Morale Boost.