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The landscape of Mor Dhona with the Garlean dreadnought Agrius visible in the distance.

Mor Dhona is a region in Final Fantasy XIV in the world of Hydaelyn, on the realm of Eorzea, and on the sub-continent of Vylbrand, to the northwest of Coerthas and north of Thanalan. It is said that since immemorial times, a great force slumbers there. This force is said to drain the element from anything that remains in contact with the ground for a long time; if a wind crystal is buried there, it soon becomes a pure crystal devoid of wind properties.

The whole area has been destroyed during a massive battle between an army of dragons led by Midgardsormr and a fleet of Garlean airships that happened fifteen years ago, shown during the game's opening CG.

The battle turned the place into a dangerous, lifeless place full of terrible beasts, and became later known as the Battle of Silvertear Skies.


  • Brittlebark (17, 20)
  • Revenant's Toll (10, 6)

Notable Locations[]

Silvertear Lake[]

The central body of water is Silvertear Lake, and protruding vertically from the center island is the wreck of a massive airship. In the game's opening movie, the airship was brought down by the dragon Midgardsormr, and the crash caused an aetherial eruption that apparently destroyed both. Together they form the landmark "Keeper of the Lake" according to the Eorzean label on the map.

According to a researcher, below the lake lies an immense underground crystal tower, so massive that it affects the aether itself and only worsens its already chaotic state over Mor Dhona.

Silvertear Falls[]

Silvertear falls is a key location within Mor Dhona currently occupied by the XIVth Garlean Legion. It is said that almost all the aether present in Eorzea flows through the falls, and it's flux is currently disrupted due to several reasons, such as the presence of the Primals on Eorzea.

Although Silvertear Falls is mentioned often by several NPCs, it was not one of the landmarks relabeled in post-launch updates. Silvertear Lake, however, did receive a new label.

Castrum Novum[]

Castrum Novum entrance.

Castrum Novum is a Garlean stronghold located near Camp Brittlebark, built to house the lunar transmitter needed to control Dalamud and cast Meteor.

The stronghold is made up of several sectors, each separated by heavy gates, and populated by a wide array of powerful foes. Stronghold searchlights can be used to discern which gates are open and closed.

Similarly to be beast tribe strongholds, there are several locked chests that can be opened by finding keys from defeated enemies.

Crystal Shrine[]

Full view of the Crystal Shrine.

At grid reference (6, 15), if one travels around the edge of the cliff and into a cave, there is a strange column of crystal that forms a shrine. This area at one point contained level 80+ Smolenkos, but the number and level of the Ahrimans was reduced at the same time as the symbol of Thaliak, the Scholar, appeared on the now discolored central crystal in place of the three-point bronze symbol.

Related Missions and Quests[]

  • Main Storyline Mission 8 - Forever Taken
  • Main Storyline Mission 11 - Futures Perfect
  • Grand Company Quest - United we Stand
  • Monk Job Quest - Return of the King.... of Ruin



The theme for this region is "Tears for Mor Dhona", composed by Nobuo Uematsu. It appears on the soundtrack Final Fantasy XIV - Eorzean Frontiers.


  • Images of Silvertear Falls have been used in several advertisement pieces for the game before its release.