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Mootie is a character from Final Fantasy Dimensions II. He is a newborn summon creature that joins Morrow's party as a companion.



Mootie is a newborn summon creature with a dragon-like appearance. He is purple with red eyes and has purple and gold armor with a purple gemstone around his left horn.

In the original version, he had a small gold crown on his left horn.


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Original timeline[]

Mootie attempting to stop the Flare Weapon.

In the original timeline, Marilith of the Four Chaoses sparks war between the countries of Westa and Ajima after she is elected as President of Ajima while disguised as a human named Marina. Stealing the plans of CID Inc.'s military weapon, Marina causes Ajima to fire a nuclear blast known as the Flare Weapon against Westa in the year 2026. At the time the weapon is about to impact with Westa, Mootie attempts to defend humanity from the attack and tries to deflect the blast with Megaflare; however, in doing so, Mootie is influenced by Chaos and transforms into a corrupted version of his true form, named Bahamut, the God of Destruction.

Following these events, Bahamut casts Megaflare on the planet, causing the entire earth to become scorched and inhabitable for humanity to live on. Due to the planet's destruction humanity is forced to retreat into the converted Babil Tower as the last safe area for humans to live while Bahamut remains on the earth below for the coming centuries that continue as of the year 2499.

Crystal of Time arc[]

Door to Another World[]

Mootie meets Morrow and his friends.

Mootie in his God of Destruction form appears in Morrow's dream during the opening in the Continuum Wildlands. Time runs out during Morrow’s dream of the fight and Bahamut uses Megaflare to defeat the party instantly.

Morrow, Aemo, and Wrieg first encounter the young creature in the Rift after they were absorbed into said Rift by Atomos in the Navos Forest. The creature shows his interest in the party and examines Morrow in particular out of the group. The girl in the crystal in the Rift, Chronos, explains that the creature is an Eidolon, referring to the young creature as the Eidolord. Chronos senses that Morrow and his friends have the potential to use the Eidolon's powers and suggests for them to meet with the king and queen of Eidola with the help of Atomos. As Morrow and his friends walk into Atomos, the young Eidolon runs into the gate with the party, surprising Mog.

On their way to Eidola, Morrow is shocked to learn of their young stow·a·way and stop to discuss the young eidolon. Wrieg comments to Morrow on the creature being referred to as Eidolord previously, however not wanting to to constantly refer to the creature as the Eidolord, Morrow decides to name him Mootie, which the young Eidolon takes a liking to. Further in the Atomos Gate, the party encounters the Guardian of Eidola, the earth god, Titan. Titan tests Mootie's new companions and they manage to prove their worth to him. After being defeated, Titan notices Mootie's presence and realizes the strength of the Eidolord's human comrades.

The party arrives in Eidola through Eidola Temple and encounter Ramuh and Ifrit, the latter of who thinks the party as trespassers into the realm. Mootie intervenes and chastises him for his attempted actions, which shocks Ifrit. Ramuh is glad to see Mootie return from sneaking off into the Rift, but comments that him bringing humans to Eidola will have them judged before King Odin and Queen Shiva. However, before they can see the king and queen, they must pass the test of the Great Sage, Leviathan.

After completing the trials given to them by Leviathan, Mootie and the others arrive in Eidola Castle to meet with Odin and Shiva. Odin, unaware of the Mootie being with the party, is surprised to the young Eidolord with humans. Surprised that Mootie has accepted Morrow and his friends so quickly, Odin comments on the promise of humanity’s future. Mootie then decides to join Morrow and his friends on their journey to the human world, much to the dismay of Odin and Shiva; however, Mootie remains eager and leaves with Morrow and his friends.

The God of Destruction[]

The party encounters Mootie's future self as the God of Destruction, Bahamut.

In the year 2499, Morrow, Wrieg, and Aemo travel to the wildlands. The events of Morrow's dream begin to occur once they arrive and the party is eventually attacked by the mysterious creature once more. Morrow, Aemo, and Wrieg attempt to fight the creature, but time runs out and the creature unleashes Megaflare on them. However, Morrow and his friends are able to escape with Chronos's help, who summons an Atomos Gate to carry the party off to the Rift.

In Chronos's Space, the party awakens and learns from Aemo that the creature that attacked them is known as the God of Destruction, Bahamut. Mog is shocked to hear this revelation, as he reveals that Mootie is Bahamut, leaving Mootie and the others confused. Aemo reveals that Bahamut has been destroying the world for centuries, causing humans to retreat into the converted Babil Tower to avoid the scorching earth.

After learning of the creature being sharing the same name as Mootie, the party seeks guidance from the Eidolons in Eidola. Once explaining to Odin and Shiva of the events in the future, they wonder what humans could have done to cause Mootie becoming the God of Destruction. Morrow refuses to believe Mootie would want to do such a terrible thing to the planet and vows to change the events of history and make a world free from the Eidolord's wrath.

After being unable to stop the Mysidia Crisis, Chronos sends Morrow and his party to the year 2026. While traveling in the Navos Forest of 2026, the party arrives to see an unknown beam of energy shooting from the sky. Looking up in the sky, they spot an enraged Mootie from that era flying into the sky trying to stop the beam of energy; however, he is struck down by the weapon and consumed by dark energy upon its impact. The party finds the other Mootie unconscious in the Navos Forest surrounded by a dark aura. When Morrow tries to run to Mootie, Mootie is swallowed by the dark aura and forcibly transformed into the God of Destruction, Bahamut. Despite this, Morrow tries to snap Mootie to his senses, however his attempts are rendered useless as Bahamut casts Megaflare on the group.

The party is saved by Chronos in time with the help of Atomos and return to the rift. In the rift the party finally accepts that the version of Bahamut that causes the Day of Reckoning is indeed Mootie and learn from Wrieg that the beam of energy is an ultimate weapon Westa has been developing known as the Flare Weapon. Mog explains to the group that Mootie in the future probably was trying to protect humanity from the weapon, but because of the future Mootie is driven to become the God of Destruction.

During the events of Chapter 4-2, Morrow and the party learn that the Day of Reckonining has not been prevented due to the Flare Weapon still being created, despite their efforts of changing the fate of other time periods. After learning that Ajima possibly being the one responsible for using the weapon, Morrow and his party learn in the Agart Mines that Marina was tricking Maina all along with her talks of peace and used her to steal information on Westa's military weaponry for creating the Flare Weapon for Ajima to use and reveals she is one of the Four Chaoses. After being defeat Marilith never becomes Ajima's president, causing Westa and Ajima to start working towards peace between the nations. Due to Marilith never entering office, the Flare Weapon never is created and Mootie never turns into the corrupted version of himself.

The True God of Destruction[]

Mootie and the others defeated by the True God of Destruction, Chaos Bahamut.

After Morrow and his friends restore the flow of time to all the eras in history after defeating all Four Chaoses with the power of the four crystals, it appears that a new future is finally on the horizon. However before the party can return to their eras, a time quake occurs and Atomos guides the party to the Day of Reckoning in 2026, despite their previous erasing the event from history earlier.

Returning to the Day of Reckoning in 2026, the party arrives in the Navos Forest, being unable to believe Mootie would become the God of Destruction again, with Mootie assuring Morrow. Arriving in the depths of the woods, the party is knocked down by a mysterious darkness attempting to rip apart space-time. Out of the darkness emerges Mootie's God of Destruction form revived despite the Day of Reckoning being prevented. Morrow is able to recognize that the creature is not Mootie and it is instead a different creature he names Chaos Bahamut, a form created by Chaos that mimics Mootie's God of Destruction form, being created from Chaos stealing Mootie's cells from past encounters. For the remainder of the game, Chaos uses this form as a physical form for itself, in an attempt to force the Day of the Reckoning to occur. The party attempt to fight the creature, however they are nearly destroyed by its Gigaflare attack, only to be saved in the nick of time by Atomos.

Following these events, Morrow, Mootie, and the others vow to stop Chaos Bahamut, to put a rest to the God of Destruction and create a new future for Aemo. The party decides to travel to the Chaos Torrent on the Day of Reckoning and hope to end Chaos's manipulation of time.

Mootie using Megaflare on Chaos Bahamut.

During the final encounter with Chaos Bahamut, Byakko, Suzaku, Seiryu, and Genbu sacrifice themselves to defeat the Four Chaoses that are reviving the creature and causes Mootie to awaken his true power, which allows him to unleash a powerful Megaflare on Chaos Bahamut. Morrow and the party fight Chaos Bahamut in his final form, Neo Chaos Bahamut, and after a long and difficult battle Chaos Bahamut is finally defeated , with Mootie's God of Destruction form finally erased from history once and for all.

After Chaos Bahamut is defeated, Mootie and the others are reluctantly required to return to their respective eras. Mootie cuddles with Morrow, wanting to stay together, but Morrow reminds him of his duty as the Eidolord to the Eidolons. Mootie understands Morrow and cheerfully agrees to return.

Sometime after the defeat of Chaos Bahamut, Mootie and the party, bar Morrow reunite with Wrieg and Sorgue with a new mission from Chronos and Minwu to find a mysterious new spacetime. Using the the newly constructed spacetime ship, the Kairos, the group travels to the Present to retrieve Morrow. After Aemo meets with Morrow in present Navos Village, she guides Morrow to the ship and reunites him with Mootie and the others. With the group finally reunited, they set off for a new adventure through space and time.



Mootie functions as a fourth party member in battle, but he can only equip one signet in battle, meaning he can use only one ability in battle. He can use any signet the player has obtained through the game and has no restriction on which ones he can equip. Due to this, Mootie is very versatile on his role in battle, as he can serve as an extra damage dealer to the party, or can function as support, healing and buffing the party.

Unlike the other party members, Mootie has no HP, meaning he cannot be KO'd in battle; however, if the rest of the party is KO'd, Mootie cannot continue to fight alone. His overall stats are based on the stats of the main party, but he will always have a max MP amount of 999.


Default Eidolon Mootie signet.

Two versions of Mootie can be obtained as neutral-elemental signets Morrow to equip. The first version is Eidolon Mootie, which teaches Morrow Pico Flare abilities, and a second version known as Mootie, Eidolord, which teaches Morrow Teraflare abilities. The latter signet is one of Morrow's strongest neutral-elemental signets.

In addition to these, the Bahamut signet can also be obtained as a signet for Morrow, which can be obtained after completing Morrow's final character episode, "Tale of a Giant". The signet is one of Morrow's strongest signets and teaches Flare Breath to Morrow.


Mootie in his God of Destruction form is fought multiple times throughout the game as a scripted boss. During these fights, Bahamut cannot be defeated and will end the battle after five turns with either Megaflare.

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The unused version of Mootie's God of Destruction form present in early game trailers.

Prior to the release of Final Fantasy Legends: Toki no Suishō, the initial game trailers used an entirely different depiction of Mootie's God of Destruction form. The version in these trailers is similar to Bahamut's design in the 3D remakes of Final Fantasy IV and Final Fantasy IV: The After Years. This version was never used in the game's official release and was replaced with the more monstrous appearance seen in all versions.

Removed story elements[]

Morrow and the others meet Mootie in the original version of Final Fantasy Legends: Toki no Suishō.

In the original free-to-play version of the game Morrow, Aemo, and Wrieg encountered Mootie inside of the Phantom Beast King's Palace in the first chapter. Once the party spotted him, he attacked them out of fear. After Morrow and the others weaken Mootie, Mootie casts Nanoflare on the party, causing them to fall to the ground. After the battle, Mootie prepares to cast Nanoflare once more, but Morrow manages to calm down the young summon in time. Morrow and the others speak to Mootie and persuade the creature to join them. This story element was removed from the premium version of Final Fantasy Dimensions II.

In the original version of the scene during the finale where Mootie uses Megaflare on Chaos Bahamut, it was originally accompanied by a cut-in of the origjnal final upgraded Bahamut signet that represented Mootie's true form as Bahamut. This was changed in the relaunch as Final Fantasy Legends II, where the cut-in of Bahamut was replaced with the final cut-in of Eidolon Mootie. The change from Legends II was kepted for the premium version of the game.


In the original free-to-play versions, Mootie could not access signets from the player's inventory; instead, he supported the party in battle with a specific signet chosen by the player from their friend list or through selecting from a list of players from game's player base. This function is not in the premium version due to the removal of the game’s online elements.

Mootie's original signet.

In the original free-to-play versions, Mootie could be obtained as a non-elemental summon after completing the Crystal of Time arc. This version used Mootie's Final Fantasy Legends: Toki no Suishō artwork as the signet artwork.

This version allowed the wielder to use Nanoflare I-III abilities and could be used by any party member. Mootie's special attack was Kyu Kyu!, which lowered the attack, magic, and speed stats for three turns to all enemies and inflicted delay for a single turn. Summoning Mootie costed 2 bars from the Summon Gauge. This Mootie was removed in the premium versions of the game.

The original Bahamut signet introduced in Final Fantasy Legends: Toki no Suishō.

Another removed signet was the original Bahamut signet known as God of Destruction, Bahamut. This summon was a neutral-elemental summon and could only be obtained as a reward in the "God of Destruction Dragon" challenge event available during the final cycle of updates in Final Fantasy Legends: Toki no Suishō. The signet taught Flare Breath I-III abilities and could be used by any party member. Bahamut's special attack was Megaflare, which dealt non-elemental damage to all enemies. Summoning Bahamut required 3 bars from the Summon Gauge.

In order to upgrade the signet, players were required to defeat the God of Destruction version of Bahamut in the stronger versions of the ”God of Destruction: Bahamut" battlefields and receive the necessary upgrade materials. Additionally, the Bahamut signet could be leveled to rank 8 and had a summon cost of 20.

This version of Bahamut was removed in the premium version of Final Fantasy Dimensions II and replaced with the god-tier signet of Bahamut, representing Mootie's Bahamut form.

Other appearances[]

Triple Triad[]

312b Mootie (JP).png

Mootie appears on a Triple Triad card in the version of Triple Triad available via the Final Fantasy Portal App.

Non-Final Fantasy guest appearances[]

Rise of Mana[]

Mootie, Aemo, and Morrow.

Mootie, Morrow, and Aemo appeared as part of collaboration event.