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The Moorabella area.

The magick city of Moorabella and its aerodrome sit atop this high, forest-covered plateau.

Moorabella is a location and city in Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift. Out of all Jylland, it is the capitol of Magick. It is located on the northern region of the continent of Loar, and snow falls on it continuously. This is not due to weather patterns but to magick, and some of the landscape surrounding Moorabella is actually lush in forest and jungle. Zedlei Forest borders Moorabella to the east, the peaks of the Rupie Mountains to the west, and the silent halls of the Ruins of Delgantua to the northwest.

Moorabella is also one of the two places in Jylland to host an aerodrome, where airships arriving from the city of Fluorgis arrive from and depart to. Luso Clemens and his clan must defeat the misguided experimenter Genius Ed in order to repair the airship at the aerodrome and catch a flight to Fluorgis.

Locations Edit

Dyme Plateau Edit

The sky shines bright blue above this high plain. Snow falls here not by any work of nature, but by the hand of magick.

Moorabella Edit

The magick arts are studied and refined here in this quaint town of neatly rowed houses and snow-covered lanes.

Moorabella Aerodrome Edit

Situated on the outskirts of Moorabella, this airship terminal offers skyferry service to Fluorgis.

Sage's Grove Edit

Sages often gather to talk alongside the small river that runs through this peaceful wood.

Reighlard Forest Edit

The private grounds of the grand duke of Moorabella. The forest has remained largely undisturbed by man.

The Snowdust Edit

Snow soft and white as cotton falls in this lonely field. A wandering minstrel once called it the Snowdust—now none call it anything else.

Highroads Edit

Rupie Highroad Edit

This road leads southwest to the Rupie Mountains. The bitter cold saps the strength of travelers as they make their ascent.

Zedlei Highroad Edit

This road leads east to Zedlei Forest. Wisps of magickal light glow in the night air.

Delgantua Highroad Edit

This road leads west into the ruins of Delgantua. Once a major thoroughfare, it's now all but deserted.

Missions Edit

  • "Grounded!"
  • "The Next Step"
  • "Moorabella Cup"
  • "Jylland Cup"
  • "Wanted: Tutor"
  • "Wanted: Woodworker"
  • "On the Rampage"
  • "A Lady's Insistence"
  • "The Eastwatch"
  • "To Be a Spellblade"
  • "Geomancer's Way - Snow"
  • "Three-Point Strategy"
  • "Komodo Arrival"
  • "The Towns of Loar"
  • "For My Love"
  • "Cleaning to Ordalia"
  • "To Be a Fighter"
  • "Instruments of Inspiration"
  • "Loar Airships Grounded"
  • "Moorabella Nightwatch"
  • "A Lasting Peace"
  • "Bug Hunt"
  • "My Secret Shame"
  • "Gripped by Fear"
  • "Love-Struck"
  • "All Good Things..."
  • "Airship S.O.S!"
  • "Woman of the Wood"
  • "Bonga Bugle - Coppersun"
  • "Bonga Bugle - Emberleaf"
  • "Bonga Bugle - Plumfrost"
  • "Bonga Bugle - Greenfire"
  • "Bonga Bugle - Skyfrost"
  • "Bonga Bugle - Blackfrost"
  • "Woman In The Wood"
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