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"Starry Moonlit Night" from Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles

"Moonless Starry Night" (月のない星空の夜, Tsuki no Nai Hoshizora no Yoru?) is the ending theme song of Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles. The Japanese version is performed by Yae (titled. Starry Moonlit Night (星月夜, Hoshizukiyo?, lit. Starry Night)), and the English version by Donna Burke.

Game appearances[]

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles[]


Japanese Rōmaji
Shiokaze ni mukai
Me o tojireba
Omoi o haseru
Aoi kokage
Tooku wadatsumi koeta karada o
Ima wa tada iyashitai
Kotoba wa nakutomo
Me wo awasereba
Kayoiatta kokoro
Shinjiaeta yume
Te no hira o sashinobete kureta nakamatachi ni
Orei o--arigatou
Ayumi o tomesou ni natta
Toki ni ukanda haha no kao
Kazoku no moto e ima sugu kaeritai
Namida koraeta hoshizukiyo
Tabidatta koro no
Jibun to kurabereba
Tsuyoku natteru ka na?
dattara sukoshi ureshii
Tsuki naki yoru mo
Ayumi tsuzukerareru michi
Hikari afureru hoshizukiyo
English translation
When I face the sea breeze
And close my eyes
My thoughts turn to
The green and leafy shade
Having crossed the distant seas
I just want to heal my body now
Even without words
If our eyes should meet
Our hearts, reaching one another
The dreams we both believed in
To the friends who held out their hands to me
I thank you
When my steps were slowing to a stop
I would recall my mother's face
I want to return to my family at once
Starry moonlit night, choking back tears
Compared to when
I set off on my journey
Have I grown stronger?
That'd make me a little happy
Even on moonless nights
If we shine a light for each other
We can keep walking down this road
Starry moonlit night, overflowing with light

English lyrics[]

The following lyrics are for the English counterpart, "Moonless Starry Night".

Face to the sea, I hear the wind calling me to truth
Close your eyes and dream beneath the warmth of skies of blue
Longing to rest my weary bones
So long the path, O be still my soul
Don't say a word, I know what's on your mind at any time
Follow the path and you will see together we can shine
Holding dear times in mind, friends stay near
They guided my path, from my heart I thank you
When the night was creeping and frightening
Then I sought the love of my mother dear
Aching for the arms of my family
Holding back the tears, holding back the darkness
Moonless starry night
Am I stronger, wiser than when I first met you?
Could it be that I've grown and changed? I'm happy if it's true
In the dark of night, don't be scared, believe me
I can show you what's right, follow the path of light
Together we'll shine in the moonless starry night

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Curtain Call[]

This song appears as the Event Music Sequence for Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles. Although the Japanese version is used, it is listed under the name of its English counterpart, "Moonless Starry Night".