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The Moon.

A world of monsters. Many works of art and epics about the moon throughout history are evidence of its mystical powers.

FFVIII Info Corner

The moon orbits the planet in Final Fantasy VIII. Monsters originate from the moon, brought down to the planet during the event known as the Lunar Cry. It is possible that this happens when the moon is in its closest position to the planet. The Crystal Pillar is also believed to have come from the moon.

The moon's importance is heralded a frequently before its true nature as the source of monsters is revealed. Many of the backgrounds are from an angle where the moon is prominent in the sky, even during the day.

Esthar's Lunar Base is located close to the moon, as well as Adel's Tomb. The spaceship Ragnarok is also found here.



A natural satellite or moon is an astronomical body that orbits a planet or minor planet.


  • The positions of the lunar craters are based on the real moon. The big crater in the middle is Mare Crisium.
  • In the ending FMV, right before the words The End appear, Balamb Garden is shown against the moon, and the moon's face displays Griever's silhouette.