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Unhappy with being categorized as a beast, this Mirage has developed the capacity for human speech, and uses advanced fighting tactics such as counters. Still, it sounds much cooler to go into "beast mode" than "human mode."

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Moomba is an enemy in World of Final Fantasy Maxima.

In The Phantom Sands - Toil 4, there is a chasm the player can descend into, which leads to another area. Inside, there is a Murkrift that houses three Moombas. After defeating or imprisming them, other Moombas can be encountered again at the Coliseum, in the "True Shumi" match.


Base statsEdit

Encounter StatsEdit

The Phantom SandsEdit

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Location Formation
The Phantom Sands - Secret Toil - Murkrift Moomba x3
The Coliseum - True Shumi Moomba Stack (Mini Flan, Moomba) x2

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