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Moogle Village is a village in Final Fantasy V, located at the northeastern edge of Galuf's World, which is inhabited by moogles.


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Bartz, Lenna, Galuf and Faris are healed by the moogles who contact Krile through a moogle at Castle of Bal using their ability to communicate long distances by telepathy.

Exdeath summons the Void upon Moogle Village when the worlds are merged as one. After the party defeats Exdeath, the village is restored to normal.

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Moogle Costume[]

The party must find a moogle costume to open the treasure in one of the houses.


Name Location
10000 gil East Treehouse
1 gil East Treehouse
Dancing Dagger East Treehouse
Phoenix Down East Treehouse
Ether East Treehouse
Cottage East Treehouse
Elven Mantle House with the moogle in love


Outside (Galuf's World)
Outside (Merged World)

Musical themes[]

"Critter Tripper Fritter"

The background theme of Moogle Village is called "Critter Tripper Fritter". This tune is the moogles' musical theme in the series.



The moogle's Japanese name, Mōguri (モーグリ), is a portmanteau of the words for mole (土竜, mogura?) and bat (蝙蝠, kōmori?). "Moogle" is the localized version of Mōguri, losing the pun, though "moogle" has started to appear in Japanese sources as well.