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FFRK Moogle Plushie FFXV

Moogle Plushie in Final Fantasy Record Keeper [FFXV].

Doll of protection made by Iris. Not even the sweetest sycophant could could claim the grotesque little toy was cute.
Final Fantasy XV description

Moogle Plushie (モーグリぬいぐるみ, Mōguri Nuigurumi?, lit. Moogle Plushie; or モーグリの人形, Mōguri no Ningyō?, lit. Moogle Doll) is a recurring equipment in the series, originating from Final Fantasy XV. It is a large plushie toy of a moogle, a recurring mascot character in the Final Fantasy series.


Final Fantasy XVEdit

The Moogle Plushie is obtained from Iris Amicitia in Lestallum. She acquires it in the Partellum Market during "A Stroll for Two" in Chapter 3, and it can be received in a minor quest after reuniting with Gladiolus in Chapter 8. The player can throw it during battle to distract enemies from attacking the party. It can also be used as a catalyst in Elemancy, though it only bestows a single point of increased power. The Moogle Plushie can be used up to ten times before it must be repaired by Iris, though she will repair it at any time if it has been used at least once.

Final Fantasy XV: Episode IgnisEdit

The player can find the Tattered Plushie for the Documents near the river in the center/north part of town, by a collapsed bridge surrounded by ruins.

Final Fantasy Type-0Edit

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Final Fantasy Record KeeperEdit

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Final Fantasy Brave ExviusEdit

A light shield that pulls the enemy's attention. This shield was made by a kind young girl who worried of the perils the prince of Lucis had to endure in his travels. The intended use of this shield is to actually toss it to where one wants to gather enemies.

Moogle Plushie is a Light Shield that is obtained as Iris's Trust Master. It provides 25 DEF, 25 SPR, and increases the user's chances of being targeted by 30%.

Non-Final Fantasy guest appearancesEdit

Star Ocean: AnamnesisEdit

A moogle plush based on Final Fantasy Brave Exvius was an obtainable accessory during the "Vision of New Beginnings" collaboration as either an item drop or a gacha prize. When equipped at limit-break 5, the doll grants a 40% chance of surviving a lethal attack with HP > 20%, and a 10% reduction in damage when the user is at long range.

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Assassin's Creed: OriginsEdit

Assassin's Creed Origins Moogle Doll

Moogle doll in Assassin's Creed: Origins.

Iris's moogle plushie from Final Fantasy XV can be found in front of a trunk in Layla Hassan's base during the present day scenarios.

The Alchemist CodeEdit


Iris's bio.

Iris is depicted in her bio as holding the moogle plushie.


Iris' moogle plushie is a downloadable skin.




An official Final Fantasy XV moogle plushie produced by Taito Co. are available from Japanese arcades from February 2018. They are also available online.


Etymology Edit

The moogle's Japanese name, Mōguri (モーグリ), is a portmanteau of the words for mole (土竜, mogura?) and bat (蝙蝠, kōmori?). "Moogle" is the localized version of Mōguri, losing the pun, though "moogle" has started to appear in Japanese sources as well.

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