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Mont Leonis is the main protagonist of War of the Visions: Final Fantasy Brave Exvius. He is one of the two princes of Leonis and the older twin brother of Sterne Leonis. He is known as the Destined Prince.

A conflicted young man, Mont's aversion to violence puts him at odds with his father and his nation's precarious standing. His encounter with Machérie Hourne ends up being the catalyst for multiple trials and tribulations, not just for himself, but the kingdom of Leonis. As the war develops he ends up living to his moniker of Destined Prince, facing challenges and growing more resolute in his pledge to protect his loved ones, culminating in a climatic battle to determine the course of Leonis.

Following the end of season one, Mont officially ascends to the throne becoming The New King of the Lions, and now determined to restore his kingdom and fulfil the role of guardian entrusted upon Leonis.



Mont is a fair-skinned young-man with long blond hair, part of which he ties in a braid over his right side. He wears a black suit of armor with darker arm and leg protectors, with white pants underneath. His official artwork feature him with a common sword. He dons a long red cape with large white fur over his back with the lion emblem placed near the left side of his chest.


Mont is a kind and peaceful man who dislikes conflict and prefers diplomacy over warring. Mont is hardly a spoiled prince and truly feels the weight of his position, although many consider his inclination towards to benevolence even to some of his enemies to be naive and at times Mont exhibits a lack of understanding of the situation.

Although he is molded into shape by his growing dire circumstances, Mont decides to hold true to his beliefs and stick with his kindness, refusing to sacrifice others for his own sake and loyally putting his own neck in danger to defend others. Many consider his gentle heart to be his greatest weakness, as he does not fully commit to acts of cruelty that are warranted in war. However, his kindness also proves to be his greatest strength, as it inspires his allies to follow him to fulfill his ideals to create a world devoid of war.

Mont underestimates his skills, thinking he is not a match to his younger brother, although many observe that Mont has grown considerably stronger, more resolute, and has great potential. As the war develops, Mont is forced to face increasingly direr challenges, learning to cope with the cruel circumstances of war and begins to show more willingness to fight, if anything for the sake of his loved ones more so than his own benefit. He grows more confident, taking more seriously his role as the heir to the throne.

There are hints of mutual feelings between Mont and Machérie Hourne, but the two don't fully commit due to the pressing issues mounted upon them and their countries, preferring to work together instead. Mont nonetheless cares greatly for Machérie and has done his utmost to save her from peril and try to keep her safe. Following his battle for the throne of Leonis, Mont takes his position as king with pride, now more determined than ever to fight for his friends and his kingdom, and to fulfill the role of guardian entrusted to the Leonisian kings.


Early life[]

Mont was born alongside his brother, Sterne Leonis, to King Oelde and Helena Leonis. The twins were quite different, and as they grew up, their interests made them polar opposites. Mont befriended Baelo in his childhood.

Waking of the Lion - Chapter 1[]

Scene 1 - The Beautiful Steel Maiden[]

In "Twin Princes", Mont and Sterne are in the throne room with their parents when a soldier reports on an ongoing brigade near the borders of Hourne. A shocked Oelde decides to act with Sterne wanting to participate in routing the bandits. Oelde refuses and tells Mont to prepare Caelum and himself to march, and tells Helena to watch over the castle and Kitone to watch over Sterne. As Mont leaves, a dejected Sterne ponders on his father's decision.

Oelde and Mont arrive at the monster-filled battlefield, Mont shocked at how many monsters there seem to be beyond the castle walls. Mont uses the ancient ring that can summon visions to rout the monsters, taken aback by its strength. Lilyth walks over to Mont with chocobo in tow and praises him. Mont believes Sterne to be superior, and Lilyth unsuccessfully tries to convince Mont otherwise.

In "Premonition of Blood and Ruin", Oelde inquires Ramada about the significance of the rain. The stars have told her of blood and ruin and of a song that will illuminate the world. Oelde is intrigued while Mont surmises it could mean a great war is brewing. He mentions a war with Fennes, but Lilyth retorts that the houses of Hourne and Wezette may also become enemies in the future. Mont states that Leonis has no ill will towards Hourne and Wezette, with Lilyth asking what's to come if the balance is broken. Mont predicts that havoc would befall their nation.

In "United Front", the party discovers soldiers guarding a carriage at the borders of Hourne. Mont, Oelde and Lilyth wonder why a Hourne soldier would be in Leonis territory. Oelde seizes the opportunity to gain Hourne's favor by assisting the retinue, but Schuzelt threatens to cut them down, with Lilyth stepping into the fray to speak with him. Machérie tells them to stop and Oelde greets the princess, Mont remembering her reputation as the Beautiful Steel Maiden. Machérie apologizes for encroaching on Leonis territory, with Oelde assuring they are his honored guests. Oelde tells Mont not to embarrass himself in front of Machérie, who wonders where she has heard Mont's name before. The party readies against Hourne's bandit interlopers.

I've heard the prince of Leonis is one of the finest swordsmen in the land, with a temper to boot.

Machérie to Mont

In "Do As the Lions Do", the party continues to fight the bandits, Mont noticing more reinforcements coming. Lilyth predicts a foreign power is pulling the strings, with Schuzelt suggesting Wezette. Mont agrees but Oelde warns him to watch his words as Wezette and Leonis are on friendly terms. Machérie doesn't think it matters where the enemies are from and King Oelde asks them to retreat into the forest. Schuzelt worries about what's to become of Machérie, but she retorts that they should do as the lions do. Oelde tells Mont to guard Machérie as they retreat. Machérie recalls that Mont is a temperamental prince of Leonis and a skilled swordsman. She was thinking of Prince Sterne, and Machérie quips how the royal twins are just like a moogle and a malboro.

In "Proof of Trust", more reinforcements have arrived in the forest, with Machérie believing they won't give up until they've eliminated her. Schuzelt is concerned and Oelde urges Mont to use the ring. Mont summons visions to eliminate the bandits, with Machérie deducing the ring is how Leonis has maintained its independence. Oelde showed it to Machérie as a proof of their trust in one another, but Machérie is uncomfortable and at a loss for words. Lilyth arrives and tells Mont that more reinforcements are coming, with Oelde ordering everyone to retreat further back.

In "Amongst the Ruins", the group retreats to a ruined village that Mont had previously evacuated, surprising Machérie who had thought Mont was his father's lap dog. Mont is exasperated that the bandits just won't quit. Following a battle, Learte informs Oelde that the bandits are gathering in the forest at thrice the numbers of their own. Oelde deduces that a greater power is in play, with Schuzelt wondering who that may be. Oelde asks if Machérie knows who's chasing her, Machérie sighing that she has too many enemies.

Show me strength that can move even the most hardened hearts.

Machérie to Mont.

In "Show me Strength", the party moves on, Oelde pressing Machérie for answers. He asks why she would trespass into Leonis territory instead of sending word prior. She explains she was en route to Fennes to marry Muraga Fennes, disappointing Mont at the news. Mont asks why they would need to cross into Leonis if they were going to Fennes. Schuzelt explains that their coachman chose to go through Leonis as it was the area least littered with monsters. Mont retorts that it's a little convenient how bandits arrived to attack them, but Schuzelt denies it was Hourne's doing. More enemy reinforcements are arriving, with Mont calling for a retreat. Machérie can't abide as she doesn't like weak men. Mont is surprised, with Oelde stating that Machérie has grown to like Mont. Schuzelt is shocked by Machérie's reaction, while Machérie tells Mont to show her his strength.

In "Ancient Relic", the group fights their way into the forest but become surrounded. Mont believes it's his fault and wishes he was stronger, but Lilyth says it was just bad luck. Machérie gives Mont her necklace, an ancient relic similar to his ring, intended as a dowry for Muraga, and urges Mont to use it. Mont summons Ifrit to decimate the enemy forces with Hellfire. Machérie is impressed how Mont was immediately able to wield the necklace. Even more reinforcements are coming, with Machérie urging Mont to strike them down. Mont is doubtful but Machérie believes that he can do it.

In "The Way of Hourne", the party makes its way through the forest among the enemy reinforcements. Mont is exhausted and Machérie asks Oelde if they're to retreat again. Oelde believes they should for her safety, but Machérie steps into the battlefield with her staff, calling Schuzelt to arms.

The time has come for the elder prince of Leonis to demonstrate his worth!

Oedle to Mont

In "Prove Your Worth", the group finds itself further surrounded but the tides have turned. Machérie and Schuzelt eliminate the bandits, Schuzelt commending that they could use Machérie in Solidus. Lilyth, Mont and Oelde continue to rout the bandits, with Mont and Oelde surprised at how Machérie is fighting. When the bandit leader shows his face, Oelde encourages Mont to demonstrate his worth as the elder prince of Leonis. Machérie teases that it sounded like he was going to protect her, to which Mont confirms. Machérie asks if he desires her, and Mont is taken aback. Machérie thinks that Mont is more interested in her necklace, but Mont denies it. Machérie has no interest in weak men, asking Mont to show her what he's capable of.

With the bandit chief defeated, the enemies retreat, proclaiming that the party is inhuman. Mont says this is the best time to completely rout the bandits, but Machérie complains that she is tired and only cares about the hospitality offered to her as a princess of Hourne. Oelde agrees to retreat to the kingdom and a warm hearth. From the shadows, a lone shinobi watches them and mutters they should enjoy their victory while it lasts.

Scene 2 - King of the Savages[]

In "To the Lion's Den", Schuzelt mentions that Fennes territory lies north of their current location. Oelde wonders if the hospitality Leonis offered wasn't enough, with Schuzelt expressing his regret and gratitude. As Leonis and Fennes are at odds, King Oelde points out that if Machérie were to wed Muraga, it would doom Hourne to a hostile relationship with Leonis. Oelde and Schuzelt pull out their swords when monsters surround them.

Pray come and feast your eyes on our most celebrated den—the Castle of Lions.

Oelde to Machérie

After the battle, Schuzelt asks Oelde if he can trust him, with Lilyth being insulted by his insinuation that he cannot trust the man who just saved him. Schuzelt has a duty to escort Machérie to Fennes and will gladly suffer to ensure his success. Machérie declares she won't set foot into Fennes, now suspicious of the timing of the raids on their retinue, and asks Oelde if she is welcome to visit Leonis Castle.

In "The Savage King's Daughter", Mont observes that the alliance between Hourne and Fennes will endure much hardship if Machérie refuses the wedding. Schuzelt scoffs that their alliance isn't so fragile, as it has not even been a fortnight since Prince Dario wed Muraga's daughter Vinera, the princess of Fennes. Oelde has never heard of Muraga even having a daughter, shocking Schuzelt as Vinera is already in Hourne.

In "All the Happiness in the World", Schuzelt is suspicious about Muraga's daughter, though sees no reason for Muraga to deceive them. Hourne would be forced to give in to Fennes if Princess Machérie was held hostage, and they wonder who is orchestrating this plot. Although Oelde believes Muraga hired the bandits, why would Muraga attempt to take Machérie hostage when she was already coming to him on her own volition. Machérie does not wish to return to Hourne, and though she is uncertain of King Oelde, Mont doesn't strike her as the villainous type. Machérie wants Schuzelt to promise to make it home regardless of what happens, as Schuzelt and Naiah's wedding is in three days.

In "Afoul of the Gods", the group arrives at Leonis Castle, with Machérie amazed at the structure. A messenger reports that Fennes has branded Leonis as Machérie's abductors. Oelde tells Mont to ready for war, but Mont objects, believing they should try resolve the situation with diplomacy first, leading to Sterne declaring he wants to be given the order. Machérie observes the younger prince of Leonis, with Schuzelt stating that Sterne's swordsmanship surpasses even the king's, but Sterne is never deployed in wars involving foreign nations. Oelde commands Sterne to keep watch at the castle and for Kitone to watch over him. Sterne asks why he's always being held back, Oelde explaining Leonis's bloodline must live on, even should they fall afoul of gods to defend it. Sterne is disgruntled, but Oelde proclaims for Leonis to begin their march.

In "Volition", Mont and Oelde arrive by chocobo on the battlefield. Mont observes the war will take all that Leonis can muster and thinks they should bring Sterne, with Oelde asking if Mont is afraid of taking on Fennes without Sterne's strength. Machérie interjects that they would be no match if Fennes's main forces arrive. Mont asks what Machérie is doing on the battlefield, as she warns Oelde and Mont to beware the legion Ruina. Machérie is there of her own volition, saying she can protect herself, asking if she can protect Mont too. Mont tells her to return to the castle with Machérie stating that although the accommodations were acceptable, she is not one for staying put. Schuzelt begs Mont's pardon as Machérie insinuates that it would be better for her to accompany Mont. Mont is puzzled by what she means.

In "What You Should Fear", they trudge further on the battlefield, Mont concerned with Hourne and Fennes's alliance. He iterates that they will be battling Hourne as well, Machérie asking if their intention was to imprison her in Leonis Castle. Mont denies but Oelde agrees it wouldn't be a bad idea. Mont urges his father to clarify they would never resort to such cowardice. Machérie tells Mont to stop being such a whelp, telling Schuzelt to lay it out for Oelde and Mont. Schuzelt explains that he and Machérie will be the deciding factors in this war, and the only alternative to winning is death. Machérie implies that nothing is forbidden nor cowardly in war, and tells Mont and Oelde that if they wish to take her hostage, they would need to flee to Leonis Castle before meeting with the Fennes army. Mont asks if Machérie doesn't fear death, with Machérie proclaiming that one should only fear others dying for one's sake. A messenger arrives to report that the Fennes army is close by. Oelde proclaims that they should unleash the proud lions and fight to their last breath.

In "Wavering Spirit", Machérie and Schuzelt observe the ongoing battle from a cliff. Although the numbers of Leonis are small, they fight as if they easily take to war. The land proves advantageous for Leonis, especially with the precision in how the soldiers are commanded. Machérie notes Mont's potential if he continued to grow at the current rate. Schuzelt insinuates Mont could be a threat and asks for the order to wander into the battle and behead him. Machérie refrains Schuzelt who tells Machérie it is unacceptable for her to act that way. Machérie asks if it's because Mont is an enemy and demands if Schuzelt really believes Hourne has an alliance with Fennes. Schuzelt believes it to be so, as Muraga's daughter has already married Prince Dario, and that soon, Machérie shall be wed to Muraga. Schuzelt believes Oelde is wrong in claiming that Muraga has no daughter. Machérie observes Mont and laments that King Robb would have benefited from such skill, to which Schuzelt retorts that it is because of a threat to the west of Hourne.

In "Radiant Light", it is night on the battlefield as Lilyth and Mont ready their weapons; as they know the lay of the land they believe they have the advantage. Mont pushes forward, but becomes surrounded by the Fennes army. From a distance, Machérie urges him to use the necklace. Mont summons Ifrit, eliminating the enemies. Schuzelt comments that they made it just in time to save Mont, Machérie hoping she'll get the opportunity to see what fate has in store for him.

In "Redemption", amid their battle with Leonis, Muraga perches atop a rocky cliff, overlooking his soldiers. Muraga is surprised when the esper Ifrit obliterates his squadron, with a shinobi appearing beside him to confirm what he has seen. There shouldn't be anyone in Leonis with the ability to summon an esper, indicating that Machérie is on the battlefield. The shinobi promises to take care of the matter, but Muraga tells him to stay out of it as war is for fighting and true pleasure lies in death and bloodbath. He heads to the battlefield where shocked Leonis soldiers surround him. Muraga annihilates the soldiers with his axe and loudly proclaims to Oelde that he'll take his life for having taken Machérie.

Mont and Lilyth come to a fallen soldier's aid who asks for Mont's forgiveness. Lilyth notes that his wound is deep and that an ordinary soldier did not do this to him. The fallen soldier explains it was Muraga's doing. Lilyth tells Mont to take the fallen soldier and leave, as victory is not in their reach. Mont asks if she has no use for him, with Lilyth apologizing and confirming it's true. Mont tells Lilyth Muraga is killing soldiers to get Machérie back, and that it is why he can give Muraga no quarter. Lilyth insists that fighting Muraga will cost Mont his life, to which Mont proclaims that the Leonis line shall live on, even should they fall afoul of gods to defend it. Mont promises to defeat Muraga, asking Lilyth to lend him her strength. Lilyth would gladly obey as she swore to be Mont's blade until her dying breath.

Scene 3 - Oath[]

In "Shadows in the Ruins", Mont admires the many stars out that night. Ramada says that each tells of danger and that shadows lurk about. A voice promises to show him what it means and a shinobi ambushes Mont from behind, demanding to know what has become of Machérie, as Mont has her necklace. Lilyth asks if the shinobi's eyes have failed her, as Machérie and Schuzelt are right beside them. Assessing the situation, the shinobi spares Mont and vanishes. Mont is optimistic that Machérie would provide the shinobi with a proper explanation, but Lilyth is doubtful it could end the upcoming war. If Fennes is Leonis's enemy, Hourne and Machérie will also be their enemies and aid Fennes in their battle. They would need to defeat Muraga before the reinforcements from Hourne arrive.

In "False Accusations", Machérie calls for the shinobi Shadowlynx, who appears and kneels before her. Shadowlynx came on her own to deliver a message for Schuzelt of Naiah's passing, and of rumors of Schuzelt being a Leonis spy conspiring with bandits to hold Machérie hostage, one of Muraga's shinobi having claimed to have seen it. Schuzelt demands to know who killed Naiah, drawing his blade and threatening to strike her down if she doesn't tell him. Mont watches the situation unfold from a distance as soldiers approach to confront them.

Should one choose to live on, even though one suffers in despair...? Or should one seek death, to afford one's soul its respite?

Ramada to Lilyth

In "Boisterous Stars", Schuzelt runs past Lilyth, Ramada and Mont on his way to slay Muraga, with Mont insisting they do it together. Schuzelt proclaims that Muraga is his quarry and tells the group to stay out of his way. Lilyth asks Ramada if she should go after Schuzelt. Ramada wonders if one should choose to live, even though they may despair, or to die to satisfy their own soul. Lilyth asks if Ramada is suggesting they let Schuzelt die, with Ramada responding that the fickle wind is that which fills the sails of ships. Lilyth can't let Schuzelt be, asking Mont's permission to either rescue Schuzelt or fight by his side. Mont permits it as Lilyth gives her thanks and leaves. Ramada thinks Lilyth sees much of herself in Schuzelt.

In "What Has Been Lost", Ramada, Baelo, Mont and Learte fight Fennes soldiers. Machérie enters the fray, asking what has become of Mont's bodyguard, Lilyth. Mont explains Lilyth has gone to look for Schuzelt, with Machérie revealing the truth of the situation. She asks why Lilyth would help Schuzelt, and learns Lilyth lost her brother during their fight with Fennes, concluding they can do nothing as it is pain that bonds the two. Mont asks what Machérie plans to do, with her telling Mont to be grateful as she will serve as his bodyguard in Lilyth's stead.

In "To Keep One Person Safe", Machérie comments on how capable Mont has proven himself, but gains nothing by getting lost in his thoughts. Mont apologizes and explains he's only worried about her. They quarrel until Mont says Muraga will catch up to them if they continue to fight. Machérie asks if Mont worries about the alliance between Fennes and Hourne being broken, but Mont retorts he's more worried about what will happen to Machérie if it does break. Machérie tells Mont that his kindness is not suited for the battlefield. Mont, however, never set out to be a hero, not wanting to be anything in particular, just be as he is. He doesn't want to slay a thousand enemies, only to keep one person safe: Machérie. Machérie says she will hold him to that as they become surrounded by soldiers.

At a distance, Lilyth confronts Schuzelt who mocks her intentions. Lilyth recounts unsuccessfully trying to get revenge for her brother whom Muraga killed but Schuzelt says her story falls on deaf ears. Schuzelt posits there are some things only men can do, but Lilyth disagrees and proposes they team up. Schuzelt tells her to do as she pleases.

In "If We Work Together...", Lilyth and Schuzelt encounter Muraga, who recognizes Schuzelt as a backstabbing knight. Lilyth tells Muraga that they see through his lies. Muraga recognizes Lilyth, recalling that she can't beat him. Lilyth tells Muraga that she's changed and she's not alone, to which Muraga welcomes the challenge, also entertained by the notion of fighting the First Sword of the Solidus royal guard.

Mont and Machérie arrive to Muraga standing above the fallen Schuzelt and Lilyth. Muraga tells Machérie to start begging for her life and exclaim how she can't wait to bear his son. Machérie calls him revolting. Muraga brandishes his axe and Mont draws his sword. Machérie summons Shadowlynx who throws a smokebomb. Muraga is caught by surprise as Lilyth downs him, declaring she's prepared for their second dance. Muraga calls them craven slugs, promising to pay them back in blood as he walks away.

In "Reinforcements", Lilyth, Machérie, Shadowlynx and Mont gather around the fallen Schuzelt as Fennes soldiers approach them. King Oelde makes a surprise appearance, asking if they've crossed blades with Muraga. When Machérie calls for a retreat Oelde laughs at the notion, saying they must dispose of the filth.

After the battle, Machérie tends to a fallen Schuzelt, who apologizes to her as she tells him not to. A Fennes soldier shouts his hurrah as reinforcements arrive from Hourne. Oelde says it's too late. At daybreak Machérie says they need to get out of there before they are caught. Mont asks if she could return alone to Hourne to explain the situation to her father, but Machérie herself does not comprehend the situation, with Oelde telling Mont that only Machérie would be spared. Taking Machérie hostage would allow Leonis to negotiate with her father, and she wants to go through with the plan. Mont swears again that he will protect her. Machérie says that Leonis castle awaits her return as the group retreats.

Event story[]

The Admirable Prince[]

In "Ep. 10: Prince Mont", en route to the border with Fennes, the trio finds themselves in a grassy area with a waterfall, surrounded by fallen Fennes troops. Nasha asks if they're near the border, with Etre and Yerma wondering the same. Yerma wonders who the people they've been beating up are. Etre and Nasha confirm it must have been Fennes soldiers. The trio deduce they must be at the border with Fennes. A bewildered Nasha asks if they're about to meet with the chief of Fennes. Mont approaches and asks who the trio are. Etre notes that the smell is noble and Nasha wonders if Mont is the chief of Fennes. Nasha says that Etre and Yerma are enemies of Fennes, asking Mont to fight them alongside her. A shocked Etre asks if Nasha is double-crossing them. Mont introduces himself as the crown prince of Leonis. Nasha is shocked as Etre and Yerma rush to their side, with Yerma wondering who Sterne is if Mont is the crown prince. Mont explains he and Sterne are twins and that he is there to drive back the Fennes soldiers near the border. A lot of Fennes soldiers have already been defeated, Mont asking if the trio dealt with them. Etre confirms, with Mont deducing that it must have been an order from Lilyth. Etre says they'll do whatever they can to join Fortem. Yerma says that if they get the credit for defeating the Fennes soldiers, they might be able to achieve their dream. Mont promises to talk to Sterne about what he can do. A dreamy Nasha asks if Mont would really do that, with Mont saying that if the three of them are this capable, it would only prove beneficial for Leonis. Etre is elated, while Mont asks if they can all go back to the castle together.

Upon their arrival at Leonis Castle, Lilyth greets Mont and asks why he's with the trio. She laughs it off and wonders if Mont had to save them but Mont explains the situation. Lilyth is shocked as Mont tells the trip took care of the Fennes soldiers. Nasha says the mean lady's era is over while Etre and Yerma are glad to be vindicated. Lilyth asks who they're calling mean. Sterne arrives to ask what all the clamoring is about. Nasha says another handsome one has arrived, with Yerma noting Sterne's aura is intense. Mont tells Sterne that the trio want to join Fortem and that they single-handedly routed the Fennes threat by the border. Lilyth says it was pure luck while Mont confirming it might be the case. However, he thinks they show promise. With Mont's judgment, Sterne allows them to enlist. Lilyth is aghast while the trio are elated. Lilyth says that if they enlisted, they would call it quits before long.



The older twin born to King Oelde and Queen Helena of Leonis. He dislikes war and believes in coexistence rather than power and conquest. After meeting Machérie, Princess of Hourne, he realizes that he needs to become stronger in order to protect those he loves.

Mont Leonis unit card description

Mont is an MR-rarity unit of the Earth Element, and the default unit. His main Job is Lord, while his Subjobs are Paladin and Knight. He can equip the following items: Sword, Hat, Helm, Clothing, Armor, Accessory. His unit cost is 50.

His Master Ability increases his own DEF by 15 and Jump by 1. His Limit Burst, Destiny Cross, is an Earth Elemental Slash attack that inflicts major damage in a 3x3 + shaped area.

Mont is a well rounded character with extensive field movement and large physical bulk through his stat growth and his passive abilities from the Paladin and Knight jobs, along with reaction abilities that enable damage reduction. Mont is offensively competent through his Lord and Knight abilities, able to use Human/Beast Killers and even Stat Breaks, although his largest downside is the lack of ranged attacks, except for the weak Stone Throw.

Mont can be both a bulky damage dealer through his Knight job, or a competent tank through his Paladin job. Equipping Lord as his subjob is not recommended at higher levels, as it is suboptimal compared to the Knight subset.

Mont is easier to build than other units because his unit shards are constantly sold in the normal shop and his MR rarity means he is not overly demanding on materials, although he still needs some dedication. Because of his overall good performance and ease in building and equipping him, and the overall utility of his Lion Emblem, Mont is a popular choice as the first unit to maximize, and is endorsed by the playerbase to be a unit to focus at the beginning.

His EX Job gives him renewed strength. His otherwise unimpressive Stone Throw can be upgraded into a drastically more powerful version with more extensive reach, Defense Penetration and even Move decrease on enemies, while his Killer Blade has an HP Drain effect, allowing him to restore his HP to take more punishment, and is also able to learn Breakdown to damage and decrease the ATK/MAG of enemies. He gets some balanced stat distribution boosting his HP, ATK, AGI, DEX and LUCK.

An emblem representing the Leonis family. The wild and brave lion is associated with the history, pride, and majesty of Leonis. The emblem places immense pressure upon the shoulders of the young princes as they walk the path to their nation's prestige and prosperity.

Lion Emblem description

His Trust Master Reward is the Lion Emblem accessory which bestows HP +272 HP, DEF/SPR +8 and access to the Rallying Cry ability which increases AGI for units in a 3x3 + shaped area.

Mont (King of Leonis)[]

A young man who succeeded the throne of Leonis after his father, King Oelde, was defeated in battle against Sterne. He now takes haven in Hourne Castle after the emergence of the Crystal left his home blanketed in miasma, though he vows to one day return to the place of his birth

Mont (King of Leonis) unit card description

Mont's second season variant is a UR-rarity unit of the Fire element whose main job is Archlord, while his sub jobs are Nightblade and Ninja. He can equip the following items: Sword, Helm, Armor, Accessory. His unit cost is 100.

His Master Ability increases Fire unit allies' Max HP by 10% and Fire Attack by 15, as well as his own Area Attack Resistance by 15. His Limit Burst is King of Leonis which inflicts Fire Slash damage in a 5x5 rhombus shaped area around himself and can inflict Berserk on enemies.

Mont's King of Leonis variant is a very powerful physical tank who along being able to take punishment is also capable of decent damage, can provide defensive support via elemental resist buffs and regen, or become a disruptive force in the battlefield through debuffs like physical barrier destruction, Slash resist decrease and even debuffing ATK/MAG of foes. His Nightblade job gives him high offensive ability, even allowing him to cause disruption via Stun or decreasing Healing Power, and even boost Pierce and Missile resists to himself and his allies. His Ninja job allows him to employ tricky maneuvers like elementaless damage or typeless damage to bypass certain resistances, or increase his accuracy and critical hit ratio.

Mont has fairly robust bulk through his stats and innate resistances, but stands out from other physical tanks due to his notoriously high innate AGI which corrects a common weakness amongst Tanks lacking sufficient speed to be at the frontlines. His Proclamation boosts not only his AGI but also Hate, allowing him to act faster and quickly reach the center of battle to take damage meant for his allies. Mont is also fairly flexible as he can increase his HP/DEF, or even the AP he obtains in battle via his Archlord's Passive abilities, and can also reduce the damage he takes through his Counter ability Astrologer's Protection. Via his Nightblade he can be used offensively through its Nightblade Mastery, increasing his ATK and Accuracy, or even use some of the high damage abilities. Through his Ninja he can also get more AGI and Luck from Shadow Runner or even more Move and Jump with Shukuchi, either of which is useful for field presence, and even perform chain tactics with Dream Within a Dream.

His EX Job grants him additional boosts to his HP, ATK, DEF and LUCK stats, while his skill upgrades are Destiny of Leonis which grants him passive Hate, and Claws of the Young King which decreases the cost of Claws of the Young Lion. He also learns Caelum's Pride which greatly buffs his DEF for 3 turns and a huge boost of CT allowing him to act faster.

Mont does have a few weaknesses, however. As a full-fledged physical tank, Mont has null boosts to his SPR, which coupled with his neutral resistance to Magic makes him vulnerable to most Mages. His weakness towards Strike damage can be both a blessing and a curse, as such type of damage is typically rare in PvP settings, although if encountered it could prove troublesome as its rarity means it is a damage type rarely protected against. Fortunately his high DEF can mitigate this weakness as most Strikers are physical attackers. His high unit cost makes him difficult to summon and raise efficiently, so while a powerful unit it is not encouraged to build him without either a decent amount of resources and/or patience.

A large cloak worn by Mont, the new king of Leonis. Portions of the cloak were made from that of his father Oelde's, while others were made from what his brother Sterne was clad in, whom he had recently defeated in battle. The hopes of his father, the wishes of his mother, and the sins of this brother—he is strongly determined to alone bear the weight of these as he continues to fight through their war-torn world.

King of the Lions' Cloak description

His Trust Master Reward is the King of the Lions' Cloak, which bestows HP +491, DEF +11, SPR +6 and access to the Boon of the Lion ability, which increases Area Resistance for 3 turns to oneself and allies around the caster.

Vision cards[]

Birth of New Life

Birth of New Life.

On that day, all of Leonis was enveloped in cheers of joy, for the king's long-awaited child—two children, in fact—had been born. The cheers were all the louder as this also meant the birth of the prince who would one day reign over the land. Amidst the citizens' cheering voices—echoing so loud they shook the very walls of the castle—those close to the king whispered their concerns that twins would lead only to strife over who would ascend the throne. However, King Oelde laughed them away, confident that having twins would ensure the continuation of the royal bloodline. Though typically a brazen-faced king, on this day alone his smile would not fade. Queen Helena was overjoyed as well, but no one could be happier at the birth of these boys than Oelde himself.

Vision card description

Birth of New Life is an MR-rarity vision card with a cost of 50. At Lv. 70, its stats are HP +461, ATK +32 and MAG +29. Its Party Abilities are Luck Up 21% and Fire Unit Unit Attack Res Up 15. Its Bestowed Effect is Max HP Up 8%. It was illustrated by SQUARE ENIX.

Greetings from Afar

Greetings from Afar.

"I am told that this attire is worn in a distant land to celebrate auspicious occasions."
"It is quite difficult to maneuver in, but it has grown on me. I rather like it."
"I'm glad you approve. It suits you well, Machérie."
"As it does you, Mont. By the way, what sort of celebrations are there to be had? I assume this wooden racket is for beating down our enemies?"
"A-ahhh... I don't think that's exactly what that's for..."

Vision card description

Greetings from Afar is an MR-rarity vision card with a cost of 50. At Lv. 70, its stats are HP +200, ATK +100 and MAG +100. Its Party Abilities are Aquatic Killer Up 20 and Earth Unit Earth Attack Up 20. Its Bestowed Effect is MAG Up 20%. It was illustrated by G-ROW Art.

A Year's Journey

A Year's Journey.

It was exactly this time last year. Father had ordered me to fell the bombs that had appeared in the outskirts of our territory. Ramada was kind enough to join me, knowing my dislike for battle, but having Sterne there with me was heartening above all else. The ring was given to me to keep me safe, but at the time I truly thought I would have no need for it.
...So much has happened since then. I could have never imagined the things that would befall Father, Mother, and Sterne. And there will surely be even more hardship to come. But I will continue on the path I believe to be right. I shall do naught but protect everyone I can and restore peace to these lands.

Vision card description

A Year's Journey is an MR-rarity vision card with a cost of 50. At Lv. 70, its stats are HP +205, TP +10, ATK +36 and MAG +81. Its Party Abilities are MAG Up 30% and Earth Unit Plantoid Killer Up 20. Its Bestowed Effect is Acquired JP Up 50%. It was illustrated by Ryoji Ohara.

Secrets of the Heart

Secrets of the Heart.

"What to do, what to do... I wonder if I'll be able to give it to him this year...or if I even should?"
Kitone turns this over in her mind again and again. The subject: a homemade sweet treat she hopes to give as a token of gratitude for being under his care. Since she has no ulterior motives, she should be able to boldly hand it over. Though even if she believes so, she wonders if maybe she overdecorated it, or if she might be thought to have other intentions, and so she always fails to give it to him.
"I wonder if I'll end up giving it to Owe again this year, too..."
Worried such thoughts might slip out on accident, she suppresses them in her head. She's certainly under Owe's care as well—that's indisputable. Still... Although such contrary feelings tumble around in her heart, she herself understood that she would fail to take action.

Vision card description

Secrets of the Heart is a UR-rarity vision card with a cost of 70. At Lv. 99, its stats are HP +292, ATK +168 and MAG +32. Its Party Abilities are Luck Up 35% and Earth Unit Earth Attack Res Up 20. Its Bestowed Effect is Earth Attack Up 10. It was illustrated by SQUARE ENIX.

Mask of Deceit

Mask of Deceit.

Said to be like a sister to Glaciela, the dragoon Viktora is seen as a "hired hand you'll likely come to rely on" by not only Margritte and Vadim of «Rubeus», but also by Mont. But unbeknownst to them, she is in talks with Glaciela's opposition, King Khury of Wezette, hinting that she and her partner Luartha have some kind of trickery in the works.
Though she is invariably concerned with maintaining her beauty and fastidious in regards to money, her outward appearance and demeanor in conjunction with her lovely face could all be considered a "mask of deceit," crafted in order to manipulate those around her.

Vision card description

Mask of Deceit is a UR-rarity vision card with a cost of 70. At Lv. 99, its stats are HP +305, ATK +125, DEX +55 and LCK +22. Its Party Abilities are Missile Attack Res Up 20 and Ice Unit Pierce Attack Up 35. Its Bestowed Effect is Man Eater Up 10, and its Limited Bestowed Effects are Pierce Attack Up 20 for Viktora and Glaciela Wezette only, as well as Wind Attack Res Up 10 and Hate Up 5 for Mont Leonis and Mont (King of Leonis) only. It was illustrated by SQUARE ENIX.

Encounter of Heroes

Encounter of Heroes.

Two young men who met in the distant Farplane. Mont—the prince of the war-torn realm of Leonis, who wishes for peace to return to Ardra; and Rain—the knight from the kingdom of Grandshelt who has saved Lapis and Paladia from numerous calamities. Summoned from different worlds as visions by the Will of Light, they were tasked with defeating an evil which threated the Farplane. Sensing their own purity of heart in one another, they formed a bond of trust and drew their swords together to protect not only their own worlds, but the peace of every world that intersects with the Farplane.

Vision card description

Encounter of Heroes is a UR-rarity vision card with a cost of 70. At Lv. 99, its stats are HP +284, DEF +3, SPR +3, MAG +132 and AGI +3. Its Party Abilities are Fire Unit MAG Up 50%, Fire Unit Accuracy Up 13 and Fire Unit Slash Attack Res Up 20. Its Bestowed Effects are Strike Attack Res Up 15% for Fire units only, as well as Max HP Up 10% and Accuracy Up 15 for Rain, Mont Leonis and Mont (King of Leonis) only. It was illustrated by SQUARE ENIX.

Dreams of Heroism

Dreams of Heroism.

"Princess Machérie! I, Lord Camillo, hereby promise to save you from that heartless demon king, the villainous Mont!"
"Oh, my sweet Camillo... Heed my words. That monster is most powerful. I could not live with myself if you were to be hurt in my name...!"
"Fear not, my sweet. I shall not be bested!"
"Mont is a vile man who would stoop to any means to claim me as his own. I cannot fathom what he would do to you, Lord Camillo!"
"Oh, the love of my princess... It fills my heart with determination. With the power of her love to guide my spear, I shall strike down the heartless demon king in the blink of an eye! And then...the princess and I can finally..."

Camillo's imagination knows no limits. Still yet to successfully find love with any of the ladies with whom he has crossed paths, will the day ever come in which his dreams of heroism are realized?

Vision card description

Dreams of Heroism is a UR-rarity vision card with a cost of 70. At Lv. 99, its stats are HP +230, ATK +122, DEF +6 and MAG +124. Its Party Abilities are Earth Unit Area Attack Res Up 20, Earth Unit Max HP Up 13% and Earth Unit Max TP Up 25%. Its Limited Bestowed Effects are Slash Attack Res Up 10% and Max HP Up 5% for Earth Units only, as well as Magic Attack Res Up 10% and AGI Up 5% for Camillo, Machérie, Mont Leonis and Mont (King of Leonis) only. It was illustrated by SQUARE ENIX.

The Solitary Lion

The Solitary Lion.

"I am the king of Leonis. I shall bear all responsibility. And I will live."
Muraga's ambitions were crushed, yet the losses incurred along the way were far too great. Leonis Castle was destroyed, and its future as a nation is precarious. Mont, who was present for King Oelde's final moments and succeeded the Leonis throne, defeated his own twin brother, Sterne. Such was not Mont's desire, but rather a matter of necessity.
With the succession of his father's wishes, he is to restore Leonis. To do so is the sole duty entrusted to him, and this binding oath is a responsibility which cannot be borne by anyone but Mont. For he himself needed to set the seal on his wish for a conflict-free world.

Vision card description

The Solitary Lion is a UR-rarity vision card with a cost of 70. At Lv. 99, its stats are HP +310, AP +20 and ATK +152. Its Party Abilities are Earth Unit Eart Attack Up 35, Earth Unit Accuracy Up 13 and Earth Unit Slash Attack Res Piercing Rate Up 35. Its Limited Bestowed Effects are Slash Attack Up 10, DEF Up 5 and Critical Evasion Rate Down 5 for Earth units only, as well as Max HP Up 20% for Mont Leonis only and Luck Up 10% and Magic Attack Res Up 10 for Zazan the Unkillable only. It was illustrated by G-ROW Art.

King of the Lions, Mont Leonis

King of the Lions, Mont Leonis.

——Thus, two fated events have come to a close. One the battle between Leonis and its neighboring country, Fennes; the other the dissension between father and sons—and between the twin sons themselves.
It was elder prince Mont, son of King Oelde of Leonis, who brought both to an end. While commanding a small number of troops in the division «Caelum», he fought numerous battles across the lands at the mercy of his destiny before finally defeating King Muraga of Fennes. He then went on to end the conflict with his younger brother, Sterne.
However, an enormous Crystal soon emerged from beneath Leonis Castle, covering much of the land in an unidentifiable miasma. With this, Mont resolved himself to continue the battle to restore his country and realize his father's wishes. From the moment Mont Leonis became King of the Lions, he was handed nothing but arduous ordeals.
(From "War of the Visions Part 1")

Vision card description

King of the Lions, Mont Leonis is a UR-rarity vision card with a cost of 70. At Lv. 99, its stats are HP +423, ATK +116 and DEF +4. Its Party Abilities are Fire Unit Max HP Up 25%, Fire Unit DEF Debuff Res Up 20 and Fire Unit Damage Limit Up 2500. Its Limited Bestowed Effects are Area Attack Res Up 10 and ATK Up 10% for Fire units only, as well as DEF Piercing Rate Up 20 and Max HP Up 10% for Mont Leonis and Mont (King of Leonis) only. It was illustrated by SQUARE ENIX.

Thanks for the Votes!

Thanks for the Votes!.

Whistles pierce the air and applause erupts from the crowd. Hordes of people surround the stage, raising their voices in praise and admiration.
At the center stands Zazan, smugly holding a trophy in his meaty hand. He lets out a roar of joy and casts one of the attached ribbons into the sky.
"Hahaha! I was confident I wouldn't die during the poll, but I never dreamed I'd end up in first place!"
The second and third-place winners, Elsirelle and Mont, commend him with smiles on their faces. Even those who were enemies kept their blades sheathed for this moment alone to wholeheartedly celebrate the victor chosen by the people.

Vision card description

Thanks for the Votes! is a UR-rarity vision card with a cost of 70. At Lv. 99, its stats are HP +288, AP +20, ATK +130 and AGI +5. Its Party Abilities are Water Unit Water Attack Up 35, Water Unit Accuracy Up 13 and Water Unit Damage Limit Up 2500. Its Limited Bestowed Effects are Max HP Up 15% for Water units only, as well as Man Eater Up 20 for Mont Leonis, Mont (King of Leonis), Elsirelle, Zazan and Zazan the Unkillable only. It was illustrated by SQUARE ENIX.

Behind the scenes[]

Mont was ranked 3rd with 4,942 votes in the Character Popularity Poll for the global server's Six-Month Anniversary Celebration.[1] Mont ranked 4th place 4,926 votes in the Japanese version character popularity polls.[citation needed]


Square Enix Cafe sells a meal inspired by Mont and Sterne, which is comprised of a beef and pumpkin stew served with bread.

They're also selling another meal inspired by King Mont which is comprised of pancakes served with syrup laced with gold powder.