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There are two monster in back bugs in Final Fantasy VI. They involve Level 70 Magic and Yojimbo, who are protected from single targeting.

If the player gets into a battle with two Level 70 Magic and a Level 50 Magic in the Cultists' Tower, they may find they can't target the Level 70 Magic in the back unless they target all enemies at once. This is caused by the way the enemies are positioned on the battlefield, as when the player defeats either the front Level 70 Magic or the Level 50 Magic, they'll be able to target the Level 70 Magic in the back normally.

The same thing happens with the Yojimbo with two Dark Force formation in a Side Attack. The right-hand Yojimbo becomes impossible to manually single target unless the player first points the cursor at the first slot character. If they don't have a character there, or the cursor can't point at party members, that Yojimbo will be impossible to single target until one party member dies.

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