Monster Strike is a physics video game with elements of RPGs and strategy games, including characters, enemies, and summons from the Final Fantasy series. It is developed by Mixi for iOS and Android.



Monster Strike gameplay.

Monster Strike affords its players dual gameplay mechanics, of which include collecting monsters and using them in a physical fashion. Players can create teams to enter dungeons and earn rewards such as currency or new monsters. In order to play the game, players must flick their monster in an upward fashion, allowing said monster to bounce off the board and hit enemies by bumping into them.


Final FantasyEdit

Warrior of Light
MS Firion Wol Onion Knight MS Wol
MS Firion Wol Onion Knight Ball MS Wol Ball

Final Fantasy IIEdit

MS Firion Wol Onion Knight MS Firion
MS Firion Wol Onion Knight Ball MS Firion Ball

Final Fantasy IIIEdit

Onion Knight
MS Firion Wol Onion Knight MS Onion Knight
MS Firion Wol Onion Knight Ball MS Onion Knight Ball

Final Fantasy IVEdit

Cecil Harvey
MS Cecil MS Cecil2
MS Cecil Ball MS Cecil Ball2
MS Golbez MS Golbez2
MS Golbez Ball MS Golbez Ball2

Final Fantasy VEdit

Bartz Klauser
MS Bartz MS Bartz2
MS Bartz Ball MS Bartz Ball2
Monster Strike Gilgamesh 1 Monster Strike Gilgamesh 2
MS Gilgamesh Ball MS Gilgamesh Ball2

Final Fantasy VIEdit

Terra Branford
MS Terra MS Terra2
MS Terra Ball MS Terra Ball2
Kefka Palazzo
MS Kefka MS Kefka2
MS Kefka Ball MS Kefka Ball2

Final Fantasy VIIEdit

Cloud Strife
MS Cloud MS Cloud2 MS Cloud3
MS Cloud Ball MS Cloud Ball2 MS Cloud Ball3
MS Sephiroth MS Sephiroth2
MS Sephiroth Ball MS Sephiroth Ball2

Final Fantasy VIIIEdit

Squall Leonhart & Laguna Loire
MS Squall MS Squall2 MS Laguna Squall
MS Squall Ball MS Squall Ball2 MS Squall Ball3
MS Ultimecia MS Ultimecia2
MS Ultimecia Ball MS Ultimecia Ball2

Final Fantasy IXEdit

Zidane Tribal
MS Zidane MS Zidane2
MS Zidane Ball MS Zidane Ball2
MS Kuja MS Kuja2
MS Kuja Ball MS Kuja Ball2

Final Fantasy XEdit

Tidus & Yuna
MS Tidus Yuna MS Tidus Yuna2 MS Yuna
MS Tidus Yuna Ball MS Tidus Yuna Ball2 MS Yuna Ball
MS Jecht MS Jecht2
MS Jecht Ball MS Jecht Ball2

Final Fantasy XIEdit

MS Shantotto MS Shantotto2
MS Shantotto Ball MS Shantotto Ball2

Final Fantasy XIIEdit

MS Vaan MS Vaan2
MS Vaan Ball MS Vaan Ball2
MS Gabranth MS Gabranth2
MS Gabranth Ball MS Gabranth Ball2

Final Fantasy XIIIEdit

Monster Strike Lightning 1 MS Lightning3 MS Lightning4
MS Lightning Ball MS Lightning Ball2 MS Lightning Ball3
Cid Raines
Monster Strike Cid Raines 1 Monster Strike Cid Raines 2
MS Cid Ball MS Cid Ball2

Final Fantasy XIVEdit

Y'shtola Rhul
MS Y'shtola MS Y'shtola2
MS Y'shtola Ball MS Y'shtola Ball2

Final Fantasy XVEdit

Noctis Lucis Caelum
MS Noctis MS Noctis2
MS Noctis Ball MS Noctis Ball2


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