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Monomi: Ichi
MP 1 Sanjaku-Tenugui
Effect Lessens the chance of being detected by sound.
Duration 3 minutes
Casting Time 4 Seconds
Recast Time 30 Seconds
Magic Type Ninjutsu
Element Wind
Jobs NIN 25

Monomi: Ichi is a Ninjutsu spell found in Final Fantasy XI. It may be learned by Ninja at level 25. When cast, the ability will consume one Sanjaku-Tenugui to prevent enemies from detecting the caster by sound. It does not prevent enemies with True Sound from detecting the player, nor does it prevent aggro from monsters that detect by sight. Additionally, it can only be cast on oneself. This spell was added in an update. Square Enix has not added a Ni version of this spell yet.


In the sense Monomi is used here, it means 'a scout' or possibly to scout or observe.

Sanjaku is a word that describes an item that binds or affixes an item to another item, like a belt affixes a persons pants to them. The word is actually a word for belt. A tenugui is a small hand towel. So the sneak effect is attained by tying towels to the feet to reduce noise, aiding in the infiltration of an area.