Template:FFVII Enemies The Mono Drive is an enemy in Final Fantasy VII. It is encountered in the Sector 1 Reactor, the opening location of the game.

It is a robot created by Shinra's Weapons Development Department, and established as monitoring machines in the Mako Reactors.

The Mono Drive uses its first turn to state either "Enemy Sighted!" or "Warning! Warning!". It is then supposed to use its Drilldrive to attack intruders that are in the front row and Fire spells on back row targets. However, due to a bug in the AI script, the Mono Drive attacks the front and back row indiscriminately. It randomly judges party members' Defense or Magic Defense and will attack the one who has the lowest in either of these stats. If it ever runs out of MP, the Mono Drive will use only Drilldrive.

AI Script

If (TempVar:Warning == 0) Then

TempVar:TakeTurn = 0
1/2 Chance: Print Message [Enemy Sighted!]
1/2 Chance: Print Message [Warning! Warning!]
TempVar:Warning = 1


TempVar:TakeTurn = 1
If (1/3 Chance) Then
Choose Random Opponent with Lowest MDf
TempVar:ChosenAtt = Fire
TempVar:MagicAtt = 1
Choose Random Opponent with Lowest Def
TempVar:ChosenAtt = <Drilldrive>
TempVar:MagicAtt = 0

If (TempVar:MagicAtt == 1) Then

If (Mono Drive's MP < 4) Then
Choose Random Opponent with Lowest Def
TempVar:ChosenAtt = <Drilldrive>

If (TempVar:TakeTurn == 1) Then

Use TempVar:ChosenAtt on Target

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