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| Romaji = Mono Doraibu
| Romaji = Mono Doraibu
| Image = [[File:Mono Drive FF7.png|130px]]
| Image = [[File:Mono Drive FF7.png|130px]]
| Location = [[Sector 1]]<br>[[Sector 1 Reactor]]<br>[[Train Graveyard]] (before Aps is fought)
| Location = [[Sector 1]]<br>[[Sector 1 Reactor]]<br>[[Midgar]] - [[Train Graveyard]] (before Aps is fought)
| 2 Location = [[Battle Square]] (before obtaining ''Tiny Bronco'')
| 2 Location = [[Battle Square]] (before obtaining ''Tiny Bronco'')
| Level = 2
| Level = 2

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Template:FFVII Enemy The Mono Drive is an enemy in Final Fantasy VII. It is encountered in the Sector 1 Reactor, the opening location of the game, and in the north section of the Train Graveyard soon after. It is also a possible encounter in the opening round of the Battle Square before obtaining the Tiny Bronco. In the Battle Square it has enhanced stats with double the normal HP and 25% higher Attack and Magic Attack.


# Formation
305 Mono Drive x2
306 MP x2, Mono Drive
308 Mono Drive x2, 1st Ray
314 Mono Drive x2 (Back attack)
316 Grunt x2, Mono Drive x2
317 Grunt x2, Mono Drive x3
319 Grunt x2, Mono Drive (Back attack)
392 Mono Drive x3
394 Mono Drive x3


Sector 1
Outside Reactor 305, 306, 308
No. 1 Reactor
Main Staircase 308, 314
Lower Piping 316, 317, 319
Train Graveyard (before Aps is fought)
North 392, 394
Battle Square
Set 1 - Group A - Round 1 305


The Mono Drive uses its first turn to state either "Enemy Sighted!" or "Warning! Warning!". It is then supposed to use its Drilldrive to attack intruders that are in the front row and fire spells on back row targets. However, due to a bug in the AI script, the Mono Drive attacks the front and back row indiscriminately. It randomly judges party members' Defense or Magic Defense and will attack the one who has the lowest in either of these stats, with Drilldrive for the first case and Fire in second. If it ever runs out of MP, the Mono Drive will use only Drilldrive.


Mono Drive enemies have low HP, and therefore can be simply dispatched with one Attack. However, one should prioritize attacking them; their Fire spell deals more damage than most other early-game enemy attacks.

AI Script

Start of battle

Declare Warning = 0

If (Warning == 0) Then

1/2 Chance: Display Message "Enemy Sighted!"

1/2 Chance: Display Message "Warning! Warning!"

Warning = 1


2/3 Chance: Use Drilldrive on random opponent with lowest Defense

1/3 Chance

If (Self MP < 4) Then: Use Drilldrive on random opponent with lowest Defense

Else: Use Fire on random opponent with lowest Magic Defense

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