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The Monk is a job in Final Fantasy Dimensions obtained at the start of the story.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

The Monk job class gives all of the characters more unique clothes than the other respective jobs, possessing the caliber of a more far-eastern feel. Sol wears a red headband with matching trousers and green arm bands. Glaive wears a purple headband with matching trousers and green arm bands. Alba wears a black dress with pink lining similar to a Chinese Qipao, and wears her hair in the odango fashion.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Martial Arts[edit | edit source]

Ability Job Level AP Needed Slots Description
Kick 0 Deal damage to all enemies.
Martial Arts 1 15 2 Enable use of Martial Arts abilities.
---- 2 30
Focus 3 40 1 Charge energy raising the power of the next attack. Character can charge up to 3 times at once.
Lotus Strike 4 50 Inflict a random status ailment on one enemy (Sleep, Paralysis, Slow, Instant Death).
---- 5 65
Aurablast 6 85 Deal Holy damage to an enemy.
---- 7 100
VIT+20% 8 125 1 Increases VIT by 20%.
---- 9 150
Slot+1 10 180 Number of slots increased by one.
Riposte 11 210 1 Until your next action, there is a fixed chance to cancel and counter normal attacks.
---- 12 240
Chakra 13 280 Recover an ally's HP and cure some status ailments.
---- 14 340
Vacuum Wave 15 370 Cut an enemy's HP in half.
---- 16 410
Dropkick 17 450 Deal damage to one enemy and inflict Confuse.
Raging Fist 18 500 Damage an enemy multiple times.
Slot+1 19 540 Number of slots increased by one.
Earthshatterer 20 610 Deal Earth damage to all enemies.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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