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The Monk is a job in Final Fantasy Dimensions obtained at the start of the story.


The Monk job class gives all of the characters more unique clothes than the other respective jobs, possessing the caliber of a more far-eastern feel. Sol wears a red headband with matching trousers and green arm bands. Glaive wears a purple headband with matching trousers and green arm bands. Alba wears a black dress with pink lining similar to a Chinese Qipao, and wears her hair in the odango fashion.


Martial ArtsEdit

Ability Job Level AP Needed Slots Description
Kick 0 Deal damage to all enemies.
Martial Arts 1 15 2 Enable use of Martial Arts abilities.
---- 2 30
Focus 3 40 1 Charge energy raising the power of the next attack. Character can charge up to 3 times at once.
Lotus Strike 4 50 Inflict a random status ailment on one enemy (Sleep, Paralysis, Slow, Instant Death).
---- 5 65
Aurablast 6 85 Deal Holy damage to an enemy.
---- 7 100
VIT+20% 8 125 1 Increases VIT by 20%.
---- 9 150
Slot+1 10 180 Number of slots increased by one.
Riposte 11 210 1 Until your next action, there is a fixed chance to cancel and counter normal attacks.
---- 12 240
Chakra 13 280 Recover an ally's HP and cure some status ailments.
---- 14 340
Vacuum Wave 15 370 Cut an enemy's HP in half.
---- 16 410
Dropkick 17 450 Deal damage to one enemy and inflict Confuse.
Raging Fist 18 500 Damage an enemy multiple times.
Slot+1 19 540 Number of slots increased by one.
Earthshatterer 20 610 Deal Earth damage to all enemies.


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