With high HP and strong attack abilities, these contemplative combatants find inner peace by taking pieces out of enemies.

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A brute-strength attacker!

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The Monk is a job in Bravely Default. It is obtained after defeating Barras Lehr and Holly Whyte at the western lake near Caldisla during the Intro.

The Monk specializes in fighting unarmed and with knuckle-type weapons, and all other aptitudes are medium to low. The Monk's HP and physical attack are its best stats, with abilities that can further increase HP and/or attack damage. The Monk's main skillset is Martial Arts.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Tiz and Ringabel wear navy blue shorts over orange leggings with a white shirt that only covers their chests and a brown band around their torsos. They have brown and grey gloves and brown boots.

Agnès and Edea wear sleeveless robes folded over the right side and tied with a sash around the waist. Agnès wears orange with a white sash and black socks and white ankle boots. She has black gloves and a black headband. Edea wears white with an orange sash with knee-high boots and has her hair in pigtails. She has black gloves with large rings on each wrist.

Proficiency[edit | edit source]

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Equipment[edit | edit source]

Swords Axes Spears Rods Staves Daggers Bows Katanas Knuckles Shields Helms Armor

It should be noted that with their specialty, Knuckle Lore, the Monk gains a physical attack bonus equal to twice their level when they have no weapon equipped. This means that at certain points in the game, unarmed attacks can be superior to any of the available weapons. From level 95 onwards, no weapon in the game gives a bigger physical attack bonus than empty handed attacks with Knuckle Lore.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

The Monk's specialty is Knuckle Lore. Its job command is Martial Arts, which includes numerous offensive techniques that deal increased damage to opponents.

Ability Level Cost Description
Strong Strike 1 Deal double the damage of a conventional attack to one target, but there is a 50% chance that the attack will miss.
Invigorate 2 Raise your physical attack by 25% for two turns. However, there is a 25% chance of failure, in which case you will take damage equal to 20% your maximum HP.
*The upper limit for P.Atk is 150%.
Inner Alchemy 3 5 MP Cure yourself of the status ailments poison, blind, silence, dread, and confuse.
HP 10% Up 4 1 slot Raise maximum HP by 10%.
Knuckle Lore 5 1 slot Raise arms aptitude for knuckles to S. In addition, when no weapons are equipped, a value equal to two times your level will be added to your Physical Attack.
Hidden Dragon 6 Attack at the end of the turn, but deal 1.25 time the damage of a conventional attack to one target.
Qigong Wave 7 12 MP Ignore Default's damage reduction effect and deal 1.25 times the damage of a conventional attack to one target.
Blind Immunity 8 1 slot Confer immunity to blind during battles.
P.Attack 10% Up 9 1 slot Raise Physical Attack by 10%.
HP 20% Up 10 2 slots Raise maximum HP by 20%.
Pressure Point 11 1 BP Ignore the target's physical defense and deal 2 times the damage of a conventional attack to one target.
HP 30% Up 12 3 slots Raise maximum HP by 30%.
Phoenix Flight 13 HP Reduce your HP to 1 and convert the amount of HP sacrificed into damage applied to a single enemy.
Natural Talent 14 1 slot Physical Attack increases by 100% when nothing is equipped (both hands, head, body and accessories).

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The Monk appearance for males greatly resembles Ashley Riot's clothes from Vagrant Story, another game where Akihiko Yoshida did the character designs.
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