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That's no ordinary foe!

Edward upon encountering Mom Bomb

Mom Bomb, also known as Mombomb or MOAB, is a boss from Final Fantasy IV. She is fought on the summit of Mt. Hobs.


Easy Type


Artwork by Yoshitaka Amano.

Cecil, Rydia, Rosa, and Edward climb to the top of Mt. Hobs to reach Fabul to protect the Crystal of Air from being stolen by the Red Wings and Golbez. At the summit they witness a lone warrior monk from Fabul being attacked by Domovois. After the monk defeats the goblins, the Mom Bomb, accompanying the other monsters, attacks the warrior. Cecil and the party intervene and helped the lone monk defeat the bomb. Realizing the bombs were sent to destroy the monks in preparation for an attack on Fabul, the monk who introduces himself as Yang, joins the others and they rush to the castle to prepare to defend the Crystal.


The Mom Bomb begins the battle looking like a normal bomb until it takes about 1,500 damage, when it then transforms into a large cloud of flame (as pictured in the table). Once this happens, she is preparing to explode and a countdown will start. After exploding, Mom Bomb transforms into three Gray Bombs and three Bombs. Bombs will explode after they have been damaged.

In some versions, Mom Bomb is susceptible to the Second form glitch.


It is advised the party heals as much as possible after Mom Bomb transforms; the explosion will cause considerable damage. Yang should use his Kick attack in the final battle phase.

It is possible to kill the Mom Bomb before she explodes by leveling up Rydia to level 26, where she gains access to Bio. Although optional, this is one of, if not the best strategy against the Mom Bomb, though this usually takes up a long time, given the seemingly meager EXP yield of enemies in the vicinity (unless Rydia is the only group member alive).

Other appearances[]

Final Fantasy Record Keeper[]

FFRK Mom Bomb FFIV.png

When Mom Bomb's HP gets too low, she explodes big time, kupo! Bring along someone with healing magic to keep your party's HP topped off so they can take the hit!

Dr. Mog's Advice

Mom Bomb is the boss of Mount Hobs.


Normal form

  • Attack: Deal physical damage to one target.

Gigantic form

  • Attack: Deal physical damage to one target.
  • Explode: Deal moderate fire damage to all targets.
Additional Information
  • After taking a certain amount of damage in her Normal form, Mom Bomb enters her Gigantic form.
  • After using the Explode ability, Mom Bomb will divide.
Element Vulnerability
Fire Absorb
Ice Vulnerable
Lightning Resist
Earth Normal
Wind Normal
Water Vulnerable
Holy Normal
Dark Vulnerable
Poison Normal


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