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'''Mom Bomb''' may refer to:
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[[File:Mom bomb final form ffiv ios.PNG|right|250px|Mom Bomb in its final form in ''[[Final Fantasy IV]]'' (3D).]]
'''Mom Bomb''' {{J|マザーボム|Mazā Bomu|Mother Bomb}}, also known as '''Mombomb''', '''Mother Bomb''', or '''Progenitrix''', is a recurring enemy in the [[Final Fantasy series|series]]. It is often fought as a boss, but sometimes appears as a regular enemy.
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*The [[Mom Bomb (Final Fantasy IV)|boss]] from ''[[Final Fantasy IV]]''.
*The [[Mom Bomb (The After Years)|boss]] from ''[[Final Fantasy IV: The After Years]]''.
*The [[Mom Bomb (Final Fantasy XII)|enemy]] from ''[[Final Fantasy XII]]''.
*The summon from ''[[Final Fantasy Legends: Toki no Suishō]]''.
*The [[Mombomb (Airborne Brigade)|boss]] from ''[[Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade]]''.
*The [[List of Final Fantasy Record Keeper Enemies#Mom Bomb|boss]] from ''[[Final Fantasy Record Keeper]]''.
*The enemy from ''[[Final Fantasy Explorers]]''.
== Appearances ==
=== ''[[Final Fantasy IV]]'' ===
{{main|Mom Bomb (Final Fantasy IV 2D)|Mom Bomb (Final Fantasy IV 3D)}}
Mom Bomb is fought as the boss of [[Mt. Hobs]]. It begins as a normal battle against a Bomb until it loses 1,500 HP, in which case it will transform and will do nothing but countdown to Explode, in which case it will deal heavy damage to the party and split Mom Bomb into three Grey Bombs and three Bombs ([[Bomb (Final Fantasy IV 2D)|2D]] and [[Bomb (Final Fantasy IV 3D)|3D]].
==== ''[[Final Fantasy IV: The After Years]]'' ====
{{main|Mom Bomb (The After Years)}}
Mom Bomb is the boss of Mt. Hobs. It summons other [[Bomb (The After Years enemy)|Bombs]] into battle.
=== ''[[Final Fantasy XII]]'' ===
{{main|Mom Bomb (Final Fantasy XII)}}
Mom Bomb is a fiend/bomb-type enemy found in the [[Great Crystal (Final Fantasy XII)|Great Crystal]]. The Mom Bomb has a chance to [[Item drop|drop]] a [[Final Fantasy XII accessories#Diamond Armlet|Diamond Armlet]]. Three versions of the Mom Bomb exist (though the only difference between the first two is HP); the high [[level]] variant is fought in the optional part of Great Crystal.
=== ''[[Final Fantasy XIV]]'' ===
Progenitrix, a mom bomb appears as the last boss of [[Pharos Sirius (Hard)]]. It splits into three Lava Bombs and three Grey Bombs upon defeat. However, when they are defeated, a blue palette swap called the Progenitor will appear and must be fought in the second half of the battle.
=== ''[[Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates]]'' ===
{{main|Mother Bomb}}
Mother Bomb is an enemy fought at [[Kilanda Islands]], being the upgrade to the [[Ice Bomb (Ring of Fates)|Ice Bomb]]. It is identical to the Ice Bomb, but hits harder and is harder to pick up. In addition, when it uses [[Self-Destruct]], it can inflict [[Freeze (status)|Freeze]] onto anyone caught in the blast, leaving them vulnerable to other enemies that may be around.
=== ''[[Final Fantasy Dimensions II]]'' ===
[[File:FFLTnS Mom Bomb.png|right|150px]]
{{main|Mom Bomb (summon)}}
Mom Bomb is not an enemy, but a summon for the first time in this installment.
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=== ''[[Pictlogica Final Fantasy]]'' ===
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=== ''[[Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade]]'' ===
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=== ''[[Final Fantasy Record Keeper]]'' ===
The Mom Bomb appears as both a boss and a regular enemy.
==== ''Final Fantasy IV'' boss ====
Mom Bomb appears as the boss enemy in the Record of [[Mt. Hobs]].
;Target Scores
* Exploit weakness to Ice attacks
* Exploit weakness to Dark attacks
* Defeat without being KO'd
* '''Attack'''
* '''Fire'''
* '''Grow/"IT'S GONNA EXPLODE!!":''' Ready pose
* '''Self-Destruct:''' Heavy damage to all targets, then splits into Bomb x3, Gray Bomb x3
The Mom Bomb has a short fuse and most likely will not allow the player enough time to get a perfect score the first time around on account of comparatively low levels for the party, but with the right setup, he or she can make a sizable dent in the creature's HP before it blows and divides into bomblets. Black Mages should focus on Ice and Dark spells before it grows, and then the player should brace the entire party for Self-Destruct. The bomblets are weak against Ice attacks and will self-destruct themselves if not downed within a turn or two. Speed is the order of the day and the key to mastery.
==== Enemy ====
FFRK Mom Bomb FFXII.png|''FFXII'' version.
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=== ''[[Final Fantasy Explorers]]'' ===
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=== ''[[Final Fantasy Brave Exvius]]'' ===
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== Non-''Final Fantasy'' guest appearances ==
=== ''[[Dragon Quest & Final Fantasy in Itadaki Street Portable]]'' ===
Mom Bomb is a chance card. The card's ability is Get 20% of total pearls value.
== Gallery ==
MomBomb-ffiv.gif|''[[Final Fantasy IV]]'' (SNES/PSX).
MomBomb-ffiv-gba.png|''[[Final Fantasy IV]]'' (GBA).
FF4PSP Mom Bomb.png|''[[Final Fantasy IV]]'' (PSP).
FFRK Mom Bomb FFIV.png|''[[Final Fantasy Record Keeper]]''.
</gallery>{{Gallery incomplete|''[[Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates]]''|''[[Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade]]''|''[[Final Fantasy Explorers]]''}}
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