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The Molten Cave, also known as Flame Cave, is a location in Final Fantasy III found on the northwestern end of the Floating Continent. It holds the Fire Crystal and some parts of the floor are covered with molten lava, thus, the party will take damage as long as the characters are submerged in it.

Story Edit

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After Gutsco the Rogue steals the Horns of Ice he heads to the Molten Cave to corrupt the Fire Crystal and absorb its power. The Warriors of Light chase him and defeat him as Salamander. After saving the Crystal, it grants the Warriors new jobs.

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Items Edit

Item Location
Antarctic Wind x2 First Floor
Phoenix Down Second Floor
Hi-Potion Second Floor
Freezing Blade Second Floor
Phoenix Down Third Floor
Impact Claws Third Floor

Enemies Edit

Battle background Edit

Cave Edit

FFIII Molten Cave Background

Crystal room Edit

Crystal Tower BG

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Final Fantasy Record Keeper Edit

FFRK Molten Cave FFIII

The Warriors of Light make for the Molten Cave to settle the score with Gutsco, the thief who stole the dwarves' Horns of Ice.

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Musical themes Edit

"Into the Crystal Cave" from Final Fantasy III (DS)
FFIII - Into the Crystal Cave

The background music that plays inside the Molten Cave is called "Into the Crystal Cave". A remixed version of the track appears on the Chocobo Racing Original Soundtrack album, called "Behemoth's Theme".

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