FFXI wiki icon Moh Gates is a dungeon area in Final Fantasy XI.

Location Edit

The Moh Gates are a dungeon connecting Ceizak Battlegrounds with Morimar Basalt Fields. Serving as a stark contrast to the frigid fields, waves of red-hot magma churn in the depths below--a chilling testament to the destructive force that nature can be. In some places, sizzling hot springs bubble just above the surface, to which many pioneers pay regular visits to recover from their weary days. Yet with the vicious matamata laying in wait just along the outskirts, any respite is short-lived.

Connected Areas Edit

Enemies Edit

  • Boiling Obdella
  • Cave Panopt
  • Conflagrant Eruca
  • Cthonic Chapuli
  • Disturbed Matamata
  • Erythemic Eft
  • Ferocious Funguar
  • Gleeful Ungeweder
  • Menacing Mantis
  • Nachtschatten
  • Pepper Hare
  • Pungent Fungus
  • Repugnant Twitherym
  • Ruby Raptor
  • Scoriaceous Clot
  • Submerged Slime
  • Writhing Leech
  • Writhing Obdella

Notorious Monsters Edit

  • Erupting Geyser

Reive Enemies Edit

  • Knotted Root

Music Edit

No music plays in Moh Gates. For normal battles, the track "Steel Sings, Blades Dance" is used, whereas "Breaking Ground" is played during Colonization Reives.

Gallery Edit

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