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Mognet is a mail delivery service between moogles! We can send and receive letters to and from moogles in other locations! Kupo! But delivery has been very sporadic lately! So I want you to help us deliver mail! Kupo!

Kupo explains Mognet to Vivi

Kupo asks Zidane to deliver a letter.

Mognet (モグネット, Mogunetto?) is the name of the moogle mail service used in Final Fantasy IX. It was created by Hiroyuki Ito, the game's director. Using it, moogles can send letters to each other. It is run from a hidden location called Mognet Central, and the moogle charged with delivering the letters is Artemicion. During Final Fantasy IX, the letters are not being delivered properly because Mognet Central's machine has broken down, so the moogles ask the party to deliver their mail in a long sidequest.

When a moogle wants the player to deliver mail, it will usually say, "I have a favor to ask, kupo!". After a number of deliveries have been made, the dialogue will change to "I haven't received any mail lately, kupo". When the player meets the moogle whom the letter is to be delivered to, they will say "I want mail! Kupo!". If the player refuses, they will say "I'm so sad, kupo...". The player can carry up to three letters at a time, and even after the party composition changes due to story events, mail can still be delivered. After visiting Mogmi and Moguta in Gizamaluke's Grotto, the player gets a Kupo Nut every time they deliver a letter, provided they do not have one already. The player can bring Kupo Nuts to Moguta for various prizes.


Mognet interactions are available when talking to save moogles.

Several letters must be delivered before certain plot events, or they can never be delivered. Not all letters need to be delivered to complete the Superslick sidequest; only the ones near the end of the game are necessary.

  • Kupo to Monty: Kupo, the moogle in the church steeple in Alexandria, tells Vivi about Mognet, and requests that he help with delivery. Though the player is given a choice, they cannot actually refuse, as Kupo simply keeps begging until the player accepts. Monty can be found in the Evil Forest, hiding in a tree trunk by the spring.
  • Mois to Gumo: Mois is the moogle frozen inside the Ice Cavern. Gumo can be found in the inn in Dali. Despite not liking Mois, Gumo takes the letter.
  • Kumop to Mogki: Kumop is in the Dali underground storage area, hiding in a barrel with his pom-pom sticking out. Mogki is in the Lindblum Castle Guest Room.
  • Mogki to Atla: After getting her letter, Mogki asks to send a letter herself. Atla is in Burmecia's Vault.
  • Grimo to Nazna: In the Aerbs Mountains, South Gate, the moogle requests a letter be delivered. Nazna is at the Summit Station.
  • Nazna to Mochos: Nazna gives the player a letter after being given hers. Mochos is in Gargan Roo.
  • Atla to Monev: After Atla gets a letter, he wants to send one out to Monev in Cleyra's Trunk.
  • Mopli to Serino: After the Alexandrian soldiers attack Cleyra, Mopli can be found in the sand pit where the Antlion attacked. Serino is on the Red Rose.
  • Serino to Moodon: Once she gets her letter, Serino sends out her own. Moodon is at the inn in Lindblum, following the Alexandrian invasion.
  • Mosh to Monty: Mosh is in the Alexandria chapel after the rescue attempt for Garnet. Monty has escaped from the Evil Forest, and is now at the Pinnacle Rocks.
  • Moodon to Moonte: Moodon sends out a letter after the party delivers one to him. Moonte is at the Dragon's Gate of Lindblum.
  • Kuppo to Kupo: Kuppo is the moogle in Fossil Roo's mining site. He must be dug out of the wall to get his letter. Kupo is still at the Alexandria chapel.
  • Mogmatt to Suzuna: In Conde Petie's item shop is Mogmatt. In the Conde Petie Mountain Path is Suzuna.
  • Mogryo to Mocchi: Mogryo is in the Black Mage Village and wants to send a letter to Mocchi in the Iifa Tree.
  • Mogki to Moodon: Neither have moved from their previous locations. Mogki is still in the Lindblum Castle Guest Room, Moodon is still at the Lindblum Inn.
  • Mimoza to Mooel: Outside Oeilvert is Mimoza, who wants to send a letter to Mooel inside about the recent breakdown of Mognet.
  • Mojito to Mogsam: Both are in the Desert Palace. Mojito sends a letter to Mogsam, who is in the library.
  • Mogrika to Moolan: Mogrika is in Esto Gaza. After she gets a letter from Artemicion, she sends a letter to Moolan. Moolan is in Mount Gulug (the entrance to Esto Gaza, and therefore to Mount Gulug as well, is sealed off by roots from the Iifa Tree in the endgame).
  • Moolan to Mogtaka: Moolan knows why Mognet has shut down, so he sends a letter to Mogtaka, who is also in Mount Gulug (as before, Mount Gulug is inaccessible in the endgame).
  • Mogki to Kumool: Mogki, who is still in the same place in the guest room of Lindblum Castle, sends a letter to Kumool. Kumool is in Ipsen's Castle.
  • Moorock to Mozme: In Bran Bal, Moorock is trapped in a pot. Despite never hearing of Mognet, he sends a letter to his buddy in a maze in Pandemonium.
  • Kupo to Atla: Kupo in the Alexandria Bell Tower sends a letter to Atla in Burmecia. This begins a long letter chain. Kupo only gives this letter to the player after they have the Invincible, and will do so regardless of whether they have already discovered Mognet Central.
  • Atla to Mogryo: Mogryo is in the Black Mage Village in front of the chocobo stable.
  • Mogryo to Kumool: Kumool is still in Ipsen's Castle.

    Mois at the Fossil Roo.

  • Kumool to Mois: Mois used to be in the Ice Cavern, but it is now sealed off by Iifa Tree roots. Quina must be in the party to reach the entrance to Fossil Roo, where Mois can be found.
  • Mois to Noggy: Noggy is at the synthesis shop in Daguerreo.
  • Noggy to Kupo: As always, Kupo is at the chapel in Alexandria. The moogles have discovered what the problem with Mognet is. The party must talk to Ruby at Alexandria's theater and ask for some Superslick. When they talk to Artemicion in Mognet Central, the Superslick is used to fix the machine. The party gets a Protect Ring, and is congratulated for delivering # letters.

Moogle locations[]

Moogle Location
Kupo Alexandria / Steeple
Mosh Alexandria Castle / Guardhouse
Mosco Evil Forest / M.S. Prima Vista Crash Site
South Gate / The Zamo Basin Border Gate (later on)
Monty Evil Forest / Spring
Pinnacle Rocks (later on)
Mois Ice Cavern
Fossil Roo / Entrance (later on)
Gumo Dali / Inn
Kumop Dali Underground
Mogki Lindblum Castle / Guest Room
Moodon Lindblum / Inn
Moonte Lindblum Castle / Basement Level Dragon's Gate
Mogmi Gizamaluke's Grotto
Grimo South Gate / Boden Station
Atla Burmecia / Armory
Nazna South Gate / Summit Station Resting Area
Mogrich Treno / Outside Knight's House
Mochos Gargan Roo / Entrance (Doctor Tot's Tower)
Monev Cleyra's Trunk / Sandfall
Mopli Cleyra / Inn (before invasion) or Sandpit (after invasion)
Serino Red Rose
Kuppo Fossil Roo / Mining Site (behind a wall)
Mogmat Conde Petie / Item Shop
Mogryo Black Mage Village / Water Mill
Suzuna Conde Petie Mountain Path
Mocchi Iifa Tree / Tree Roots (third area) and Tree Trunk
Momatose Madain Sari / Town Square
Mimoza Oeilvert / Entrance
Mooel Oeilvert / Planet Display
Mojito Desert Palace / Rack
Mogsam Desert Palace / Library
Mogrika Esto Gaza
Moolan Mount Gulug
Mogtaka Mount Gulug
Noggy Daguerreo
Kumool Ipsen's Castle
Moorock Bran Bal / Inn
Mozme Pandemonium


Artwork of a letter.

Below is a list of all the letters. Before Mognet breaks down, moogles will often have letters with them when the party first meets them. The content of some letters changes depending on the player's actions. The letters usually contain hints about Stiltzkin's appearances, commentary on the plot, and information about the Mognet breakdown.

If the player attempted the jump rope minigame with Vivi at the beginning in Alexandria, and skipped at least 50 times, then when the player meets Mosh (while controlling Steiner) in Alexandria Castle, he will have received the following letter from Kupo:

Skipping Champion Appears!

From Kupo to Mosh

There was a kid who skipped
[#]* times in a row today!
It was amazing! Kupo!
How did he do that?
Can Mosh skip [#]* times?
My best record is [#]*!

*The number is based upon the player's highest record in the minigame. Kupo's record is always equal to a third of Vivi's.

In the Evil Forest, near the crash site, is a moogle named Mosco. He has a letter for Zidane:

How Ya Doin'?

From Ruby to Zidane

Zidane! Are you alright?
I'm doin' good.

I met an interesting stranger
in Alexandria today!

I'll tell you more soon.

Tell the boys in Tantalus
I said "Hi!"

The letter the player delivers from Kupo to Monty:

Prince on a White Horse

From Kupo to Monty

I think Queen Brahne is up to something...
but I suspect Princess Garnet even more!

She might leave soon...
with a prince on a white horse...

Maybe it's just my imagination...

Monty has another letter with him:

Stiltzkin on Ice

From Stiltzkin to Monty

I'm in a very cold place right now
It's really strange, it wasn't
like this last time I came here...

But I guess this is why I travel:
to encounter the unexpected.
Anyway, I'm gonna get outta here
before I get trapped in ice!

The letter the player delivers from Mois to Gumo:

Trapped In Ice!

From Mois to Gumo

Yo! Man, I got totally iced up by some
dude with wings on his back!

Stiltzkin passed me by without doin'
anything! Is he rude or what?

Of course, I couldn't say nothin', 'cause
I was trapped in the ice!

When the party first meets Mogki, he has received a letter:

Stiltzkin Visited Me!

From Kumop to Mogki

Stiltzkin visited me!

He said he found a place that
seemed interesting, and then he left.

I wish he stayed longer, kupo.
Where did he go, anyway?
Let me know when you find out! Kupo!

When the party first meets Moodon in the inn at Lindblum, he has a letter for Zidane:

Opening a Mini-Theater

From Ruby to Zidane

Ain't y'all comin' back to Alexandria?
I'm so lonely!

Just kiddin'. I'm openin' a li'l
Theater in an alley here.

(A bartender pal o' mine is
quittin' the saloon and gettin' into
showbiz. He asked me to help.)

When the party first meets Moonte at the Dragon's Gate of Lindblum, he has received a letter:

Shelter From the Rain

From Stiltzkin to Moonte

I left Lindblum and headed north.
I walked trough the Mist and
Gizamaluke to reach Burmecia for
the very first time.

It's raining, as expected.
I'm going to look for shelter now...

When the party meets Mogmi in Gizamaluke's Grotto, she has received a letter if the winner of the Festival of the Hunt back in Lindblum got at least 100 points:

It Was So Exciting!

From Moodon to Mogmi

This year's Festival of the Hunt
Was sooo exciting! Kupo!
The highest score was [#][note 1] points!
[Insert Name]* won the title!

Last year's winner, Belna,
only got [#]* points!
Oh, it was so much fun!!!

  1. The winner can either be Zidane, Vivi, or Freya depending on how well or badly the player does in the Festival of the Hunt. The points the winner won by are also based upon the player's actions, and Belna's score is always equal to two thirds of it.

The letter the party delivers from Mogki to Alta:

Map of the Entire World in His Bag?

From Mogki to Atla

I heard that Stiltzkin is heading
in your direction. Kupo!
I've never met him. Tell me what
he's like if you meet him. Kupo!

Check and see if he travels with a
map of the entire world and with rare
items, like the rumor says! Kupo!

The letter the party delivers from Grimo to Nazna:

Mary's Unrequited Love

From Grimo to Nazna

I feel so sad whenever I see
Mary, that part-time worker.

Have you ever fallen in love?
I've never fallen in love before, kupo.
If watching someone else in love
is so difficult, I wonder how difficult
it is to actually fall in love myself?

When the party first meets Mogrich in the Knight's House in Treno, he has a letter:

Vube Desert

From Stiltzkin to Mogrich

There's trouble in this rainy city.
The guys I saw there were heading
towards Vube Desert, west of Burmecia...

They'll only find sandstorms.
What could they possibly want?

I'm gonna follow them and see...

The letter the player delivers from Nazna to Mochos:

Am I Right?

From Nazna to Mochos

Grimo, in South Gate's Bohden Station,
sent me a letter saying that he feels
sad when he sees Mary in love...

... but I think he feels that way because
Grimo himself is in love. Kupo...

Am I right?

The letter the party delivers from Atla to Monev:

No More Pointy Hats!

From Atla to Monev

Kupo! Strange people came into town
and destroyed the entire place!
What the heck is going on? Kupo!
I don't wanna see any more pointy hats!

Monev should be careful, too!
Maybe you should move elsewhere...

When the party first meets Mopli in the Cleyra Inn, she has a letter for Zidane:


From Ruby to Zidane

I decided to start a small theater, but
I ain't had any luck finding actors...

Do you know any good actors who are
looking for work? Man, how I wish
y'all were here!

Come to think of it,
you Tantalus guys look like
a bunch of outlaws!
Just kidding.

After Freya joins the party in Cleyra, Mopli will receive a letter:

I Have a Bad Feeling

From Monev to Mopli

People are climbing up to Cleyra since
the sandstorm disappeared... Kupo.
I have a bad feeling about this.
What's going to happen?

Will Cleyra end up like Burmecia?
Isn't there anyone who can help us?

The letter the party delivers from Mopli to Serino:

In Danger

From Mopli to Serino

By the time this letter reaches Serino,
Cleyra may be destroyed...
Stiltzkin keeps saying,

"I've been through stuff like this before.
We'll be fine."

But what if we won’t be okay this time!?

When the party first meets Mosh in the Alexandria Chapel, he will have a letter:

Rumor about Princess Garnet

From Kupo to Mosh

Kupo! What's going on in Alexandria!?
Soldiers are everywhere!

I heard a rumor that Princess Garnet
returned to Alexandria!

Princess Garnet left the castle, but
I guess she [still believes in/suspected]* Queen Brahne!

* When Garnet is captured by Queen Brahne, the player is given a choice answer. If they say "Believe her", then the letter will say "still believes in". If they say "Don't Believe her", then the letter will say "suspected".

The letter the party delivers from Mosh to Monty:

Escaping Evil Forest

From Mosh to Monty

Monty! Were you able to escape Evil Forest? Kupo!

I think this continent is heading for
some serious disaster! It might be
too late by the time we realize it.

Before leaving the Pinnacle Rocks, but after receiving Ramuh, Monty will get a letter:

This Might Be the End

From Stiltzkin to Monty

might be...
the end of me...

The letter the party delivers from Serino to Moodon:

Eidolon Odin's Power

From Serino to Moodon

I rode on an airship called the Red Rose,
but I saw something horrible... Kupo.

The eidolon Odin's power is terrifying.
It destroyed Cleyra completely.

There's not even a trace of the city now...

Moodon also has a letter for Zidane:

Narcissus From Lindblum

From Ruby to Zidane

Oh, I'm havin' a terrible time finding
actors, I'm willing to take anyone
who can read at this point!

What was his name? That narcissist
from Lindblum? I'd even take him!
Get him over to my mini-theater
We need to get some business!

The letter the party delivers from Moodon to Monte:

Missing! Kupo!

From Moodon to Monte

Oh, it's terrible! Kupo!
Mogki, from the castle, is missing!

Did the Alexandrian Soldiers kidnap him?
Or did the black mages eat him? Kupo!

I'm so worried!!!

In Fossil Roo, the party will meet Mogki, who has a letter:

Very Bored, Kupo!

From Kuppo to Mogki

I'm bored, kupo!

I'm so bored, I'm going to hide away!

Try finding me in this cavern!

Hint: I'm behind a wall...

When the party first meets Mogryo in the Black Mage Village, he will have a letter:

To Conde Petie

From Stiltzkin to Mogryo

I'm becoming familiar with the geography of
the Outer Continent. My destination
is Conde Petie.

They exchange a special greeting
with each other before entering
the village... what was it?

I think it was "Rally-ho"!

The letter the player delivers from Mogmatt in Conde Petie's item shop to Suzuna at the Iifa Tree roots:


From Mogmatt to Suzuna

It's been six months since I started
living in Conde Petie...
The food here is great, and the
people are very nice. Kupo.

But... But... The only thing I can't
get used to is the "Rally-ho!"

I keep saying "Rally-kupo!"

The letter the party delivers from Mogryo to Mocchi:

Vivi's Eyes

From Mogryo to Mocchi

A kid named Vivi came to the Black
Mage Village. His eyes were so sad...
Like he had the weight of the world on
his shoulders, kupo.

I wanted to say "Good luck!" to him,
but I couldn't... Kupo.

I'm on your side, Vivi!

When the party meets Mocchi again before Kuja sends out his monsters on the Iifa Tree, Mocchi will have a letter:

Blessing or Curse?

From Stiltzkin to Mocchi

The Mist is gone.
Is this a blessing?
Or a curse?

The letter the party delivers from Kuppo to Kupo:

The Most Important Thing in Life

From Kuppo to Kupo

Fossil Roo is very comfortable!
I like it here. Kupo!

We play hide-and-seek every day!
The most important things in life
are to work hard and play hard! Kupo!

After getting Kuppo's letter, Kupo will have another letter:


From Mogrika to Kupo

Even Moogles want to look beautiful!

I use my special item very carefully.

You don't come across it very often.

It's very special to me, Kupo!

After Zidane joins the party, Kupo will have another letter:

My Vagabond Life

From Stiltzkin to Kupo

Alexandria is a great place to be.
It's comfortable and fun.

The travel bug stung me once again.

So, I'm going on another trip.

If the player played the Hippaul racing minigame in Alexandria, Mogrich will have a letter in Treno's Knight's House:

New Champion

From Kupo to Mogrich

There's an amazing new champion sprinter
in the town of Alexandria!

The sprinter's name is [Hippaul/Vivi]*.

He's amazing! Remember his name! Kupo!

* If the player beat lv. 60 in the Hippaul minigame, Vivi will be the name. If not, it will be Hippaul.

The letter the party delivers from Mogki at Lindblum Castle guest room to Moodon at Lindblum Inn:

Alexandria Destroyed

From Mogki to Moodon

Alexandria is in a horrible state right now...
I wonder if Kupo and Mosh are alright?

Let me know when you have more info!
I heard that Stiltzkin was also in
Alexandria. Kupo!

The letter the party delivers from Mimoza at the Oeilvert entrance to Mooel inside the planet display room:

Very Mad! Kupo!

From Mimoza to Mooel

I haven't received any mail lately, kupo.
What's going on?

Hey Mooel, would you go to
Mognet Central and complain for me?

I'm so mad about it, Kupo!

The letter the party delivers from Mojito to Mogsam:

Stiltzkin, On the Move

From Mojito to Mogsam

According to rumors, Stiltzkin is
on a quest to find out why Mognet
stopped functioning!

I'm sure Stiltzkin will find out
the truth, kupo.
Why did Artemicion stop
delivering mail?

When the party first meets Mogrika in Esto Gaza, she will have a letter:


From Artemicion to Mogrika

Mogrika! I'm in trouble...

I used too much.

Do you have more? You don't, do you?

Oh, what am I going to do?

The letter the party delivers from Mogrika to Moolan:


From Mogrika to Moolan

Artemicion rubbed it all over himself!
The machine needs it to function
properly, kupo!

I know how he must've felt.
I used it on myself once, too.
It's a wonderful thing, but...

The letter the party delivers from Moolan to Mogtaka:

Where is Mognet Central?

From Moolan to Mogtaka

Artemicion used the item on himself!
I wanted to go to Mognet Central
and complain, but where the heck
is it located? Kupo?
I never even thought about it
until now. Kupo!

The letter the party delivers from Mogki at Lindblum Castle to Kumool at Ipsen's Castle:

Where is Mognet Central?

From Mogki to Kumool

Hey, Kumool. How are you, kupo?
Us moogles in Lindblum are all wondering
the same thing, these days:
Where the heck is Mognet Central?
No one knows, kupo.
Do you know where it is, Kumool?
It's supposedly very far away, and you
can't enter very easily, kupo...

The letter the party delivers from Moorock to Mozme:

My First Mognet

From Moorock to Mozme

This is my first time using Mognet!

And my first letter! Kupo!

Hmm, what should I write about? Kupo?

The letter the party delivers from Kupo to Atla:

Something Missing

From Kupo to Atla

I heard we haven't received any mail lately,
because the machine in Mognet Central
broke down, kupo.

It's supposedly a complicated machine.

They're missing something that makes
the machine run smoothly, kupo.

The letter the party delivers from Atla to Mogryo:

That Special Something

From Atla to Mogryo

We haven't been receiving mail, because the
machine in Mognet Central broke down.

I wonder how we can fix it? Kupo?

Do you think there's a special item
that will fix the machine?

The letter the party delivers from Mogryo to Kumool:

Rare Item

From Mogryo to Kumool

I heard that the machine in Mognet Central
broke down! It's because they're missing
that item!

I wonder where you can find one? Kupo?
It's a rare item, so I don't think
you'll find one very easily...

The letter the party delivers from Kumool to Mois:

Where Is That Item?

From Kumool to Mois

I understand! Kupo! Mognet will
function again once we have some!

I think Mois would know!
Kupo! Where is that item?

We need it to repair Mognet!

The letter the party delivers from Mois to Noggy:

It's That Thing

From Mois to Noggy

I think Mognet can go back to standard
operation if we get the right item!

Kupo! If you ask me, I think the item
they're looking for is that thing!

You know what I mean, right?

It's that... thing!

The letter the party delivers from Noggy to Kupo. This is the final letter:


A letter from Noggy to Kupo

I now know what's needed to run the machine
In Mognet Central! It's "Superslick"!

I heard a rumor about it!
The rumor said that someone in Alexandria
Has it! That’s what I heard! Kupo!
Find it and send it to Central right away!