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Mognet menu (3D).

Mognet (モグネット, Mogunetto?) is a feature which first appeared in the Nintendo DS remake of Final Fantasy III. Unlike Mognet in Final Fantasy IX, this service is not for moogles, but for the player. Before the shutdown of the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection service for Nintendo DS on May 20, 2014,[1] people had the possibility to trade friend codes and send letters via the Wi-Fi network. Unfortunately, this means that current DS players can no longer utilize the Mognet service to its fullest, and new players will only be able to use local DS-to-DS wireless communication to access the extra features it unlocks.

The player can send letters to many Final Fantasy III denizens, such as Princess Sara or Cid. It is through Mognet that the player can unlock the bonus dungeon and the secret Job class.

Mognet works a little bit differently for the mobile, PSP and PC versions, where the letters unlock at certain points of the story. The player will have to read the new piece of mail at a moogle found in towns before getting the next mail.

Using Mognet[]

The player uses Mognet by speaking to moogles found in nearly every town. In the Nintendo DS version, the player may exchange letters with each other through wireless communication. This can be done remotely with two handhelds next to each other, and before the service was shut down it was possible through Nintendo WiFi Connection by exchanging friend codes. Up to 28 friend codes could be stored at a time in the address book. Letters may be up to 125 characters long using no more than five lines (25 characters per line).

In-game letters[]

The player must talk to moogles to use Mognet (PC).

Below is a list of the letters the player can receive from non-player characters. The ability to send mail to each character is unlocked at different points in the story. Whenever a player sends a letter they will instantly receive one back, which often reveals details of the recipient's life after they met the Warriors of the Light, or offer commentary on the plot. Letters may be sent once per hour.

To receive letters after the first one in the Nintendo DS version, the player must send seven letters to other players (either to multiple players or all to the same person). Since the mobile, PSP and PC releases lack the ability to send mail to other players, these letters are unlocked automatically after the player has obtained the Fire Crystal from the Molten Cave, though some require a specific character to be at the lead in the party to receive them.


The player can send mail to Topapa when Mognet first becomes available after defeating the Djinn in the Sealed Cave. In the mobile, PSP and PC versions, Luneth must be the party leader to receive any letter after the first. After receiving the fourth letter, the player may begin the Onion Knight sidequest.

How are you?
Luneth, Arc, how fare you?
Ur is just not the same without
you two.
Everyone here misses you,
and we all pray for your safe
From Topapa
A traveling merchant came to
Ur the other day. He was riding
a chocobo! They're fine steeds
From Topapa
The Children of Ur
Recently, the children have started
to play farther and farther away
from Ur.
While I praise their
adventurous spirits, I worry that
it will lead them to trouble.
From Topapa
The Children are in Trouble!
The children have not come back
from their recent "exploration"
We have searched as far from
Ur as we dared, but could not find
From Topapa


The player can send mail to Takka any time after Refia rejoins the party on Cid's airship when departing for Canaan. In the mobile, PSP and PC versions, Refia must be the party leader to receive any letter after the first. To receive his fifth letter in any version, the player must have reached Eureka. Receiving all five letters is a requirement for the Ultima Weapon sidequest.

Are you doing all right, Refia?
Remember to come straight
home once you've completed
this journey of yours. There's
much work for you to do!
From Takka
Kazus has recovered well from
that Djinn fiasco. You should
come visit when you have the
From Takka
Must Be Getting Old
Hey, I got this order for mythril
gear recently, so I went into the
mines to get some ore... I must
be getting old. I wasn't able to
carry back half the mythril I used to!
From Takka
The Legendary Smith
I don't know if I've told you, but
there's supposed to be this
legendary smith wandering in the
world. Rumor has it she fixes
things so well, they look brand new!
From Takka
Have I ever told you about
orichalcum, the legendary metal?
Rumor says that there's nothing
an orichalcum weapon can't cut!
From Takka


The player can send mail to Sara Altney any time after returning to Sasune after defeating the Djinn in the Sealed Cave. In the mobile, PSP and PC versions, Ingus must be the party leader to receive any letter after the first, and in both versions he must lead to receive the fourth. Receiving all four letters is a requirement for the Ultima Weapon sidequest.

Hello, Ingus
Ingus, everyone, how are you
doing? Father and I are both
fine, as well as the rest of the
people in the castle.
Stop by to say hi if you have time
From Sara
Being a princess is not all that
it's cracked up to be. I wish I could
go on great adventures like you.
Take me with you someday, all right?
From Sara
Sasune of Late
Everyone in the castle has gone
back to their daily routine after
the Djinn was banished. It's as if
it never happened. I would like
to thank you again for helping us.
Have a safe journey!
From Sara
My pendant broke today...
No one in the castle was able to
fix it. This pendant is very dear
to me. Let me know if you meet
someone who can help.
From Sara


The player can send mail to Cid Haze any time after they have dropped him off at his home in Canaan. The fourth letter cannot be received until the player has met the Legendary Smith. Receiving all four letters is a requirement for the Ultima Weapon sidequest.

How I Met Mrs. Cid
The first time I met Mrs. Cid, she was
a passenger on my airship.
It was love at first flight! Get it?
Har har har! ...Ahhhhhh.
From Cid
My First Date with Mrs. Cid
I took Mrs. Cid to a village called
Gysahl on our first date.
There isn't much to
do there, but they sure can grow some
great-tasting veggies, and don't you tell
me women aren't into that!
From Cid
When You Were Babies
You four sure were a handful when
you were toddlers! Y'all turned out
okay in the end. Or at the very least,
you're all toilet-trained.
From Cid
Something in the Basement...
Mrs. Cid came running up from the
basement today, all scared like.
She says she saw something big
lurking in the shadows! I hope we
don't have a monster down there...
From Cid

Four Old Men[]

The player can send mail to the Fellows any time after they obtain the Levigrass Shoes from Delilah in the Amur sewers, defeat Bahamut, Leviathan, and Odin, and after collecting all treasures in the Sunken Cave. All four letters are required for the bonus dungeon sidequest.

Long Time No See!
Salutations, Warriors! How are you
little squirts? We wanted to thank
you again for helping us in the sewers,
and we owe you one. Let us know if
you need our help
From the 4 Old Men.
What a Hero Makes
Heroes and champions like us must
stay in top shape! Eating and sleeping
well are paramount! Now drop what
you're holding and go outside and
From the 4 Old Men.
Sea Voyage
We once went on a sea voyage when
we were a bit younger. Halfway through
the trip, we saw this huge shadow
gliding alongside our ship!
We don't remember exactly where,
but it was impressive.
From the 4 Old Men.
True Heroes
Heroes are judged by the company
they keep!
Treat your friends well, and you will
be even closer to becoming true
From the 4 Old Men.


The player can send mail to Alus Restor any time after defeating Garuda in Saronia. In the mobile, PSP and PC versions, Arc must be the party leader to receive any letter after the first, and to receive his fourth letter, the player must first obtain a job's Master Item by reaching job level 99 on one character, and speaking with the Legendary Smith. All four letters are required for the ??? dungeon sidequest.

Hello, Arc!
Arc, how are you?
Saronia is a big city... and big cities
have very big problems. I'm doing my
best, and I think I am finally getting the
hang of this... I hope your journey is
going smoother than my rule.
From Alus
Saronia Today
It's been a while since Father
has gone... But Saronia is now
flourishing in its newfound peace.
You should visit us again sometime!
From Alus
The Nautilus
How has the Nautilus served you so
far? The engineers assure me that
it should not budge an inch, even
when flying against the strongest gale!
From Alus
Saronian Legend
There is an old legend in Saronia that
speaks of a star falling into the sea,
creating a giant wave that swallowed
the evils of the world.
From Alus


The player can unlock sidequests through Mognet after receiving a certain amount of letters from specific NPCs.

The Onion Knight[]

The player must send and receive four letters from Topapa. After the fourth letter is received, the player must travel to Ur and speak with him, and then to the Altar Cave where they must save some children from three Bombs. After the battle, the player is rewarded with a crystal fragment which unlocks the Onion Knight job.

The Ultima Weapon[]

The Ultima Weapon quest is divided into multiple parts. First, the player must send four letters to Princess Sara, where she asks for help in repairing her mother's pendant. The player must then send and receive five letters from Takka, and once the fifth letter is received, he will tell the player about the Legendary Smith who can be found in northwest Saronia.

When the player sends and receives four letters from Cid, they will be tasked with slaying a monster in his basement and are rewarded with a piece of Orichalcum. By finding the Legendary Smith in Falgabard after opening the door to Eureka and giving her the Orichalcum, she will forge the Ultima Weapon from it.

??? dungeon[]

The game's bonus dungeon can be unlocked after completing both the Onion Knight and Ultima Weapon sidequests and receiving all four letters from Alus and the Four Old Men.