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I'm certain that what we moogles make will be of use to you, miss.


Moglin is a moogle in Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy. One of several moogles running shops around the world, he has the largest role in the storyline, and is the first to encounter the party.



Moglin has the same appearance of the typical moogle. He is pink, has a big red nose, and a big red pom pom on top of his head.


Moglin is a playful moogle, calling Lightning "the Thunder Lady". He is helpful, as shown where he opens a shop to help warriors, though he only has limited inventory. He warns the Warrior of Light that once he enters a gateway, he can't change his level. In Confessions of the Creator, he is initially scared of the player, believing them to be manikins, but soon he realizes that they're real. He roots for the warriors, believing that they can defeat Chaos.


Moglin first appears in Chapter 1 of Treachery of the Gods, after Lightning clears the Sage's Path gateway, remarking she has the "smell" of KP on her. Moglin follows Lightning on the overworld map until she enters the next gateway, telling her about the moogle shops that collect a source of world energy known as Kupo, or KP, and offer items in exchange, and also remarking on the value of Rosetta Stones as they allow additional accessories slots to be purchased. He tells Lightning he's preparing to open a shop of his own, and asks her to drop by.

In Chapter 5, Moglin has moved to the ruins of Cornelia outside Order's Sanctuary. He proudly tells Lightning he's opened his own shop there, but Lightning notes he has limited inventory. At this time, all Moglin has for sale are Pebbles.

Moglin can be re-encountered in Chapter 1 of Light to All, and warns the Warrior of Light about the bonus lines that gateways now have, and that once he enters a gateway he can't change his level.

In Confessions of the Creator, Moglin speaks to the player's party as they awaken near his shop at the start of the storyline. He's frightened of them at first, believing them to be manikins, but then recognizes them as the "real things" of manikins, which he's unused to seeing anymore. As the player progresses through the storyline he tells them he's rooting for them, hoping they can defeat Chaos.

The moogle operating in the Land of Discord in Confessions of the Creator mentions Moglin by name and says Moglin is his little brother, and thanks the player party for supporting him.


The apprentice who only sold rocks? While you were earning KP, he's been working hard, too, kupo!

Help manual Moogle

Moglin's inventory changes as the player progresses through the game and earns more and more KP. Eventually he sells some of the most powerful accessories, summons and skills in the game, and also sells Elixir-type items needed to trade for trade accessories in the shop. However, he does not sell the usual inventory that other moogles carry, such as skills, resins, and Rosetta Stones.


Name Type Cost (KP) Condition
Attacking Pre-Air Dash *limited* Booster 200 Earn 850 total KP.
Attacking Pre-EX Revenge *limited* Booster 200 Earn 600 total KP.
Attacking Pre-EX Mode *limited* Booster 200 Earn 240 total KP.
Etcetra Weaponless *limited* Booster 115 Earn 3700 total KP.
Etcetra Gloveless *limited* Booster 180 Earn 2600 total KP.
Etcetra Hatless *limited* Booster 140 Earn 1000 total KP.
Etcetra Armorless *limited* Booster 115 Earn 410 total KP.
Level Level Gap ≥ 90 *limited* Booster 180 Earn 1200 total KP.
Dusty Elixir *limited* Trade 25 Earn 500 total KP.
Elixir *limited* Trade 50 Earn 1500 total KP.
Hi-Elixir *limited* Trade 75 Earn 3100 total KP.
Megalixir *limited* Trade 100 Earn 4400 total KP.
Pebble Trade 2 Always for sale.

Can become Growth Seed DFF-Trade-Icon.png when equipped.


Name Cost (KP) Condition
Gilgamesh *limited* 1 Earn 10000 total KP.
Ultima, the High Seraph *limited* 150 Earn 1800 total KP.
Behemoth *limited* 50 Earn 340 total KP.
PuPu *limited* 50 Earn 710 total KP.


Name Type Cost (KP) Condition
Banish/Death *limited* Skill 10 Earn 280 total KP.
KP Bonus *limited* Skill 10 Earn 2100 total KP.


Moglin takes his name from one of the Ten Moogles in Final Fantasy VI. He is also the only moogle in Dissidia 012, not counting the Mognet moogles, to be named.