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I wanted to be by your side, Eiko... so I became Mog. Don't worry. I'll always watch over you, kupo.

Mog, after going into Trance

Mog is Eiko's pet moogle in Final Fantasy IX. Moguo, the save point moogle on the world map, shares her appearance.



Unlike the other moogles Eiko lives with in Madain Sari, Mog has a fur "collar" around her neck, and a golden pom-pom. Mog has pale pink fur and small bat wings. She is still young and is smaller than most other moogles. They share Ribbons as a sign of their friendship, which Eiko hopes they can wear together when they are older.


Mog is timid, and considered a coward by the other village moogles; as a result, she often runs away even when Eiko is in trouble. She accompanies Eiko wherever she goes, usually by shrinking herself to hide in Eiko's clothes. According to Eiko, she and Mog were born on the same day and have been thence inseparable. Due to her youth, Mog cannot communicate well with anyone except Eiko and the other moogles, speaking only in a language formed from permutations of kupo. Mog can be brave when she needs to, revealing a hidden side to her character.


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Mog and Eiko attempt to steal food from Conde Petie and flee into the Conde Petie Mountain Path, but Eiko gets stuck on a tree branch. Zidane's party catches up with the pair, and Quina singles out Mog as a consumable. While Quina chases Mog back to Madain Sari, the remaining party members help Eiko down, and follow Mog back to the summoners' village where Mog is recovered, Quina having turned his/her attention to fish.


Mog transforming into Madeen.

In Mount Gulug, when Eiko is at the mercy of Zorn and Thorn who attempt to extract her eidolons, it is revealed that Mog is the eidolon Madeen in disguise. Mog enters a Trance and urges Eiko to use her special ability, Terra Homing, which eliminates Zorn and Thorn. After the battle, Madeen tells her former charge that she will always be with her, before disappearing. Mog leaves Eiko her ribbon, which Eiko can equip as an Add-on to learn the summon Madeen.

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Tetra MasterEdit

Tetra Master
Location: Memoria, Fat Chocobo in Chocobo's Paradise

Guardian MogEdit

The support ability Guardian Mog, is a unique ability for Eiko from a Ribbon or a Madain's Ring. With the ability equipped, Eiko is cleansed of status ailments she may have been afflicted with during battle, before the Experience and Ability Points are distributed to the party (except for the Knocked Out status). Even though Eiko can learn the ability early it does not function until the party receives the first Ribbon item.

Other appearancesEdit

Final Fantasy Dimensions IIEdit

FFLTnS Eiko and Mog Artwork

Mog and Eiko artwork.

The artwork for the Eiko summon's rank seven and eight phantom stones depicts Mog standing alongside Eiko. In addition, a moogle representing Mog appears during the animation for Eiko's Terra Homing summon ability.

Final Fantasy Brave ExviusEdit

FFBE 755 Eiko

Sprite (6★).

Mog appears alongside Eiko (who is a summonable vision and optional playable character) in her 6-7★ sprites. Mog flies a little above Eiko's head, and is seen helping Eiko perform (or even copy) all of her actions.

Final Fantasy Trading Card GameEdit


Mog appears with a water-elemental card.


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