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FFVI Molulu's Charm Artwork

Molulu's Charm in Final Fantasy VI.

Mysterious moogle charm. Prevents all random enemy encounters.
Final Fantasy VI description

Mog's Amulet (モグのお守り, Mogu no Omamori?), also known as Moogle's Amulet, Molulu's Charm, Mog's Lucky Charm, Moogle Charm, or Kupofried's medallion, is a recurring item in the Final Fantasy series. Its effects vary in every game, but it is universally associated with moogles.


Final Fantasy VIEdit

Molulu's Charm (Moogle Charm in the SNES and PlayStation releases) is a unique relic found in the Narshe Mines in the World of Ruin. It can be equipped by Mog and prevents random encounters.

The item is a crystal charm amulet given to Mog by his lover, Molulu.[1]

Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-Edit

Mog's Amulet is an accessory that ensures all items dropped or stolen from enemies are rare. It is obtained from the Mission 07-6-4.

Moogle's Amulet is an item found in Mission 8-4-4. It adds Moogle to the DMW reels.

Final Fantasy VIIIEdit

Mog's Amulet can be used to teach a GF the MiniMog command. It can be obtained from the Chocobo World as a class A item.

Final Fantasy XIEdit

Kupofried's medallion is a key item allowing entrance into the Walk of Echoes. It is expended when the player enters a Vertical Conflux within the Walk of Echoes. New ones can be purchased from Kupofried in Xarcabard (S) for 1000 gil.

Final Fantasy XVEdit

NameEffectsValueObtainEquippable by
Moogle Charm
(Mog's Charm)
EXP +20%Buy: —
Sell: 5000
Find: Top of an arch in Duscae (easternmost arch near to the chocobo racing track; Map), Crestholm Channels (Map), Daurell Caverns, Costlemark Tower (Map), Ch.15: Pitioss Ruins, Ch.15: Daurell Caverns maze (Level 10 camp)
Reward: Justice Monsters Five minigame (40 chests in 10,000 gil machine), 'A Flower for Iris' Tour
An amulet decorated with a picture of a moogle. Increases EXP earned.
Patch notes: The arches in Duscae were made climbable in patch 1.06, and each has an item in the middle.

Final Fantasy Type-0Edit

Mog's Lucky Charm is a rare accessory that grants 4x the character's experience points when equipped. In the PSP version it could be obtained through co-op mode while the player may choose to trade it through the Square Enix official website with ten daily distributed coupons.

Final Fantasy DimensionsEdit

In the World of Dusk, the Moogle Charm is found on the Avalon continent in the northwest desert between mountains. It prevents common random encounters.

Dissidia Final FantasyEdit

Mog's Amulet is a rare accessory that increases the drop rate of items by 1.5x, but has a 30% chance to break after battle. It can be acquired through Mognet, or from the moogle in Inward Chaos.

Dissidia 012 Final FantasyEdit

Mog's Amulet is an S rank special accessory that grants Drop Rate +50% and has an accessory breakability of 30%.

Theatrhythm Final FantasyEdit

Mog's Amulet activates at the start of a stage, and increases the success rate for probability-type abilities by 50% for the rest of the stage. It is obtained randomly after completing a Music Stage.

Molulu's Charm activates at the start of a stage, and makes all the items won from clearing the stage CollectaCards. This makes it much easier to collect new cards. It is obtained randomly after completing a Music Stage.

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Curtain CallEdit

Both Mog's Amulet and Molulu's Charm reappear with the same effects as in Theatrhythm. They are obtained by defeating enemies during Battle Music Sequences.

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy All-Star CarnivalEdit

Mog's Amulet is a premium items that can be bought from the shop. It greatly increases the item drop rate when used during a single FMS/BMS. When used during an album medley, it moderately increases the item drop rate. It also slightly increases the item drop rate of any player that is matched with the player who used the amulet.

Pictlogica Final FantasyEdit

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Mobius Final FantasyEdit

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