FFXI wiki icon Moblin Maze Mongers (MMM for short) is a system of battle content, stealth content, synthesis content, and fishing content in Final Fantasy XI. Using a system of Maze Runes, players order a customized underground maze be constructed for them by moblins. Depending on which Maze Voucher they attach to their Maze Tabula with the runes on it, their objective, and the effect of the maze runes, changes.

Voucher Effect
Maze Voucher 01
(Sanitization Team Alpha)
Seek out and defeat all foes in the maze.
Maze Voucher 02
(Sanitization Team Beta)
Defeat all waves of oncoming foes.
Maze Voucher 03
(Sanitization Team Gamma)
Seek out and defeat all foes in a multi-level maze.
Maze Voucher 04
(Materialization Team)
Synthesize all requested items. Materials will be procured on-site.
Maze Voucher 05
(Actualization Team)
Assist the goblin Chaperix in completing the quests his village has set for him and prepare him to take on the final boss alone.
Maze Voucher 06
(Appropriation Team)
Sneak through a maze and steal items without being detected.
Maze Voucher 07
(Liquidation Team)
Eliminate a single Notorious Monster.
Maze Voucher 08
(Aquatic Depopulation Team)
Fish up more points worth of fish than Joulet and Gallijaux.
Maze Voucher 09
(Revitalization Team)
Fight a single Notorious Monster. Rewards given based on monster HP depleted.

The player starts out with only a single tabula and voucher and a small number of runes. All others must be purchased with Maze Marbles—the currency of MMM—or found in the mazes. Different tabula have varying shapes and some have elementally aligned squares that can boost the effects of certain runes placed on them. Runes can affect numerous factors, but using runes, players can choose the number, type, and level of their foes, the abilities of the notorious monster, how much time they have to complete the maze, and much more.

Players may only order a maze once per day, but players may be invited to another player's maze as often as they wish. To alleviate the congestion imposed on the server's layer system when the event was introduced, another type of event currency known as Cave Conservation points was added. Cave Conservation points are accumulated by waiting longer between ordering mazes, and they are spent increasing the rewards of the ordered maze.


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