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Elements in Mobius Final Fantasy are a crucial aspect of the game's battle system. There are a total of eight elements available in the system, six of which oppose one another in discrete pairs. The following is a list of the elements available to the player.

List of elements[]


Battle card color: Red
Orb color: Orange

Used in all fire-based attacks and spells. Opposes water.


Battle card color: Cyan
Orb color: Light blue

The element of ice and water, used in attacks and spells drawn from both sources. Opposes fire.


Battle card color: Green
Orb color: Green

The Wind element encompasses plant-, thunder-, and wind-based attacks and spells. Opposes earth.


Battle card color: Yellow
Orb color: Brown

Energy of earth. Opposes wind.


Battle card color: Yellow-white
Orb color: White-yellow

Holy element. Opposes dark.


Battle card color: Violet
Orb color: Violet

Shadow element. Opposes light.


Battle card color: Fuchsia
Orb color: Fuchsia

Support element, available to all jobs. When drawn, restores a set amount of HP. When drawn with a card, invokes a support ability.


Orb color: Rainbow

Invoked by player abilities only. Replaces all single elements and can be used with any card. Can be drawn with any element in the player deck. If the player does not possess the required element orbs for a single ability use, those orbs will be drawn first, with the remainder compensated by Omni orbs in the player's element stock.

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