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Mobile Type 8 is a boss in Final Fantasy VIII. It is a mobile weapons system encountered within the Lunatic Pandora. If the player boarded the Lunatic Pandora with Zell Dincht as party leader during the sequence the Pandora crossed the Esthar City, the party was ejected from the structure by Mobile Type 8. When boarding the Pandora with Squall Leonhart as party leader, the party defeats the Mobile Type 8 in a boss battle.

This is the last boss before the point of no return, so the player can still return to the world map after defeating it to do more sidequests or grinding.


Battle Edit

When connected to the Left Probe and Right Probe, Mobile Type 8's counterattack, called Twin Homing Laser, can cause havoc among the party. To avoid the counterattack the party must only attack it when it is disconnected. The Corona attack reduces each of the characters' HP to 1.

Its most devastating attack is Megiddo Flame when in "Mobile Off, Support On" mode. It is the last attack used in the aforementioned mode and will deal major non-elemental damage to the party while ignoring Defense.

The Left Probe greatly enhances the damage caused by its carrier's counterattacks. Neither Probe is weak against a particular element. Mobile Type 8 itself is weak against Lightning.

Strategy Edit

Mobile Type 8 is weak to Lightning, and thus the player can junction Thundaga to Elem-Atk-J for a Strength-focused character. The player can summon Cerberus, and then cast Triple Thundaga with a Magic-focused character. Summoning and boosting Quezacotl also deals strong damage.

When the party is reduced to 1 HP, one or two characters can unleash Limit Breaks and the remainer(s) can heal to avoid KO by the probes, as they like to attack after Corona, and Megiddo Flame is soon to follow. If Quistis knows White Wind, it is a good way to heal while the others also use their Limit Breaks. X-Potions and the Recover command are good for healing one party member to full. The player can also summon a GF as a buffer to the damage from Megiddo Flame.

As it is impossible to totally destroy the Probes, the party should concentrate on attacking Mobile Type 8 when it is disconnected from the Probes. The player can exploit the Vit 0 status to reduce Mobile Type 8's Vitality and Spirit to 0. The player can summon Doomtrain, use Quistis's Bad Breath or Acid, or cast the spell Meltdown.

Triple Triad Edit

Mobile Type 8 Card
TTMobileType8 Element None
Refine 1 refines into 10 Shell Stones
Drop N/A
Card Anacondaur, Blue Dragon
Level 7 (Boss Card) Win N/A

Other appearances Edit

Final Fantasy Record Keeper Edit

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Final Fantasy Brave ExviusEdit

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Mobius Final FantasyEdit

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It's Japanese name contains "BIS". Bis is a Latin prefix or suffix designating the second instance of a thing.

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