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Mnejing (メネジン, Menejin?) is one of the two personal Automatons of Aphmau, the Court Puppetmaster of Aht Urhgan. He has a serious, no-nonsense personality and a characteristic backwards-slouching pose, even though he uses the common Valoredge Automaton frame. He also shares a communications link with his counterpart, Ovjang, which allows Aphmau to view what the other puppet is seeing via a monitor under their helmets.


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Mnejing was built by Empress Jubleel, mother to Nashmeira (Aphmau's true identity). A talented Puppetmaster herself, she used the powers of the Gordeus, a mysterious artifact located in Walahra Temple in Aht Urhgan, to design a form of advanced programming which allowed Automatons a greater degree of autonomy, all the while making it easier for their handlers to control them. Moreover, both Mnejing and Ovjang were given behavioral patterns meant to resemble Emperor Jalzahn and Empress Jubleel respectively. Mnejing was originally destined for Nashmeira's brother, Razfahd, but the latter was not interested in becoming a Puppetmaster. The automaton therefore passed to Nashmeira along with Ovjang.

Nashmeira mainly uses Mnejing to mimic her voice to maintain the illusion that the Empress and Aphmau are two different people. However, he also takes part in Ambassador Karababa's welcoming ceremony, where he gets severely criticized by King of Hearts, Karababa's Cardian companion. When Ovjang gets kidnapped by the Mamool Ja, Mnejing accompanies Aphmau to try to recover her, but both are kidnapped by Luzaf in the process.

When Luzaf and Nashmeira are finally captured, Razfahd orders Ghatsad, the Imperial Puppet Engineer, to dismantle both Automatons in order to use their parts and the advanced programming that went into them to complete a mechanical body for Alexander to manifest in. After the latter is defeated, Ghatsad manages to reassemble both Automatons, presenting them to Nashmeira during her coronation (although he actually had to melt the crown in order to fix them). Mnejing's new behavioral pattern seems to display some of Razfahd's character traits, thus serving as a walking memorial to his former owner.

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