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Mladen the Vanished is a non-player character from Final Fantasy XIV. He was one of the members of the newly formed Gunnhildr's Blades who was enthralled by Queen Gunnhildr.


A second-generation Bozjan refugee born and raised in Doma, Mladen learned the arts of the ninja before joining the Liberation Front. In the days which followed the retaking of Doma Castle, he crossed over to Bozja to pledge his strength to Bajsaljen, where he taught ninjutsu to his new allies and gathered intelligence on the IVth Imperial Legion. Mladen was absent from the ill-fated assault on Castrum Lacus Litore, having been part of a unit deployed to northern Bozja. But tragedy caught up to him nonetheless when he was later enthralled on the southern front.[1]

The Queen's Guard; from left to right: Queen's Knight, Soldier, Gunner and Warrior.

Due to the time he was exposed to the Save the Queen's aether, Mladen had his body distorted to an unrecognizable shape and became part of Queen's guard. He is faced and defeated by the Warrior of Light in Delubrum Reginae.


A solitary man with no living relatives, he would often quip that he could fall in battle with a light heart for there were none to mourn his passing.[1]


Mladen is fought as Queen’s Soldier in Delubrum Reginae Delubrum Reginae.


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