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Combine items to create concoctions that can be consumed in battle to augment stats or harm enemies.


FFV Mix Icon iOSMix (ちょうごう, Chōgō?, lit. Prepare) is the ability of the Chemist job in Final Fantasy V that allows the player to combine two items to create a new one, usually more potent than the materials alone. Although many items that can be used for mixing can also be used on their own, there are three items specifically for use with the Mix command: Turtle Shell, Dragon Fang, and Dark Matter.

The Mix command is part of the "Mix and X-Magic glitch." One mix, the Kiss of Blessing, can cause the Kiss of Blessing bug.

Regular itemsEdit

As well as special items that can only be made through mixing, the player can mix certain items to get similar items that can be found in shops. These regular items are boosted in various ways, such as a two Potions (50HP each) being mixed to make a potion that heals for 90. This may not seem useful, but it does allow for a character to use two Potions in one turn with only a small penalty. These mixes are buffed by Pharmacology. This may also be useful if the character is a Mime who does not have the Item command available, but does have Mix.

Item Mix Effect
Potion Potion + Potion Heals a small amount of HP (90)
Potion + Holy Water
Hi-Potion Hi-Potion + Hi-Potion Heals a large amount of HP (900)
Hi-Potion + Holy Water
Ether Ether + Ether Restores some MP (80)
Potion + Turtle Shell
Ether + Holy Water
Elixir Potion + Elixir Restores all HP and MP
Hi-Potion + Elixir
Ether + Elixir
Elixir + Elixir
Elixir + Holy Water
Elixir + Antidote
Elixir + Eyedrop
Phoenix Down Phoenix Down + Phoenix Down Revives a KO'd party member
Maiden's Kiss Potion + Maiden's Kiss Cures Toad status and heals some HP
Hi-Potion + Maiden's Kiss
Maiden's Kiss + Maiden's Kiss
Holy Water Holy Water + Holy Water Cures Zombie status and heals for double the amount of a normal Holy Water
Antidote Antidote + Antidote Cures Poison status
Eyedrop Eyedrop + Eyedrop Cures Darkness status

Special itemsEdit

Most of the following items can only be used through mixing.

Healing items Edit

Items that can be used both during and outside battle.

SNES Name GBA Name Mix Effect Image
X-Potion (1) Ether + Potion
(2) Ether + Turtle Shell
Heals all HP X-Potion Mix
Neutralize Neutralizer (1) Antidote + Potion
(2) Antidote + Hi-Potion
Heals some HP and cures Poison status Neutralizer
Kiss of Life Phoenix Down + Maiden's Kiss Revives one knocked out party member with half HP and full MP ResurrectionMix
Reincarnation Reincarnate (1) Phoenix Down + Ether
(2) Phoenix Down + Elixir
Revives one knocked out party member with full HP and MP ResurrectionMix
Resurrection (1) Phoenix Down + Potion
(2) Phoenix Down + Hi-Potion
Revives one knocked out party member with full HP ResurrectionMix
Ether Dry Triple Ether Hi-Potion + Turtle Shell Restore MP with triple the power of normal Ether Triple Ether
Half Elixir Balm of Gilead Hi-Potion + Ether Heals all MP Balm of Gilead
Panacea Remedy Phoenix Down + Turtle Shell Cures all negative status ailments Remedy Mix

Support items Edit

Battle items that target the party with beneficial effects.

SNES Name GBA Name Mix Effect Image
Failure Dud Potion (1) Turtle Shell + Elixir
(2) Turtle Shell + Dragon Fang
Causes Sap and Confusion to party Dud Potion
Dragon's Kiss Dragon Kiss Maiden's Kiss + Dragon Fang Gives a target "Dragon" and "Heavy" type, making him/her impervious to most status effects but weak to weapons that are strong against Dragons Dragon Kiss
Water of Life Lifewater Potion + Hi-Potion Casts Regen Lifewater
Cure Blind Cure Blindness (1) Eyedrop + Potion
(2) Eyedrop + Hi-Potion
Heals some HP and cures Darkness status Cure Blindness
Samson Power Samson's Might Holy Water + Antidote Raises a character level by 10 Samson's Might
Dragon Power (1) Dragon Fang + Potion
(2) Dragon Fang + Hi-Potion
Raises a character level by 20 Dragon Power
Resist Poison Ether + Antidote Makes target immune to Poison status. Resist Poison
Resist Fire Ether + Eyedrop Makes target absorb Fire damage Resist Fire
Resist Ice Phoenix Down + Antidote Makes target absorb Ice damage Resist Ice
Resist Thunder Phoenix Down + Eyedrop Makes target absorb Thunder damage Resist Thunder
Dragon Shield Dragon Shielding Ether + Dragon Fang Makes target immune to Fire, Ice and Thunder damage Dragon Shielding
Dragon Armor Dragon Defense Phoenix Down + Dragon Fang Grants Protect, Shell, Reflect and Regen Dragon Defense
Giant Drink Goliath Tonic Elixir + Dragon Fang Doubles maximum HP Goliath TonicMix
Life Shield Lifeshield Phoenix Down + Holy Water Makes target immune to instant death attacks Lifeshield
Kiss of Blessing Blessed Kiss Maiden's Kiss + Holy Water Grants Berserk, Haste, and Blink status Blessed Kiss
Levitate Levisalve Antidote + Maiden's Kiss Grants Float status Levisalve
Bacchus' Wine Bacchus's Cider Holy Water + Turtle Shell Grants Berserk status Bacchus's CiderFFV
Elemental Power Holy Water + Eyedrop Increases all elemental spell damage by 50%. This is the only way to boost Water spell damage. Elemental Power
Protect Drink Protect Potion Turtle Shell + Turtle Shell Grants Protect and Shell status Protect Potion
Haste Drink Hasty-ade Turtle Shell + Eyedrop Grants Haste status Hasty-ade
Restorative Smelling Salts Antidote + Eyedrop Cures Aging, Sleep, Paralysis, Confuse, Berserk, and Silence. Smelling Salts

Status ailment items Edit

Battle items that target the enemies with status ailments, but deal no damage.

SNES Name GBA Name Mix Effect Image
Lilith's Kiss (1) Maiden's Kiss + Ether
(2) Maiden's Kiss + Elixir
Drain MP from enemy.

Spell power 45.

Lilith's KissMix
Dark Ether Ether + Dark Matter Reduces enemy's MP to 1/4 Dark Ether
Lamia's Kiss Lamia Kiss Maiden's Kiss + Eyedrop Confuses target Lamia Kiss
Toad's Kiss Toad Kiss Maiden's Kiss + Dark Matter Causes Toad status Toad Kiss
Split Shell Turtle Soup Turtle Shell + Antidote Decreases defense and magic defense by half Turtle Soup
Dark Gas Eyedrop + Dark Matter Causes Darkness to target Dark Gas, Dark Sigh
Dark Sigh Eyedrop + Dragon Fang Causes Darkness, Confuse and Sap to target Dark Gas, Dark Sigh

Offensive items Edit

Battle items that deal damage to the enemies.

SNES Name GBA Name Mix Effect Image
Dark Potion Devil's Juice (1) Dark Matter + Potion
(2) Dark Matter + Hi-Potion
Deal 666 damage Devil's Juice
Dark Elixir Antilixir Elixir + Dark Matter Drains enemy's HP to single digits Antilixir
Death Potion Phoenix Down + Dark Matter Instant Death to enemy Death Potion
Drain Kiss Succubus Kiss Maiden's Kiss + Turtle Shell Drain HP from enemy.

Spell power 255.

Succubus Kiss
Holy Breath Holy Water + Dragon Fang Deals holy damage equal to caster's current HP. Holy Breath
Failure Dud Potion Holy Water + Dark Matter Poisons target Dud Potion
Explosive TNT Turtle Shell + Dark Matter Deals damage equal to caster's current HP, kills caster TNT
Poison Antidote + Dark Matter Poisons target Poison-FFVA
Poison Breath Antidote + Dragon Fang Deals poison damage equal to half of caster's current HP. Poison Breath, Poison Mix
Dragon Breath Dragon Fang + Dragon Fang Deals fire, ice and thunder damage equal to caster's current HP. Dragon BreathFFV
Dark Breath Dragon Fang + Dark Matter Deals damage equal to caster's max HP - current HP Dark Breath
Shadow Flare Shadowflare Dark Matter + Dark Matter Spell power 240.

Ignores 97% of target's Magic Defense.

Causes Sap.


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