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Mitron is a character from Final Fantasy XIV. He was initially mentioned in the first Encyclopædia Eorzea lore guide as an Ascian who was defeated by the Heroes of the First. Mentioned posthumously in the events of the game, he plays a role in the events of the Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers expansion as the main antagonist of the Eden series of raids.


Mitron was Loghrif's protector and partner in the intact Etheirys. He and his followers, the Words of Mitron, worked at Akadaemia Anyder in the ichthyology wing. During the Final Days, he stopped Loghrif when she offered herself as a sacrifice to summon Zodiark into existence. Mitron was later inducted into the Ascians after the unsundered found a fragment of him and restored his memories. Loghrif was also recruited, Mitron promising to help her remember who she was before the sundering.

Mitron and Loghrif were assigned to bring about a Calamity in the First to return it to the Source. They originally protected the world from being consumed in light until Emet-Selch ordered them to commence the Flood. As part of their plan they recruited Cylva, one of the two survivors from the Thirteenth, and brought her to the First to become the villainous Shadowkeeper. Though the First's Warriors of Light defeated the two Ascians in their Ascian Prime form, they still succeeded in their mission; being stricken by Ardbert's axe caused the light within Mitron's vessel to transform him into the sin eater, Eden, flooding the world with light. Minfilia Warde's sacrifice to stop the Flood restored Mitron's consciousness, but he remained trapped within Eden and was thus forsaken by the other Ascians. Mitron bade his time while being driven mad by the century-long isolation until his chance for freedom presented itself.

Mitron eventually sensed Loghrif and followed her reincarnation into Gaia. He was acting on the promise he had made to her when they were recruited into the Ascians to erase her new life's memories and instill the urge to attack Eden as darkness was creeping back into the First, strengthening his influence over her. Despite setbacks, Mitron manipulated Gaia and Ryne into gradually freeing him as the girls restored the First's aether flow. Eden absorbed the aether while wiping Gaia's current memories to restore her as "Loghrif", reconstituting their Ascian Prime form. Ryne and the Warrior of Light from the Source refused to accept losing Gaia, who continued to resist transforming into Loghrif from within. Mitron refused to release her and decided to erase Gaia's memories. Even after transforming into Eden's Promise to see his goal of an utopia where they would never be apart, Mitron was killed. His sprit appeared before the unconscious Gaia to bid her farewell before departing from Eden to be reborn someday.


As a member of the Convocation of Fourteen, Mitron is a title. His true name is Artemis. As revealed in Akadaemia Anyder, those awarded the seat of Mitron are experts in the creation of new forms of sea life.


Mitron's glyph.

Mitron dresses in the standard uniform of an Ascian Overlord. He wears a single black leather hooded coat with purple markings and adornments and a red half mask over the top portion of his face. At times, a glowing red emblem appears in front of his face. Interestingly, though in Cylva's and Ardbert's flashbacks he is seen with the pauldrons as other Ascian Overlords, he lacks them in his meeting with Loghrif and in present day as Eden, his outfit more resembling a lower-ranked Ascian.

Unmasked, he appears as a dark-skinned Midlander Hyuran with shoulder length blond hair and gold eyes.


Mitron is dedicated to protecting Loghrif, valuing being by her side above all else. Eons spent separated from her had twisted his originally genuine love and care into an undying obsession to have her back at his side. Though he doggedly seeks to protect Loghrif, he eventually reaches an understanding with Gaia after the Warrior of Light defeats him as Eden's Promise, bidding his reincarnated love farewell and letting her go in peace.


Mitron, fused with Gaia, is fought as Eden's Promise in Eden's Promise: Eternity Eden's Promise: Eternity.



"Mitron" refers to the Scion of Light "Mitron, the Chastiser" referred to in the profile of Chaos from Final Fantasy XII.

His real name was Artemis. Artemis is the Greek goddess of the moon who was often depicted as a huntress with a bow and arrows.

His real name Artemis (アルテミス, Arutemisu?), parallels Ultimecia's japanese name, Arutimishia (アルティミシア) from Final Fantasy VIII. Ultimecia's name differs depending on the translation, the Spanish translation takes the name "Artemisa" which is the closest to the original.