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The Mithuna is a gun in Final Fantasy XII. It is an upgraded Aldebaran, included in the Zodiac versions as the ultimate gun. Only one copy exists in the game from the bazaar, and its license only appears on the Machinist's board.

In addition to its higher attack stat, it is better than other guns as it has 2.5x their evasion and 2x their critical rate.


Mithuna is obtained from the Mudslinger bazaar set alongside the Earth-elemental Mudshot. To get it at the bazaar the player must sell Emperor Scales x2, Silver Liquid x3, and Earth Crystal x8. The set then costs 120,000 gil.

Emperor Scales are obtained from Archaeoaevises, which were toughened up for the Zodiac versions. They are found in the middle of Zertinan Caverns. The player can lure them to the exit, and make sure to have Confusion-protection, and leave the screen to heal and buff when someone dies, then return, to chip away the Archaeoaevises' HP. The auto-save function can be exploited by leaving and returning to the area when the Archaeoaevis only has a little HP left, and then reloading the auto-save if they don't drop Emperor Scales. Silver Liquids are obtained from Foobars, and Earth Crystals from various enemies, such as Elvoret, Emeralditan, Gnoma Entite and Golem.

Mithuna is also a rare steal from Elza in Trial Mode Stage 86.


Other appearances[]

Final Fantasy Record Keeper[]

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In Hindu astrology, Mithuna stands for the zodiac sign Gemini.

It is called Aldebaran Y in the Japanese version, with all the letters at the ends of the newly added upgraded weapons spelling out "FINAL FANTASY"